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The youngest of the Masters

a character in “Truth”, as played by syrafay

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In her human form, Saya is a small, dainty girl with long white hair. Her eyes are, of course, the typical golden color of the Masters, framed by long lashes. She wears the tunics necessary for her role, but she prefers to keep them in blues and greens. She has a natural grace unusual for such a young raku who just found her human form, maybe because of her love for dancing. In her raku form, Saya is as lithe and small, for a raku, as she is in her human form, but she's fast and elegant, especially in flight.


Saya is a kind girl but prone to all sorts of mischief. She doesn't speak very often, because she just found her human form and isn't used to speaking out loud yet, but one can usually guess her thoughts by her expressions. She loves dancing and singing, because the music entrances her, and she takes every chance she can to appreciate music. She has a fiery temper, but she's also quick to forget her anger and quick to feel guilty for her actions when she is angry. If, however, something makes her angry enough to stay angry for a while, she doesn't react like normal, exploding and walking away. Instead, she avoids it or them entirely until she gets over it or they apologize sincerely. She hates liars and will not be close to those who lie. When she is sad, she keeps it bottled up, not wanting to make anyone else sad because of her, and she'll smile in spite of her depression. It's part of the reason she explodes all the time, all that pent up emotion. Saya loves to laugh and will quickly stick to the side of anyone who amuses her. As a master, she can be friendly and fun, but she has an unexpected strict side that will cause her to punish her students, though fairly, if they don't do as they're told. She is extremely good at judging people, so almost no one can fool her.


Saya's specialty is creating things, like clothes, furniture, supplies, etc, out of magic and healing magic. She is proficient, just like a Master should be, in every area of magic, but she prefers to stick to the things she's very good at. Other than that, she has a finely crafted, top grade bow and arrow set that she's very adept with. The bow is black, polished wood, and the arrows are painted to match, very nicely contrasted with pure white feathers. Lastly, she has a beautiful golden bracelet she wears that becomes a ring when she shifts into her raku form. On both ends, it fits perfectly, and no one knows where she got it from.


Saya was born to two raku parents a few hundred years ago. The two had taught her the magic of the Masters but never shifted over to their human forms until they took Saya to the Hold. She learned, at the Hold, how to change into her own human form and enjoyed learning and teaching there, but her parents were free spirits. They had only gone to the Hold in the first place to finish Saya's education, and the life of a Master was not the life for them. Instead, they decided to leave, only a few decades after they arrived. They offered for Saya to come along with them, but she had developed a taste for the life at the Hold that was so well suited to her personality, so she stayed behind. She never let it known, but their parting had hurt her. She had spent the beginning of her life traveling alone with them, and they were a close-knit family. Needless to say, she felt abandoned, but she refused to leave her new life. They left her alone with nothing but memories and the gold bracelet she always wears.
Saya has now been teaching at the Hold for close to a century and has taught her way through two very successful generations of Keepers and is currently working on her third. She loves her work, but once in a while, she wishes she could see her parents once more.

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