Tokyo, JapanKaede Chiro

A beserker who serves Haruko, she slowly regains her humanity when she meets the twins.

a character in “Tokyo Vampires”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Kaede Chiro
Age: Died at age 21
Nationality: Japanese
Species: Beserker
Alliance: Vampires (Alliance will change later on)
Appearance: Image
Personality: Shows very few emotions other than rage and bloodlust. She can be quite reclusive, easily startled like a wild animal and often acting on instinct. Deep deep down she is a very caring person and can be very protective of people she cares about.
History: Kaede was murdered by her 'best-friend', a woman so jealous of Kaede that she stabbed her repeatedly until she died. In that moment of death and rage, tasting her own blood, Kaede became a beserker. Little is known about her before she died but after she became a beserker she soon found herself employed by Haruko, given the blood she craved in exchange for 'getting rid of people'. Her humanity was practically gone by the time the Twins came to the geisha house but something about them, Seiji especially, started to bring it back, putting Kaede in a dangerous position.

So begins...

Kaede Chiro's Story