Manhattan, New YorkNicholas Cooper

"The past is behind but if you move too slow into the future it'll catch up and bite you in the ass.."

a character in “Twisted Prep”, as played by KidFurturistic

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Nicholas Gabriel Cooper


Who Are You?
Nick The spotlight to the concert. The kid that used to be called 'Thet' when he did graffiti. Going back into the world of gangs to try and win the safety of Danny, and the love of Kris.


Arrogant, Charming, Funny that makes up Nick. Not to be toyed with and not to be taken lightly. He jokes around loves to have a good time but can also be serious when it comes down to it. His soul is very artistic. He express his artistic side however he can no matter what anybody says. Nick believes that he was born to be bad. That it was just in his nature and who was he to change the nature stuff like that can get someone into a lot of trouble.

Born and raised to be a troublemaker. Growing up on the wrong part of the tracks does that to a person. Spending most of his life in a gang his life was going nowhere. The life was all he thought he deserved or the only thing that he could do. But something had to give it wasn't what he wanted anymore so he vowed to leave that life behind no more tagging nothing but the straight and narrow. His parents don't care one way or another but he is determine to make a better life for himself. As long as he has his friends behind him there should be nothing in his way. Or at least that what he thought

Loves tattoos, loves motorcycles, oves women.. yep that pretty much covers it all



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Nicholas Cooper's Story