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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-24 05:06:35, as written by Snakeeyz99
Felix shot through the air, his initial form- an almost diver-like pose- causing him to cut through the air relatively cleanly. It felt exhilarating to move at such intense speeds, in such an environment that it felt like he could do so forever. However, the thought that the ground awaited later allowed him to not just give in to the rush. Realizing that it was becoming harder to move his arms as the air pushed against him at rapidly increasing speeds, he spread his arms out quickly to maximize his surface area, causing him to slow down greatly. Below him, a bird was barely able to fly through his pathway.

He instinctively pulled his parachute cord earlier than the girl before him -a bit too early- causing him to "rise" suddenly. This sudden force caused what must have been a faulty wire on the parachute to snap, causing him to spin wildly as his chute attempted to open. Frantically, he reached out and caught the broken ends of the wire with either hand and, quickly and recklessly, wove them together. Then, like molding clay, he squished them together into a single line again- though it was somewhat shorter due to the loss of line used in the ball that repaired the break. This difference caused him to constantly turn left as he fell, causing him to fall a distance away from the group, and relatively hard- but luckily on some type of brush or hay.

Felix recovered from his daze, and for several seconds struggled in the workings of the chute that covered him and the tangled mass he had landed on. After he escaped, he twisted the wires so the chute became separated from the fabric and folded neatly into the pack. The material might be useful later. He stumbled to the main landing site and plopped down next to the girl that had saved them. Voices all around were flying, mostly questions, concerned statements, or snappy retorts. Felix massaged his temples.

"Guys, guys. Calm down and let her recover will you? How would you feel if you got hurt and all of a sudden 7 or 8 people were yelling in your face?" He waited for things to quiet down even a bit. "We're all a bit confused and dazed, but if you keep yammering on everything will just become some type of shouting match until those guys come back to pick us up. We need to just take a second to get our bearings, then get moving. Once we've gained some ground we can talk."