"Torchwood: Outside the Government, beyond the police. Fighting for the future on behalf of the Human race. The 21st century is when everything changes, and Torchwood is ready."

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The year is 2020 and Torchwood Three has been closed down for a decade now. Torchwood One was destroyed, Torchwood Two closed, and Torchwood Four was never found.

Welcome to Torchwood Five

Torchwood Five is based in Cardiff, England, much like her counterpart, Torchwood Three. When Torchwood Three was closed, it was because the 'Rift' seemed to have closed as well, but Jack and Gwen, who had been the last surviving members of Torchwood Three, knew better. They left documents with information on the rift for their followers that they were sure would form a new Torchwood when the Rift became active again. Well, it's active again and you have been chosen to manage it. Time to put some dinosaur nets in the back of the van and get a whole lot of Weevil spray.

Also, do you think Captain Jack Harkness knew he had a twin sister that was effected as well when Jack became immortal?


Jack's twin sister : Open
Second in command : Open
Computer genius : Kaylee Schaefer : Forensic_Anthro
Doctor : Open
Junior researcher : Open
Field agent : Open

(More can be added if there is an abundance of joiners)

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1. No God-modding.
2. No power-playing.
3. No killing off another person's character without their permission.
4. Please keep all OOC posts in the OOC.
5. make sure that whatever you do follows RPG rules, including with the romance.
6. Cussing is allowed. I'm sure that we are all mature enough to handle it. if not, then don't join this rp.
7. Please no text lingo. It's really annoying to read in a post, unless your character is texting.
8. No one-liners.
9. Posts should be in third person.
10. Please check the OOC. That is where I will tell you when you may start posting. Usually, I will make the first post.
11. These rules may change in the future, so keep an eye out.

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