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"I must be dreaming, because I don't believe in ghosts."

Savages | Marina and the Diamonds

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Lyra nodded in understanding, she would have to take it easy, Doctor Nieve's orders. It was a relief when it finally dissolved and she no longer had to clench. Lyra rose, no longer as dizzy, which was a relief. She smiled when Nieve asked her what her dream was, winking. "To find my Master," she looked up at the ceiling, as though in thought. "She disappeared a while ago, so I joined the Guild to look for her, but instead, I found a family." She opened the door to the bathroom so that they could rejoin the others. Her heart stopped in her throat when Nieve announced that Captain Finn's family had died. Lyra gasped, she had not seen them today. She had not seen their deaths. "Excuse me, I'll be outside," death was sometimes unpredictable.

San was hungry, she wanted to eat, but everyone else was just talking. "Hungry," San's tail swished, she rubbed her head against Phiphi's leg, hoping that she would feed her. "San hungry," the little monster girl whined, jumping onto the couch. "Dinner's ready!" Tymol called from the dining room. San jumped off of the couch, clearly eager to eat. San didn't want to eat without the others though, she whimpered, waiting for them all to come, shifting uneasily until they had each arrived at the table. "Take it easy there," Tymol pat her head, careful of her horns. "You'll eat once everyone is here." He assured San, who squirmed. "Sorry for just taking over your kitchen," Tymol apologized to Allen, "but I figured after a long battle, you guys need to just eat and rest." The only battle Tymol had faced today was wrangling in the shortstack.

San's eyes lit up when a plate was placed in front of her. "Turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots." Lyra pointed to each thing, San taking it all in. "Turkey... mash potato... carrots!" San picked up her fork and dug in, eating to her heart's content. She swung her legs underneath the table, her nails having been clipped by Adonis so that she didn't accidentally scratch anyone with her claw like digits. When she was done, she attempted to help clean up, but merely ended up licking the plates clean before going back to the wheelbarrow parked by the door that had her things in it. San picked up the teddy bear and brought it over to the couch, feeling tired from a long day of playing and helping.

She settled onto one of the cushions, pulling a blanket over herself. She yawned and stretched, then curled up into a ball and began to drift off to sleep. The change was slow, at first, then all at once. From her back sprouted fairy wings and her horns and odd markings disappeared. San's long teeth receeded, her fingers and toes no longer looking as though they were dipped in red paint. By all means, the little monster girl no longer looked like a freak of nature, but a peaceful fairy child.