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I will not serve a false king.

a character in “Trials of Camelot”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Middle child of the three sisters/Wants to become a knight
Aliena, is the only one of her siblings to not have red hair like their mother. She also does not share the same eyes. She is most like her father, with dark brown hair, and eyes to match. She stands at an average height of about 5'5" and has an athletic figure due to all of her self-imposed training to one day become a knight of camelot. Her long hair is usually tied up in a messy ponytail or down, accentuating her young face. She has those eyes that can be both innocent, and dark at the same time. She may not look like much, but she is stronger then she looks, and proves it often enough.
Aliena is, again, most like her father in that she is protective, headstrong, stubborn, witty, and above all, cannot stand to stay cooped up. She dreams to follow in his footsteps and become a knight of camelot. Most of the time, she is found outside, riding around on her horse, throwing daggers, training to be a good warrior. She's stubborn and if she's decided not to listen to you, there's not much you can do to change her mind. She's a fighter and if you try to harm her family, she will make you regret it.
Aliena and her family had a perfect life. She and her two sisters couldn't ever have been happier. But all that was taken from them ten years ago. When Rothbart first rebelled against King Arthur, he attempted to kill the king, but Aliena's father, sir Lionel, jumped in front of him, and took a fatal blow, and died from it. When Aliena was a little girl, her father promised her that one day he would take her to Camelot, and he told her the stories of why he became a knight, and it only made her further yearn to follow in his footsteps. Since her father's death, she's been training everyday, getting better and better at fighting so that one day she would not only be able to protect King Arthur, but her family as well.
For the journey, Aliena has brought along 2 daggers (not counting the one in her boot) one dress, and her father's sword.
Aliena keeps a dagger in her boot at all times
Attire for the RP:
(the only clothes she actually packed for the journey)
(in the woods)
On My Father's Wings
Aliena's theme song

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