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Will the peace of this magical be destroyed by war?

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There is a land that consists of three people, plains, foothills and coast people, and they all hate each other. (Another side note: plains people are dark-skinned with long dark hair and are short. Foothills people are pale skinned with blond hair and are very tall. Coast people looks vary) In this world, there are people every once and a while who experience a strange calling to trek deep into the mountains, and they are generally never heard from again. Their strange calling leads them to a place called the Hold deep in the mountains. In the Hold, the people with special abilities, a tendency to do magic built into their DNA code, become Keepers, students of the Masters, and in their tutelage, they are taught peace and to get along with their fellow students. This is difficult for most, because hatred between the plains and foothills people is ingrained into them as they grow up. Keepers wear a long tunic and a short vest bound at the waist by a long scarf. The colors and embroidery vary depending on the person.

All Masters are not originally human. They are, by birth, rakus, dragon-like creatures with golden eyes and scales and high intellects. They live for thousands of years. Thousands of years ago, they found the ability to transform into human beings and use their ability to teach humans with a certain tendency to magic. Their raku forms cannot speak by mouth, but they do speak to each other using a form of mind-speak. Keepers cannot do this. Masters wear a long vest, much like a sleeveless robe, also tied at the waist by a long scarf. Underneath, they wear wide-sleeved tunics and trousers that peep through.

The Hold is nestled high on a mountain, an eight story testament of power. There is a tower that spirals up, and it is where the Head Master lives. The rest of the floor are mostly made of rooms, but the basement floor is made of the Annexes, a large networks of tunnels storing everything imaginable, and a workshop. The ground floor contains the kitchens with a door that leads to the garden, the Great Hall, the largest room where the stairs begin, shaped like a circle and acts as a giant sundial, and the stables.

The second place to note is Ese' Nawoer, a city in a valley near the Hold. It is where Commoners without the ability to do magic live. They generally get there by some tie to someone studying in the Hold, but they cannot stay in the Hold itself, because it is dangerous for non-magic users. Instead, they reside in the city, providing the Hold with food and other materials. Ese' Nawoer is surrounded by a large white wall. The center of the city is a meadow ringed by houses and the other buildings of the city.

Ese' Nawoer and the Hold have lived in peace for many years, but a group of Keepers have recently became dissatisfied with the peace they must live. Masters do not teach them magic that can harm another, so they become restless, stemming from the ceaseless hatred their youth ingrained in them towards other races. A few Rogue Keepers began to speak out and, in moments of radical behavior, were exiled from the Hold and Ese' Nawoer. They grouped together and begin to build forces. A war is on the horizon, and the Masters must make a decision to train their Keepers in warfare or be destroyed, but will they do so in time to prevent the slaughter of the people of Ese' Nawoer and the Keepers of the Hold?


Head Master:



Rogue Keepers:

Warden of Ese' Nawoer:



  1. This is a literate roleplay. I want nothing less than one large paragraph or two medium ones.
  2. Do not leave spaces of more than three days. Let me know if you'll be gone, so I can plan accordingly.
  3. No one has unlimited magic except for the Masters. Keepers can't do all magic, but they do specialize in certain types of magic.
  4. Put 'hidden truth' somewhere in your profile
  5. Keep characters down to 2 or 3, but only one can be a Master, if that many. I will be careful with choosing Masters. More Keepers are needed than Masters. More anything else is needed than Masters.
  6. Handle yourself maturely. All else should follow. Have fun.

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