Time to Dance

Time to Dance


A few young adults are invited to a ball in the centre of town. Since they have nothing better to do, what's the worst that could happen? Well, they could get amnesia, and wake up next to the person they danced with. . .?

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Time to Dance

The envelope is either a midnight blue, or a fiery red. Only eight people receive these letters, along with suitable clothing. The letters aren't decided on age, or gender. They're selected at random, using a huge game including chess pieces, marbles and monopoly money. It arrives, no matter what you do. It's up to you whether you go or not, but obviously, you do. There's nothing better to do in this quiet town, so why not? The ballroom is in the middle of nowhere. It's called Lasham River, and the mansion in which the ballroom is in is hidden behind a few layers of forest. A carriage appears, which obviously shocks you a bit, since this is the 21st century, right? So you enter the carriage; it either seems interesting or your parents have put you up to it and you have no choice.

When you get there, however, there are a lot more people than eight. This is where the game begins, and you have to find someone with a letter. But the letter has to be the opposite colour. So, if you get a
midnight blue letter, you'll need to find the holder of a fiery red letter, and vice versa. If you make a wrong guess, you'll find someone with a grey letter, and they'll give you a clue as to where there is another person. The dance doesn't start until everyone has found a partner, no matter what gender, and all the decoys clear the centre of the room, where the music comes on and the people left in the centre are left dancing along slowly.

Then everything goes black, your letter goes up in flames of it's colour, leaving a mark on your skin and you wake up in a deserted ballroom. The mark is like a tattoo, and it matches the person's next to you. Unlike the night before, the place looks abandoned and listless. You obviously wake up with a massive headache. Tumbling to the ground isn't exactly a lovely sensation, but you don't remember that.

You don't remember anything.

Yet you're holding hands with someone, the person you danced with the night before, and there are others around you, in the same position. What to do, you do not know. It's impossible to determine what to do from a blank mind. But you don't let go of the other person's hand for a while. It feels normal. It's either them grabbing your hand for dear life, or it's you, but even so, you don't let go until you both realise what you're doing. And then it's time for a discussion with the others as to what happened. The memories of the ball come back, but nothing else. Not even the reason why you were there.

Obviously, you have no idea how to get back to where you were before, since you don't even know where you live. The only you can do is stay in the mansion, and inhabit one of the bedrooms upstairs.


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The Ball
Don't try the punch - it's very alcoholic.

All the maids, waiters, waitresses and butlers bowed, making sure they knew to follow the mansion owner's opinion to a T. If they didn't, it was sure they'd be fired, and it would probably be made sure they'd never get another job again for the rest of their lives. Letters were handed out, except to one waiter. He kept his head bowed, and looked only slightly shocked when the letter in his hand turned out to be fiery red. The other people there gave him awkward looks, pitying the young boy who'd only joined a week or so ago.

The doorbell rang as the hired actors stood at the door. Some were to arrive later, and they all had separate jobs. The ones arriving later were supposed to look shocked, as the 'contestants' or rather, 'guests' were probably going to look. All of them were hired to confuse the actual guests there, and every single food item had been contaminated with some sort of delayed sleeping drug, a really strong one. The actors were all given the antidote, so only the people who had to would fall to the ground at the right time.

It was cleaned spotless, as it should be. Only a grand piano sat in the centre of the ballroom, prepared for one of the actors to play it. As the people flooded into the room, the waiters and waitresses offered 'nibbles' to all those attending, a smile on each of their faces. The actors were incredible, some looking incredibly drunk, some looking incredibly bored, and some looking like they're having the most incredible night in their life. The carriages would be arriving with the special guests soon, and they all had to prepare for the worst.

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Character Portrait: Gabriel Sinclair

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- Gabriel Sinclair -

To put it simply . . . she didn’t want to be doing this, she didn’t want to be forced into some attire that looked like it slipped out of a Disney movie, and she didn’t want to be shoved into a carriage that would take her to a place she didn’t want to be at. She did not want to do this, she did not want to be forced to attend some . . . ball. Yet, here she was, going anyway, despite her wishes. It wasn’t like she actually had a say in the matter, and really, even if she would’ve, there was no doubt that her grandfather would have still made her go, even if he cared enough to allow Gabriel the privilege to speak her timid little mind. Maxwell only cared about his family’s namesake, not the wants or desires of his granddaughter; that, of course, was why it was she was now attending a formal dinner and dance with the clothing of a boy upon her small person. That was why she looked like a he now. . . .

It’d been like that for the last few years, ever since he’d grown weary of keeping Gabriel in his home, and having privately tutored. For the last some odd years of her life, she had been made to live and act as if she were of the opposite gender, as if she were a male.

Everyone believed her act, everyone she knew or talked to, they thought that Gabrielle Sinclair was really, and honestly a Gabriel. The façade was one that she herself was somnolent of, she was tired of having to disguise herself, never being allowed the simple pleasures of getting to act like the girl she was, but what else could she do? Her father was dead, her mother had run out on her ages ago, and no one else in her family wanted a thing to do with her, so, it was either abide by the wishes of her grandfather, or be left up as a ward to the state. She either could live in emotional misery while having a comfortable life, or be bounced around from place to place, with people who cared for her as about as much of her grandfather, and exist in uncertainty. . . .

And by his wishes, and against her own, she had been made to attend the mystery event to which she had been invited to earlier on, and had been forced into the formal Disney-esque suit that continued onto have her look the part of a young boy. Her short hair had been styled by her grandfather’s servants to sit neatly, and aid in her ruse, as usual. . . . The whole routine was something she’d grown used to over the years, it was normal to live like this, because to the world, she was indeed a boy, not a girl.

No matter what I want, I know I have to listen to grandfather, I have to maintain my act as a boy. she thought to herself as the carriage hit a bump in the road, causing her to be jostled about a bit. Even if I should be attending this event dressed as a princess instead of a prince, I don’t have another choice. Angering grandfather isn’t something I can do.

All of this seemed so odd, the random letter/invitation, the fact that clothing was sent for her to wear that was her exact size, down to every measurement, and also the whole carriage ride to the actual location. Truly, it was all bizarre. Yes, even though Gabriel thought that, she still had gone along with all of it to make sure Maxwell was pleased enough with her to remain apathetic. She didn’t quite know what was in store for her tonight, only knowing that she was apprehensive and nervous about it all. The only certainty within herself, she felt, was that she knew she had to maintain her ruse. Gabriel had to make sure that she remained that, a Gabriel. No one could know about her true gender; that she was female . . . and if that meant dancing with girls here, then it was an uncomfortable thing she had to cope with and do.

“I get through tonight and my life’ll go back to just being like it was before, no matter how miserable this will be, it’s just a night of Hell before returning to normality.” Gabriel whispered to herself, keeping her voice low and quiet as to not allow the carriage driver to hear her. “It’s just one night. . . .”

A solemn sigh escaped from the girl’s lips as the coach came to sudden stop, jerking her forward a bit, startling her. I guess, I’ve arrived? she questioned, placing a hand to her head on account of instincts. Those ruby eyes of hers glanced over toward the door as she heard it begin to open up to the outside.

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Character Portrait: Ignatius Rey

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As the carriage rumbled along on the streets, Iggy gazed out the window, watching his surroundings fly by. Buildings, trees, people, cars. The horses' hooves clapped against the streets rhythmically, creating a steady backdrop of noise that lulled the boy into a slight doze. His eyes were glazed over as they stared sightlessly outside for his mind was far, far away from taking in the scenery. His hand reached up and tugged at the semi-loose tie hanging off his neck as his mind wandered. The letter hadn't really explained much - like the all-important why he was chosen. How had they known about him? And why was he going to this "ball" again? Oh right. Nothing better to do.

A sudden turn off the mainstream road caused Iggy to shift on his seat, jerking out of his thoughts. The road was changing, looking less used, and buildings and civilization seemed to be receding. Iggy stared outside, feeling vaguely interested at the change for a while before the interest drained out of him and he slumped down again. He reached into his blazer and pulled out the red letter, inspecting it for the umpteenth time. A change in lighting stopped him from looking at the familiar words as he looked around for the cause. Outside had become darker - and so had the inside of the carriage.

It seemed that he had entered forest and trees, blocking out the little rays of light there had been. Iggy glanced outside at the wide, thick trunks and some of the lower hanging branches that scraped lightly against the carriage in some places. The leaves rustled as they passed by. Iggy wondered how much longer he would have to wait. However, he had a feeling they were nearly there. Something about the forest implied that the journey was nearly at a close and the moment the trees dwindled away, it would reveal... Well, whatever the place he was going to.

Iggy went back to the letter even though he felt he had practically memorized the entire thing while trying to figure it out. He had searched for implications and subtext that would tell him more about the reason the ball was being held. He had tried to see if there were hidden messages in code or in invisible ink. By the time he had gotten to wondering if it was in an alien language that somehow also made sense in English, Iggy had realized that he had had far too much time on his hands. And of course, what better way to have something to do than to accept the letter's offer?

The carriage was slowing down. The hoofbeats were coming at a slower interval. They exited the trees. Iggy felt his eyes widen slightly. "That looks legit," he breathed. The mansion gleamed like a giant gem in the middle of the dark trees. It practically sprawled out, hinting that there was a lot more to it than even what was apparent at the front. The carriage came a slow stop, and there was a sudden almost-silence where the only thing Iggy could hear were the crickets and a slight ringing in his ears from the absence of the hoofbeats.

Iggy was about to step out before he realized that he had to tuck in his shirt, tighten his tie, and basically make himself presentable. Dad'll be so proud, Iggy thought with a faint strain of sarcasm. I actually look "respectable." Iggy chuckled at the thought. The door to the carriage opened by itself and Iggy blinked, before finally remembering that carriages usually had footmen or something of that sort. He shook his head minutely and finally, finally, exited the carriage. After a polite "thank you", Iggy slowly took a few steps towards the entrance. The carriage started into life again and rode off after he moved away, but Iggy barely spared it a glance as he stood still and gazed at the large entrance several feet away.

Well, it looks like I'm here...

He took a deep breath, reached up to feel for his necklace, and then cheerfully made his way towards the doors. He had a ball to attend to.

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Character Portrait: Emma May Flynn

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Emma twirled like a little girl in front of the mirror. She couldn't help it, everything about the dress that had been sent for her was perfect. The bright fiery red material it was made out of matched the invitation perfectly, almost as if had been done on purpose. The fact that it was exactly her size didn't concern Emma in the least.

The ball was such a big deal that her father even went as far as to hire a team of stylists to do Emma's hair and makeup. They put her hair up to one side, trickling down her shoulder in a waterfall of sweeping curls.

"You look beautiful dear." Emma's father said as he poked his head around her bedroom door. A rhythmic knock at the front door downstairs consumed the entirety of Emma's attention however. With infinite grace, she flew down the marble staircase to the hall. She took a deep breath, straightening herself out a bit before opening the door.

A plump, white haired man in a tuxedo stood before her. "Miss Emma May Flynn" he said in a voice that matched his appearance flawlessly. He held out a hand as if to help her down the steps and Emma took it excitedly. Excitement bubbled inside her, ready to burst out at any second as he lead her to the carriage. The ride itself didn't take long at all. Emma kept an eye fixed on the road ahead, waiting for the mansion to come into view. She didn't even know there was anything out there until the invitation came in the mail.

The mansion was well worth the wait. It was unbelievably large, and unbelievably beautiful. As the carriage came to a stop, Emma could see a few more in front of her own. This night would surely be one of the best.

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Freya Acacia Ludwig

A maid slid a chair out for Freya to sit. It was time to prepare for the ball and as always, a maid was going to get her ready. However, the usual one was sick, so today she was going to be prepared by a new one. She was like some exotic dish to people. Freya’s parents always had the maids dress her in the highest quality clothing. It wasn’t as though Freya didn’t like the formal dresses… In fact, she had been raised in them and would feel strange any other way… Still, Freya didn’t enjoy how people constantly stared at her. Maybe it wasn’t because of how she dressed, but because of her wealthy family. It wasn’t as though they were royalty. They were just fortunate people with a lot of money. Maybe it wasn’t even the riches, but her strange appearance… She had hair so long that it almost brushed the ground as she walked. Not once had she met anyone with hair even close to as long as her golden locks… However, it wasn’t as though Freya cared enough to cute her hair either. It would probably feel strange and light if she ever did.

As Freya lowered herself into the chair, she was careful not to sit on any of her hair. The maid picked up the gold brush which matched her hair so well and began to brush out the ends. “Yar hair‘s so beautiful, Miss.” The maid said as she combed through it. “It’s so soft and fine, yet also very thick and durable. So unusual...” The maid continued on. Yes, her hair was the reason people stared at her. Freya let a sigh escape her lips as the maid worked tirelessly to get all the knots out of Freya’s hair only to have to brush it again after she dressed the spoiled girl.

“Yar a very fortunate gurl. Yah know, to have such lovin’ and wealthy parunts. Yah know, when I was your age, My mum was on her own. She had to raise both of us with such little money. Oh, by both of us, I mean my sister and I. My sister’s doin’ much better than I, yah know. She’s…” The maid began to tell Freya her life story. What a talkative one this woman was. Freya didn’t mind listening to her, really… It was strange to hear one talk so much though. Freya didn’t know how to react, so she didn’t really think too much about what the woman said as she listened. Freya appeared emotionless as she listened to the maid speak. Every time she mentioned her sister, Freya felt her heart throb… She wasn’t sure why, but it hurt to hear someone talk about a sister. It wasn’t as though Freya even had a sister to miss, but somehow… She missed a sister. It was like someone slapping her face when a sister would be mentioned. However, the maid gradually got away from talking about her sister and began to talk about her daughter. Her daughter was someone she was very proud of. “…And she’s just about yar age now. I hope she finds a good suitor soon.” The maid paused. “Do yah have a suitor yet, miss? Are yah goin’ to this ball in order to find one?”

Instead of speaking, Freya just shook her head.

The maid finished brushing Freya’s hair. “Oh, sorry if I crossed any lines thur, Miss.” She said as she offered her hand to Freya. The wealthy girl accepted it and raised herself. The maid guided her to the closet, where she dressed Freya. Her clothes were less dull than usual. Her father had insisted on gold trimming to her black and white dress just for the special occasion. Any other day, Freya would have insisted on greyscale. However, she sensed that there would be no use in arguing with her father this time, so what was the use?

The maid stopped talking so much. Either Freya had made it awkward for her to talk or the woman had nothing more to say. After she dressed Freya, it was back to the brushing chair. As she finished brushing Freya’s hair again, she spoke once more. “Miss, yah have somethin’ odd about yah. Pardon me, but yah don’t talk much, do yah?” Any other maid would be afraid to say such a thing. They all feared being fired. Freya guessed this one was just more open-mouthed. She had never heard anyone speak so much other than when her father had those meetings…

After the maid opened the door for Freya, Freya glided down the stairs and was led outside by the butler, who would hand her over to the chauffer. Then she would ride to the ball.

Excitement really wasn’t her thing… To be honest, this ball made Freya feel no more excitement than she ever really felt. A lot of girls would be giddy and over-excited about how regal and extravagant balls were… Even the rich ones like Freya enjoyed the socialization of the formal occasion. Other girls would be irritated or angry about having to go. Some just didn’t like dances or organized events. However, Freya felt neither. She didn’t care either way. If she was at home, she would be sitting and doing nothing. At the ball she would be sitting and doing nothing. So, the location didn’t really matter much. It wasn’t as though Freya actually would participate in the event. She was a boring, stubborn girl. It was no wonder most people didn’t talk to her. It didn’t matter much anyway though. This ball would be no different than any other event Freya had gone to. Some people would approach her, but no one would talk to her. She might even approach people from time to time, but she also would not talk to them. Talking was… not something Freya was good at. It didn’t really bother her that she wasn’t good at talking though. Talking didn’t mean much anyway.

As the carriage came to a sudden stop, Freya felt inertia take wing. Her innards fluttered like butterflies for a moment before returning to normal. Waiting on the chauffer, Freya sat in her seat until the door opened and she was offered his hand. Then she accepted it and slid out of the car. As she left the vehicle, she saw other people had already arrived. Everyone seemed distorted and confused. Freya took a deep breath before approaching the large doors that stood between her and what she knew was going to be just another boring social event.

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