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Three Teacups Full of Fairy Dust » Places

Places in Three Teacups Full of Fairy Dust

This is a list of locations that can be found in Three Teacups Full of Fairy Dust.

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Worlds of Wonder

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         "Just loch th' mermaids, ye really dornt have a way wit' girls. But don't worry, Ah t'ink yer prettier then all th' flowers an' th' mermaids."

Compliments were nothing new from Peter, although in the old days it was how she could tell he wanted something. Perhaps that had changed with time? It was still nice to hear, however, especially since her history with boys and flattery was fairly sparse. Peter himself had usually flattered her skills, or her gender, not her looks. Wendy had often felt confident that he never noticed what a girl looked like at all, no matter her species. She laughed inwardly as she put it down to Peter's long awaited completion of puberty, and tucked it away in her memory where she put all of the things that mattered to her.

Wendy wrinkled her nose at him, thinking of Neverland's mermaids, her face a study in mockery. "Girls I have no problem with. I lived with Alice, and we got along just fine, and she isn't the only friend I have who happens to be a girl. Mermaids, however, aren't girls at all, and you know that, Peter. They're just... horrid!"

She looked where he did at the purple goo and her expression turned sour.

"Thes looks loch somethin' Alice woods cook, or maybe a wee worse. Ye t'ink all th' ponds in Wonderland looks like this?"

"I doubt it," she responded, no desire to give it a poke. "Why would anyone want to drink that? It looks horrible! And Alice's cooking isn't that bad." All right, Alice wasn't the best cook in the world, but she couldn't just let Peter slight her like that... even if it held a grain of truth--but only when Alice attempted certain dishes! Or got distracted by something in the middle of cooking... or decided that a certain recipe needed a particular "Wonderland" flair that struck everyone who hadn't visited the place as completely odd.

She ducked when his hand went up to throw some goo at at her, typical Peter! but they were interrupted by a loud sound. Something dark and angry, that echoed through the trees and made the goo vibrate beneath them.

"Ya t'ink we shoolds worry?"

Wendy floated up a bit higher. "Perhaps. Alice told me of many things that live in these woods, and some of them are quite dangerous. We'd better stay far off the ground... and find Alice. Quickly. She'll know how to deal with it, and if she doesn't, her Hatter will. They're both enterprising individuals, and as much as I know you'd love to throw yourself into battle, my dear Peter, forewarned is forearmed."

Many places of magic and mystery.


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         "Peter, calm down." Wendy said, coming up behind him. "We'll get there. Alice knows this place and its people, and I know her well enough to know that whatever went wrong did not happen because Alice was trying to keep you away from Neverland. She has a good heart, Peter, and she knows it's important to you." She put her left hand on his shoulder. "It will all be ok. You know me, Peter, once I choose a course of action nothing can stop me, we're both that stubborn, and we will find Neverland again.

Sliding her hand down to tug lightly at his upper arm, she started to follow Alice. "Come on, Peter. Let's get this sorted. I don't know about you, but this place is odd and I don't want to be without a guide." Out of curiousity, as she started into the woods, she pulled out a compass from her pack. The needle stayed in one spot, but after a moment it started whirling back and forth, left and right, and then just started spinning quickly.

"Well this was no help," she muttered, putting it back into her backpack. She wondered how anyway found their way in Wonderland, it didn't seem to make any sense, the compass didn't work, and cats could disappear. Going into her pack again, she pulled out a small bag and something else, wrapped in bright paper. The woods tried to grasp at her, so she shook them off and turned towards Peter a little as they walked.

"Here's a snack," she said, pushing the little bag at Peter. "Put it into your pocket if you want, but I know you get cranky when you're hungry. And... here." She said, handing him the wrapped gift. "I was going to wait until your birthday, or whenever we got around to celebrating your return in Neverland and your coronation--yes, I knew you'd have one--but I might as well give it to you now."

Wendy hoped he liked it. While back in the world of her birth, and shopping, she'd been unable to resist the urge to pick up the gift. Saying it had called to her was a bit dramatic, but it had caught her eye and imagination and refused to let go. In the wrapping was a small dagger with a silver hilt, plain in comparison to Wendy's sword, but well-balanced and sharp for all that. The one decoration it did have was a small engraving in the blade, "Audeo." Latin for, 'I dare.' She couldn't help but buy it for Peter, and now that they were in Wonderland instead of Neverland she wanted to make sure that he was armed. She could have let him borrow her own sword, but Peter was also very good with daggers and, frankly, she liked her sword too much to give it back. In Neverland he could get his own sword again, but for now, he would at least have something to defend himself and it would cheer him to be able to slash at things, unless he'd changed very much. Hopefully Wonderland wasn't dangerous any more, like Neverland was on occasion, but it was always better to be prepared, especially because Wendy had no idea what to expect from the place other than what she'd heard of in Alice's stories.

Welcome to Wonderland! Where nothing makes sense, and sense makes nothing!