AvreaKasumi Kumoto

"You may not believe me, but I am not like my fellow people."

a character in “Trash”, as played by Maci-Care

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Name: Kasumi Kumoto
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Avrean
Appearance: Image
Clothing: Well in Havri districts and settlements, she is only seen in hooded robes that cover all of her body, and with the hood on, it is difficult for anyone to see her face. When in her own people’s area’s she is seen wearing Victorian style dresses with knee high boots.
Occupation: 3rd Daughter of an Avrean noble.
Weapon(s): One small dagger, but doesn't use it much.
Magic: Illusion and Shield Magic. Magic weaknesses are fire and ice.
Strengths: Magic and stealth.
Weaknesses: Power/Strength and combat.
Likes: The Havri, not being seen, being passive.
Dislikes: Fighting, her own people, old myths of before her time.
Alignment: Very Good.
Goals: Help the Havri, equality, and to prevent the next war.
Personality: Kasumi is probably one of the nicest people in Avrea, and only nice Avrean. She is nice to everyone, even if they might not be to her. Also is called by many as a pacifist, looking for ways to stop fighting among her people and the Havri, little people actually know that she goes into Havri areas.
Background: TBA

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Kasumi Kumoto's Story