The Forest of DeathNao Hayashi

~Girl Number Two~

a character in “Tomonari 2”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Nao Hayashi

It means Still Forest



Girl Number Two




Nao is timid and shy to the max. Her heart breaks easily, and she always blames herself instead of others. However, she cannot handle being around too many people. As a result, her parents whisked her away from becoming a genin and signed her up for private medic classes. This did not help her shyness. She gets easily spooked and freaks out at any sudden, or loud noises. However if she knows you, you might be lucky enough to have the sweetest the most genuine friend of your entire life. If you choose not to be a friend with Nao, she will be sad, but Nao will always welcome you back. Nao finds sanctuary in the forest around her, spending most of her afternoons there reading books, hanging out, or exploring. Nao has killer forest survival skills! She faints at the sight of blood, and is horrified by any sort of violence. So if your being mean towards her, she can forgive you. But if your mean to someone else, Nao panics and this is where her monster strength comes into play.

Got Your Eye on Anybody?:

I’m the first one here!

What Do People First Notice About You?:

Nao has almost no presence at all, so after people finally notice her, the fist thing they see is her yellow eyes. Their depth seems to draw most people in....

Fighting Abilities, Talents:

Strength, Medical Chakra, Speed, Forest Survival


Upon graduating the academy, Nao’s parent’s decided to take her to famous medical nin for training, instead of putting Nao through all the tests kids her age usually go through. Nao has a hard time talking to people because of this, and freezes up around large crowds. Nao’s monster strength comes out at the worst times, and it is not helped by her clumsiness around people. The invisible rocks are Nao’s worst enemy/

Theme Song:

What I Wouldn’t Do, A fine Frenzy

So begins...

Nao Hayashi's Story