Only White lionin the outlands. Has a huge crush on Kovu.((look at decription to see actualy look.))

a character in “TLK: The Outlander Chronicles”, as played by Snowkit

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Decription: female cub in outlands have a crush on Kovu. dislikes Nuka. Jelouse of Kiara
Looks: Image
History: When she was born she mother died and she was raised by her dad and older sister, Nuva.
Personalty: It varries, she can go from a happy mod to a sad mood. she is made fun of because of her color.
other: she gets along with the crocidiles.


Qiuck , likes to show off, big rivalry toward kiara, somewhat vain.

So begins...

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