Tundra Pack TerritoryAlou

"I fear not death nor pain."

a character in “Tundra Wolves”, as played by nibblesnbits

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Alou is a smaller wolf whose, whose pelt looks grey and dark during the day but is white a night, almost with a small glow if she walks in the moonlight. She has two different colored eyes, one a silvery blue and the other a deep purple. Her nose is black and she has no markings besides a splash of black on the tips of her toes on her left rear paw. She has no scars, preferring to play instead of fight, but her muscles are strong and filled out. Alou is young, not a pup but also not a full grown wolf.


Alou is a sweetheart, preferring to keep everybody happy and always ready to play. She has a bit of a flirtatious nature and a bit of a dark side. She likes a challenge and isn’t afraid to challenge her betters if she disagrees with something strongly or believes that it will harm her family.
All in all she is generally a friendly wolf.


Teeth, Claws, and her sweet Charm


Alou is a loner, cast out from her pack at a very young age for leading her brother off a cliff. She survived without a scratch and he fell to his death. He was supposed to be the next Alpha of the pack and their mother and father tried to kill her. Alou barely escaped with her life and is now a lone wolf, searching for a pack. More of her story will come to light eventually, but she prefers not to remember.

So begins...

Alou's Story