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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-24 04:46:58, as written by SuiHa
Isu winked after hearing Krad´s, as he introduced that way, question when she opened them her look was showing her bad habit of considering the speaker´s sanity or intelligence, but to Krad´s good luck this gesture could pass more as a frown as she continued looking to the sky now considering the question... Indeed a very good question.

The situation was strange while in the plane, now it was getting ridiculously dangerous. The mysterious girl who saved them was... well that: a girl, Isu remembered being taken by people in military clothes before she wanted to know that let the rescue success now she wasn´t so sure. In the corner of her eye she was able to see a guy moving a knife with such a skill that it scared her, also Krad said something interesting an alien comment yes but it was about them and not him; few included others when it concerned unknown people, also Alexander´s way of acting... intelligent wasn´t enough to describe it. In conclusion to Isu all of them were like her: someone with strange skills, a fact confirmed by Zumi´s , another one that introduced without being asked, surprised expression.

Isu lowered her eyes to match Krad´s sight before he though that she was ignoring him and before a madness began. "Some call me Is..." it wasn´t a lie there was a story behind of how a girl with funny accent said her name fast and it sound more-less as "tissue" and how her cold attitude killed the joke.

"And my opinion of the situation is that this is getting dangerous..." Isu raise her sight again as if the situation didn´t concern her. "Planes, armed people, an injured girl in the middle of... somewhere." The girl shrugged showing her best cold look to the distance "If I wasn´t here I would think this a bad joke."

Isu looked at the bracelets in her legs and arms before turning to Alexander. "I can help it will be a good exercise."