TimelessKatie Rose

-Roleplay COMPLETED, Saving Character-

a character in “Timeless”, as played by Maci-Care

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Description: Image

Name: Katie Rose

Nickname: Kate, or Rose

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Gang: I am a Rose, so I’m with the Thorns.

Love Interest: No one in her gang, because they are like a family. TBA
Power: Shape shifting (people and things)

Personality: Kate is very kind, and even more shy. She doesn’t talk that much, and is usually always quite, she only talks if something sparks her attention, or talked to. She wishes everything could go back to normal, but of course that will never happen.

Other: Kate is openly bisexual and isn’t afraid to say it. She also had a bad run-in with the Shanks gang she doesn’t talk to anyone about what happened only that she got away by using her power. She joined the Thorns for protection.
Theme Song: Valentine’s Day, By Linkin Park

So begins...

Katie Rose's Story