Through Sadness: To Break Through Fate...

Through Sadness: To Break Through Fate...

No matter how great the evil, there will always be those willing to face it. These brave few will stand, no matter what fate has in store for them. We can fight if there's a place we can return to, but we sometimes must find that precious home ourselves.

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Guardia. This single mass of land stands out on the surface of a remarkably blue planet, where it is the only known habitable location. Framed on the north by frozen wastelands where a man could not hope to live, on the east and west by oceans rumored to be filled with terrible monsters, leviathans lying in wait to consume any hapless sailor who should dare venture there, and in the south by the Fiery Rim, a band of volcanoes and desolate, dry wastelands, scoured by lava and roamed only by the malicious specters of the dead, Guardia is isolated - a world of its own. This large, diverse land is ruled over by a single monarchy: the Guardian Empire, given its name by the Guardian, a legendary nomad leader who supposedly united the entire people of the land that now bears his name. Although life in Guardia was difficult, as the people were plagued daily by all manner of predatory creatures, civilization continued to blossom and spread, and soon, the creatures who had hunted the people for so long were driven back into the darkness, where they remained only in nightmares and stories told to children. Although they occasionally made an appearance here or there, the Alchemist Knights, the magical soldiers of the Guardian Empire, were quick to slay them and save the day. And so everyone lived happily ever after.

That is, until a certain string of events unfolded, threatening to throw all of this hard-earned order back into chaos. The Guardian King, Sigmund La Cœur D'or, and his wife, Sigyn La Cœur D'or, had a child soon after their marriage: a girl named Rysslin La Cœur D'or. Guardian laws of heirdom were not particularly picky about what gender a successor to the throne had to be, and, as a result, the couple rejoiced that they had been graced so early with an heir, even if the heiress-to-be was not gifted with Alchemy. There was a great deal of celebration, and Rysslin soon grew into a fine young princess. At the tender age of six, however, things began to change.

To the horror and astonishment of the entire kingdom, an old enemy of the empire reemerged from centuries of hiding. This great beast was a monster without compare, devoted to nothing but his own hateful greed - the ancient Dragon, Fafnir. His scales were made from alchemically enchanted gold, rendering them nigh impenetrable. His breath was pure destruction, and any wound dealt him would heal within mere seconds, if given the chance. Fafnir, desiring the legendary treasures of the Guardian Empire, attacked the capital without warning, burned down the palace, and raided its treasure stores. He carried off with him several innocent victims, intending to eat out their hearts, thereby increasing his own power with the strength of their souls. One of these victims was the royal family's beloved princess, Rysslin.

Enraged by grief, Sigmund mustered his entire army, at the command of his trusted general Regin Morganus Blacke, strongest of the Alchemist Knights and legendary slayer of monsters. With this vengeful host, the king marched upon Fafnir's lair, intent to either reclaim his daughter, or, failing that, avenge her death upon the cruel serpent.


A terrible battle ensued. Although many brave Alchemist Knights died in the process, Fafnir was finally slain at the hands of Regin, who plunged his blade, Gram, through the dragon's chest, piercing his lungs and preventing him from using his terrible breath. They were, however, too late. Rysslin's mauled body was found in the back of Fafnir's cave, its entire left side bitten off and her heart torn out of her chest. The Alchemist Knights wept, for that day, they had failed to save someone very important to them all. Regin roused them to their senses, and, pointing to the carcass of the fallen dragon, suggested that they extract payment for the princess from its corpse. At his direction, they carved out Fafnir's golden heart and shaved off his scales. Then, using the combined power of the greatest Alchemical minds in the world, they did the impossible - they brought Rysslin back to life. Replacing her lost left arm with a prosthetic created from Fafnir's scales, her broken body with transmuted flesh from the dragon's own, and her heart with Fafnir's, they recreated her. More tears were shed that day, but these tears were different from those shed before - they were tears of relief and of gratitude as a father thanked the heavens for his daughter's safe return. To show his gratitude to Regin for both his slaying of Fafnir and his wise advice, Fafnir's remaining scales were made into a suit of golden armor for Regin's use. Said to be impenetrable, the armor was named Andvarinaut.

To the surprise of the royal family, however, Rysslin's transformation seemed to have effected her. Her eyes had become serpentine and golden, her once-fair hair turned a purplish-white, she became stronger, faster, and more energetic than before. Strangest of all, however, was her remarkable ability to use a completely-unheard of form of Alchemy - an artificially created fifth-element, known as Aether. Rysslin was found to be capable of manipulating the Human body, thereby allowing her to heal almost any injury, a wonderful power indeed. Regin, too, had been unusually affected by his new armor, his former element of fire being altered to a similarly unheard of sixth element - Void, representing destruction itself. They had each obtained one of the abilities of Fafnir - Rysslin his vitality, and Regin his devastating breath.

Rysslin soon became renowned across the kingdom. For, whenever a patient was brought into her care, no matter how low their rank in society, she cured them with a single touch of her golden hand, known as the Arm of Siegfried. Only death itself could keep someone from her healing power, for although she could revive the body, she could not return the soul to its shell. Again there was much rejoicing, for no matter how terrible the invasion of the dragon had been, the young princess with the miraculous golden hand was much more wonderful than that calamity had been terrible, surely! However, Fate has a way of twisting these grand things to turn what was once beautiful into a terrible nightmare.

Shortly after Rysslin turned 16, another tragedy struck the Guardian Empire. One morning, the King and Queen did not appear for breakfast. The door to their room was locked shut, and after hours of waiting and worrying, it was finally decided to break down the door. Sigmund and Sigyn never slept this late, and something might have happened to them. So, the door was pried open...

What met the eyes of the worried servants was something even more terrible than their worst fears. The once-beautiful royal apartments had been turned into a picture out of hell. Pictures that had once hung on the walls had been ripped to pieces and scattered around the room. The furniture was tore apart. Everything was in disarray. Blood was spattered over every surface in the room. On the walls, blood. On the floor, blood. Dripping from the ceiling, blood. Everywhere, blood. The most horrifying discovery, however, were the pieces.

The pieces of the royals' bodies scattered around the room. A mutilated finger here, a crushed eyeball there, half of Sigmund's head lying in the corner, smashed open like a nut. The body parts and blood of one of the castle guards - presumably one who had heard the screams and entered, then been locked inside and killed by whoever had committed the murders - were mingled with those of the King and Queen. There was, however, no evidence of Rysslin. The servants, through their grief, maintained the tiny hope that she alone might have survived. Regin, however, upon being called to investigate, shot that hope down with his ominous declaration.

There was only one answer, he said. No other form of Alchemy could have caused such carnage. The one who had committed the gruesome murders...

Was the princess herself.

Her motive was unclear. However, due to her conspicuous disappearance, and the manner in which the murders had been carried out were unshakable proof of her guilt. Warrants were sent out for her capture, with warnings that, using her powers to kill, as she currently seemed to be, she was to be considered incredibly dangerous. Although taking her alive would have been favorable, so as to discover why she had killed her parents, it was feared that she would have to be killed. Once again, the army was rallied, and was joined by several volunteers, but this time, it did not march to save its once-beloved princess. It marched to avenge the deaths of the King and Queen, and to slay their daughter.

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---The Combat System---

Hello, and welcome to my roleplay. In this section, I'll be giving you the rundown on how Alchemy, the magic used in this roleplay, will work, as well as the rules applied to combat. This is a must read section, since it would be pretty hard to create a bio without knowing how Alchemy worked, no?


Alchemy is somewhat misleadingly named. It works on a premise of four basic "elements," namely Earth, encompassing the control of - you guessed it, earth - as well as metal and nature, Fire, encompassing flames and lightning, Wind, encompassing control of the air, and Water, encompassing water and ice. Certain lucky individuals have the good fortune to be born gifted with the ability to use Alchemy to alter their surroundings. Most have an affinity to only one element, although a user of two is not unheard of. Don't expect a user of three elements to appear, however.

Alchemy manifests, however, in a particular form - namely, a weapon. Each character will not control their alchemical powers directly - rather, they will do it through a weapon - perhaps two, should you be a user of two elements. Each Alchemist has the power to summon and dismiss these weapons at will, making them quite convenient. How they perform Alchemy varies from person to person, as each individual's weapon has its own unique method of alchemy use. For example, two Water Alchemists might have such differing abilities as the ability to create acid and the ability to freeze water by touching it. In addition, the designation of weapon is fairly lax - a book of poetry, for example, could be a weapon if its property was that reading the poetry in it caused things to explode.


Combat will work as you might expect. Attacker posts, defender responds, attacker responds, and so on and so forth. If it drags out for too long, or I feel something is overpowered, however, you will be asked to change it, or I myself might step in to resolve the fight with GM powers. You have been warned.

---The Protagonists---

In this thread, there will not be any defined roles. However, all protagonists will have one thing in common. Most, if not all of them, will be Alchemists working as freelance bounty hunters, or Alchemist Knights, as part of the Guardian military forces. They will be hunting for the Murderer-Princess Rysslin La Cœur D'or. Bear in mind, though, not everything is always as it seems...


1: No extraordinarily overpowered characters, please.
2: No godmodding.
3: No autohitting.
4: While romance is allowed, highly encouraged, even, it must remain PG-13, and it must be realistic.
5: I don't want to see everyone applying as multi-element Alchemists. I'll allow two at most.
6: Regin will be played by yours truly, so don't bother applying as him.
7: This is going to be a fairly small-scale roleplay, so once we have about six to eight protagonists, I'm afraid that characters will not be accepted.
8: On another note, MAKE YOUR BIOS GOOD. I expect at least some spell checking, proofreading, and attention to detail.
9: All types of images are allowed for characters, although I personally will be using anime pictures, and therefore encourage you to do the same.

---Bio Format---

Code: Select all
[left][size=200]Name here.[/size]
[img]Image link here.[/img][/left]
Appearance Notes: (Add anything not shown in the image here.)
Alchemical Element(s):
Alchemical Weapon(s): (Add a LINK to a picture unless it is shown in the image or images you are using as your character's appearance. DO NOT EMBED.)
Alchemical Weapon's Property: (How your weapon(s) manipulate(s) your element.)
Other: (Anything else you'd like to add goes here.)

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[b](Lyrics go in here.)[/b]

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