TranqulityLucas "Soki" O'Connell

"horrible mutants that use to be the smartest of us, now look at them, chewing on each other and killing us one by one"

a character in “Tranquility Unfounded”, as played by Soki

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Name: Lucas "Soki" O'Connell


nationality:American (Mother a Japanese woman and Father an Irish man)

occupation: PSCTF Officer

Equipment:Much to the way he was taught by his late uncle He carries both his main weapon in a well presented Guitar case, which coincidentally also does carry a guitar. His main weapon being a Titanium blade nodachi with an ivory hilt, and carbon steel square guard, His secondary carried in a large brief case; an L96A1 rifle, as well as his Cybernetic Exoskeleton, itself made out of several classified alloys and is damn near completely bullet proof except for where the alloys are thinner for mobility. His Third and final weapon itself is part of his Exosuit the Right handed gauntlet holds a small amount of combustible fluid in the knuckles when clenched into a fist and met by a hard surface (an enemy, a wall) Causes a "controlled" burst of flame that incinerates it's target.

Personality: Quiet, perceptive, and tactical. Though deep down he has quite a caring personality, he just tends to keep it quite under wraps staying professional and level-headed, Through tough situations some sacrifices must be made; him joining the military showed him that. His natural desire to protect the weak, grew into more well rounded desire to serve and protect even those who thought themselves above protection. Though don't let that fool you, he can get angry, and when he does due to his forgiving nature he tends to let things go quite easily, but he doesn't stop watching the person who screwed him, making sure they won't do it again.

History:He was raised in a home with three other siblings one just a year younger then he, the rest toddlers, being the eldest meant he had a lot of responsibility which in retrospect ment he was quite well balanced in a good-natured way, and in a stern trying to teach his siblings right form wrong way. Over the years as he grew older his natural instinct of helping his family grew wider, to wanting to protect others as well, naturally he joined the military. Through years of Dedicated service, and outstanding accomplishments on the battlefield he joined the Green Barrets, He was in perfect form, and was valued highly amongst his unit, and amongst his CO's. Thus came the offer to join the PSCTF. He initially turned it down, but with encouragement from his family, and his CO's he took the offer.

Two years of service to the President personally, and he and a few others were assign to a mission that he felt was, well below the needs of them. They were sent to Tranquility; a once government financed now headed by Indigo Foundation; he felt something was fishy about it, but not enough to send them there, but he wasn't there to argue; as a good solider he just nodded his head and took the order as they were assigned; how much he would regret this decision...

So begins...

Lucas "Soki" O'Connell's Story

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Setting: Tranqulity2012-08-20 04:07:03, as written by Soki
An ironic Drowning pool blaring over the speakers of the once, slightly hospitable Rattus Rattus, needless to say the song seemed to fit quite well with the current appearance of the place mutated flesh all over the place, and not to mentioned dismembered bodies. The place was a regular house of the dead. Soki sat in a chair leaning back against the railing with his feet placed onto of the table as he strummed his guitar along to the song. He had been smart enough to put on the exosuit underneath his normal suit and tie today, and seeing as it wasn't a huge gig to be played he didn't figure anyone would exceptionally notice the slight bulges in some areas of his body do to the thicker alloys, and boy was he thankful for wearing it.

The night had seemed like a normal one he came in began to set up to the rather interesting choice for a group of highly intelligent people; Drowning pool, Bodies needless to say within the next ten minutes the song fit the entire situation perfectly. A man, seemingly fine; but slightly pale walks into the establishment; when a serving girl came up to ask what he wanted, all hell broke lose. He lunged for her taking a large bite out of her neck, her blood spraying over the next closes duo of men, one catching her the other trying to force the man out of the building. This was not to be the man began to heavily mutate his arms cracking and splintering , as the bones began to form scythe like blades and the shoulders bulked and arched higher, his jaw unhinged and teeth grew along the cheeks. It wasn't a pretty picture as it ripped through the man who was trying to keep it away. his guts and limbs splattering the walls and the other people near the entrance. Men and women ran for the back exit screaming and shouting. The creature that use to be a man slowly stalking them as if it knew they had no escape.

That was until a random piece of equipment slammed again it sending it sprawling into a booth near the bar, giving the rest of the survivors ample time to escape, that is if there wasn't another highly mutated corpse there waiting. A few of the surviving men tried to hold it back, being diced and flung all over the back exit, the women on the other hand screamed bloody murder only to earn a decapitation from the creature. The bar had become quite empty by the time the first creature had regained it's footing. Soki just sat on the stool that had been offered to him while he toned his guitar opening up his guitar case and putting the instrument back inside of it as he placed it up against the wall; the battle had begun. The first of the things charged Soki dodging the bladed hand as it pierced the wall, uppercutting it's jaw with his right hand causing a mild burst of flames to engulf the head of it. The second took it's chance now charging forward with clawed hands poised to rip his flesh, but only ripped the clawing the claws breaking against the thick alloy along his chest. He smiled "Yep sorry not going to tear me apart as easily as you did them." he stated causing a throaty growl from the second, as the first finally regained itself, but to late as Soki was there pounding both his fists into it's chest one, two, and with a final right uppercut the head was severed and sent flying steadily out the window, whilst on fire. The first dispatched, the second jumped at the opportunity of catching him off guard, it wasn't going to be as easy as that though. He turned his whole body, using his entire weight for this kick as it connected just below the eye sending the creature spiraling towards a wall slamming into it face first, slumping against the wall.

Soki stood there shaking his head, and not willing to take the chance of it getting back up, reopening the guitar case reaching behind the guitar, he pulled out his nodachi, strapping it on around his back as he drew the the blade from it's scabbard. The corpse as if sensing that he had a weapon, it began to climb to it's feet; but not quickly enough the sword pierced through it's throat; Soki twisted his wrist and sharply pulled to his right, the head lobbing to the side held only slightly to the body by the flesh of it's neck, the spine completely severed. He stood up straight staring at the blood on the blade as he wipped it off on what was left of the corpses shirt and sliding it back into it's scabbard and removing it from his back as he placed it back into his guitar case, and once again pulling the guitar out. He sat down on one of the undamaged chairs leaning back and resting his feet on the table and began to strum his guitar. He knew the shit had hit the fan, but he had heard no orders or communication as of yet, and would need to wait for possibly orders, that and he just didn't feel like going outside right now, knowing that the shit was bad he figured being outside wasn't bright, he'd wait it out for now; give it maybe an hour before he'd brave the apocalypse that he was sure was going on outside.

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Character Portrait: Lucas "Soki" O'Connell
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Setting: Tranqulity2012-08-25 06:45:22, as written by Soki
Soki could hear the shouting over the song and his guitar strumming, slightly annoyed by the shouting as the song was just starting to get good. He sighed and placed the guitar down on the table and walked towards the front door; a corpse still holding onto the frame for dear life as if to keep everything at bay. He grabbed the man by the hair and tossed him to the side like a sack of potatoes, working the doorknob and the lock he opened it. “Easy, easy your interru-“ His sentence never finished as his eyes locked onto a familiar person. “what’n the hell are you doing here?!” He screamed down at her the rough irish accent making itself quite noticeable after years of learning to mask it. “You foolish girl” He barked at her and rubbed at his forehead. “Well get in, get in.” He said to her and backed out of the doorway so everyone could shuffle in, needless to say he could hear the growls and other unfriendly noises as he slammed the door shut and locked it once again once everyone had made it in safely.

He took this moment to toss his red bangs out of his face, “Well I suppose I should have really turned off the music after the initial attack here..” He mumbled under his breath as he returned to his table, sat in the exact same position he had before he had gotten up and returned to strumming the guitar. He may have been here on a mission, but leading and coming up with plans; that wasn’t his strong suit, dicing up enemies and knocking their head off at a mile distance was. He turned his attention back to his sister glaring at her slightly which was his way of telling her he disapproved of her ever coming to this forsaken place, in retrospect he didn’t choose a safe career either but it didn’t matter she was the smart one, and she choose to come to a place like this? Yeah he might have been the stupid one before, but that line of thinking was slowly changing to her corner. His eyes returned to his guitar as he plucked a cord harshly, snapping the string because of it as he sighed standing up and walking back over to the case and sliding it into place, and taking out his sword sliding it into it’s place on his back, then digging out the pieces to his L96A1 and putting it together, loading a magazine and pulling back the bolt. “So, We’re probably going to be surrounded on all sides by the things, and we’ve got limited ammo, except Faust, he seems to pull a clip out of his ass every time we tend to get into a situation; and let’s not forget 008 over there, surprised you’re not charming them to…undeath?” He wasn’t exactly sure how to explain the death of a already walking corpse. He then turned his full attention to the only Female in their little pow-wow. "Issy! your here to keep Faust in check right? No unneeded explosions, no waste of bullets on one corpse that pisses him off?" He asked with the only sign that he was joking, which was a big one due to it being a huge Cheshire smile.

He rubbed at his chin some and looked to his sister again. “She’s a civilian so what do we do with her, we can stuff her up here can’t we? keep her out of trouble.” He then looked off to the side and began to mumble. “And out of my hair..” Anyone with eyes and ears could tell he was not to keen to find his sister still on the island after their last altercation, but that wasn’t the point here. He sat back down his rifle in his lap now, his eyes locked dead on his younger sister, his emotions in a literal corkscrew on how to react to his little sister here, and in the middle of an apocalyptic situation no less. This was for sure going to compromise his integrity to the mission, there was no way in hell he was going to let her get herself into danger, at least if he could help it; she was just as stubborn as he was, and that was saying something.