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Don't hurt me...

178 views · last seen in Tokyo High
a character in “Tokyo High”, as played by Everscale


Name: Shoji
Nickname: Sho
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Neko
Appearance: Image (he is the one with yellow hair, not white. The one getting his ear bitten.)
Appearance 2: Image (the cat, not the human.)
Personality: Timid and reclusive when you first meet him, he is a very sweet and compassionate young neko. Always eager to become fast friends and help out with anything and anyone, he is a wonderful companion. He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Owner: to be determined
Likes: Sweet things, soft things, animals, friendly people, being scratched behind the ears, bells, yarn
Dislikes: Spicy things, violence, pain, blood, anger, loud noises, bright lights, water, heights
Hobbies: Reading, sleeping, watching the clouds, running, cuddling with his master
Fears: Water, heights, loud noises, violence

So begins...

Shoji's Story