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a character in “Tomonari”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Sapphire Uchiha
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Rank: Genin


Details about appearance:
Anybody you have your eye on?: Hina as a rival/friend
Genjutsu- pretty awesome at this creates the best of illusions
Taijutsu- average
Ninjutsu-water-style and lightning-style jutsu user.
Weapons: 5 kunai, 2 shuriken
Fighting: Close-Combat
Special Quality: 2 tailed monster cat, clan-inherited sharingun
Strengths: Good power, jinjurike, born leader
Weaknesses: Reckless, stubborn, won't go with the plan when she sees a chance, loyalty
Fears: Losing a friend, dying, complete darkness
Personality: She's sometimes cocky, but she does care for her friends. She likes being in charge because she's good at it, but she knows when to step down. She has a short temper, and when she goes off, she's fierce. All in all, she's a sometimes arrogant true friend.
History: She lived a normal life, unless you count the time she almost fell off a cliff when she was 4.

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Sapphire Uchiha's Story