Melanie DeLanie

"I will never turn my back on Litoron."

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a character in “To Master a Dragon”, originally authored by Felilla, as played by RolePlayGateway




Melanie DeLanie
Melanie has long curly strawberry-blonde hair and pristine blue eyes. She is short in stature, but is also lean and lithe. Melanie's skin is a flawless ivory, her lips pink and plump.
Personality: Melanie is a very withdrawn person. She was outcasted from her family because of her inability to further her relationship with her dragon, Litoron. She is stubborn and quite blunt, not really caring how her comments affects people's feelings. However, Melanie is also loyal and trustworthy to her friends. She will defend them until her dying breath. Unlike some Dragon Riders, Melanie treats Litoron like an equal and cares deeply for him.
History: Melanie was born into a family of Master Dragon Riders. She's considered a failure in their eyes, despite doing the best she can. She has been with her dragon since it's birth, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't get past Stage 7.
Other: Dialogue is in #DF0101


Dragon's Name: Litoron
Stage: S7
Element: Fire
Description: Litoron is a majestic red horned dragon with a huge wingspan. His chest plates are a creamy color as are the insides of his wings.

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