To Sleep

To Sleep

Do not dwell on dreams. When you have a choice to live in the world of dreams or the real world which will you choose? [more info inside.][[remake]]

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Many people have had dreams of different worlds. Many as different people than who they really are. But eight people, four boys and four girls, they have been in the same world and as the same people. They don’t know the other people in the dreams are real people. Some prefer the dream over reality. Some are curious why the dreams are in the same place or as the same people. The world with four moons and legends of five pillars.
Soon though the real world and the dream world seem to meld into one as well as themselves. It is up to these eight people to decide the fate of both. Do they wish to go back to the reality they grew up in? Or would they rather they live in a dream?
Each one has their own motives. But remember not all dreams are perfect and beautiful, some are nightmares. And there seems to be one person who is trying to block their path.

Boy 1: Shigeru Akito/Kalan Zakn Auvry’Ghym taken by Zenia
Girl 1: Kyla “Kyle” Watson/Yali Stormrider taken by Nowfaleena
Boy 2: Joshua Eyal/Farshand Lagan taken by DuskDriver
Girl 2: Claire Asada/Yumiko taken by Zenia
Boy 3: Ryuuske Tachibana/Jo’Shu taken by Tsukiomi
Girl 3: Snow Alison/ Kris taken by Zenia
Boy 4: Niel Trimblay/Nestro Lifebringer taken by MaxStokes
Girl 4: Jane Doe/Aukanai'i taken by Nowfaleena
Villain: Despair Cross by Tsukiakari

God of Harmony and Magic – Shadi played by Zenia
Tribal Lord Kalthan- Played by Zenia
Senate of Seven-MaxStokes
Nasmith- MaxStokes
Niverion- MaxStokes

Rest of rulers and gods/ess- played by Zenia upon request or needed, if player wants to play them sometimes please PM Zenia

Human Name:
Dream Name:
Human Age: (no younger than 16 in appearance and no older than 25 in appearance)
Dream Age:
Gender: (dream character has to have same gender unless you convince me otherwise)
Dream Race:
Picture:(post your human characters picture and dream characters picture)
Human Past:
Dream Past:
Dream Magic(If they have one):(Choose one element)
Human Likes: (Dream characters can be different)
Dream Likes:
Human Dislikes:
Dream dislikes:
Human Fears:
Dream fears:
Human Flaws:
Dream flaws:
Human Special features:
Dream special features:

If you want to be a ruler that I have listed in the OOC or a God or Goddess please PM, also if you want a message from said God/Goddess ask.

The races are in the OOC please Abide by their hatred, it is for a little spice between characters.

The Lands, Monsters, Gods, Rulers, and some monster is in the OOC if you want to make your own race you have to create the society and the ruler and PM me before submitting. If you wanna be a Ruler as a secondary character ask and I may allow it.

Toggle Rules

0: The gm is always right, if there is a complication of rules, or if I feel you are trying to be all powerful I will PM you. For the rules situation what I say is more than the rules, I will be fair though.
1: no god moding
2:be polite
3:no net speak
4:anime to animish pictures only
5:if you wanna do something involving another characer ((Prank or something)) ask
6:follow skellys
7:please tell us in ooc if you are signing off.
8:if you are going to abandon a character please inform me.
9:this will mainly be a saturday and sunday thing. On weekdays (Mon-fri) you may post once per character.
10: please be able to write 100 minimum of words, more is good as well. If you have a writers block day I understand. I will be checking word count of people who ask to join, now this doesn't mean if you have less I will not accept you, but I will test you to see if you can catch up and will help you if you want.

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Nestro made better time than he had originally estimated, reaching the entrance of the city before the sunlight began to hue into evening colors. The guards easily spotted him from far off, as his black outfit was in stark contrast from the mostly white landscape. He knew the guards were undoubtedly on high alert due to the pending assault by the Ifrit army and hoped they would not assume him hostile. Despite the possible danger he pushed on toward the city without hesitation, with the hope that somehow he could do something to lessen the coming bloodshed.

As he drew within a few yards of the city entrance he saw a few figures begin to approach him. He quickly noticed that they appeared to be on edge, though he didn't expect any less. As he approached he slowed his pace from a full run into a walk and uncovered his black hood to reveal the metal helmet that hid his corpse like features. Then he raised his hands above his head to show he meant no harm as he continued to slowly approach the city entrance.

"I come bearing a message from Lifebringer Nueiter, a member of the senate of seven!" He called out to the few Shiva that were coming to intercept him, his voice in its regular raspy tone. He was fairly confident they would not respond with violence. The Shiva were slightly more familiar with the Lich because of their culture's close proximity. However many Shiva still resented that the Lifebringers openly denounced all gods. So he could not be entirely sure.

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Character Portrait: Shigeru Akito
Character Portrait: Claire Asada
Character Portrait: GM
Character Portrait: Despair Cross
Character Portrait: Jo'shu
Character Portrait: Joshua Eyal
Character Portrait: Kyla "Kyle" Watson
Character Portrait: Snow Alison
Character Portrait: Jane Doe


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Character Portrait: Niel Trimblay
3 sightings Niel Trimblay played by MaxStokes
"This dream......feels like the only place I can make a difference."


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