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This Love Will Be Your Downfall » Places

Places in This Love Will Be Your Downfall

This is a list of locations that can be found in This Love Will Be Your Downfall.

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Manhattan, New York

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As Chachi unpacked her bags, she heard a knock at the door. Looking up she saw Louella and smiled at her. When she sat on her bed and cleared her throat, Chachi looked back at her as she spoke. "I believe we weren't properly introduced, I'm Louella by the way. But you can call me Lou," She smiled and waved before putting her bags away in a small closet. Claudia, but you can call me either Claudia or Chachi. Seeing that i'm kind of out of the public eye for the moment. She shrugged as she put her hand through her hair. She was excited to get away from it, at least she was. She got that thought out of her head as she grabbed some of the outfits her cousin packed for her and put them away, most having a lot of girly type of colors like baby blue, pink, and purple. As she put them away she had to go on her tip toes so she could hang them up.

When she turned around, she exhaled and started to think. Where the hell was James? Off with another little slut of his probably. Ok, maybe she was a bit bitter and only got worse when he brought up her love life. She could have brought up his....Oh, wait other than her, he didn't have one until he left her for some girl she never bothered to learn the name of. If she did, there would have been hell to pay. Anyway, she layed her purse on her bed and started to think. Why do I have to be the mature one? The question rang truth, why did she have to act mature? If anything she should have been the one walking away from him. Seeing that he never gave her an answer to why he broke her heart the way he did. She bit her lips and started to have a conscience fight with herself. Half of her wanted to go find him and jsut blow off her anger after this long, and the other half was telling her to be the mature one and let it go and blah blah blah. Fuck it. She looked at Lou one more time before speaking. I'll be right back. I need to go do something. She smiled before exiting the room and heading to the elevator.

On the ride up all she could think about was how she was going to talk to him calmly and try not to speak too fast. When the doors opened she exited and saw James looking over the city. She cleared her throat and crossed her arms around her chest. What in the hell was that about, James? How dare you bring up my love life when all I did was ask exactly what you of all people were doing here! She raised an eyebrow, ok maybe doing this calmly was out of the question. W-what in fucking world made you think it was ok to bring up Andrew John not Andrew Jensen, who was a better boyfriend than you could ever be to me. Unlike you, he-he Oh, God. She forgot her english, here it goes. A diferencia de ti. Él nunca me engañó con un poco de puta que probablemente trajo una esquina. Andrew nunca me mintió acerca de estar enamorado de mí, porque realmente en serio cuando lo dijo a mí. Algo que podría quería trabajar. Y otra cosa, que no era una relación fallida. Hemos elegido para acabar con ella .... juntos, por razones que son entre él y yo. When she spoke spanish it came out very fast and very fluent, like she knew what she was doing and she did. She was scowling her cheater ex-boyfriend. Was that to fast for you? Do I need to slow down for the sake of your IQ.. which is low enough as it is-- I don't want to make you any dumber. Like she could talk, she never stepped foot in anything but an elemetery school, for like three days before leaving to help out her parents. Other than that she went her whole life without learning a thing from an actual teacher unlike James who went to high school and all that stuff. She looked at him and exhaled before tilting her head a little looking at him. She never had been so pissed off in her life and honestly she never wanted to again in her life.

Translation- Unlike you. He never cheated on me with some slut He probably brought off a corner. Andrew never lied to me about being in love with me, because He actually meant it when he said it to me. Something you might wanted to work on. And another thing, it was not a failed relationship. We chose to end it.... together, for reasons that are between him and I.


Anywhere Outside Of New York

Anywhere Outside Of New York Owner: RolePlayGateway

Will be used in the beginning and end of the story.

The Apartment

Manhattan, New York The Apartment Owner: RolePlayGateway

Welcome the ring of fire, the apartment.