Titan AcademyBriella Alexander

"Just kill me now. Another year at Titan Academy?"

a character in “Titan Academy”, as played by Lavender

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Full Name
Briella Hera Alexander


About to celebrate her eighteenth birthday

Standing at the petite height of five feet and six inches, some people mock her to be short. Mostly, though, because she's grown up around Gods and Goddesses her entire life due to her father's position on their society, and most of them are tall and perfect. She desperately wishes she'd grow some before she's done growing, but that's doubtful. With wavy chocolate brown hair and deep amber eyes, she's quite beautiful, in a near exotic kind of way when it comes to her facial features, topped off by a dashing smile that's rarely showcased at the Academy. She has naturally somewhat tanned skin and a slender physique with feminine curves in the right places but nothing extraordinary.

Painfully sarcastic, keeps to herself when she can, irritable at times, contemplative, creative, cunning, stealthy, sweet and kind surprisingly.

So begins...

Briella Alexander's Story