Twisted Rapture

Twisted Rapture

The final war between heaven and hell, with the remnants of Earth as the battle ground.

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15: For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.

16: For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

17: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

((Credit goes to Cussing Child, as the original creator of this rp))

Note: If I offend anyone by distorting The Rapture or by making a roleplay that allows a player to play God or Satan, you are free to hatemail me. And criticism is to be expected. I apologize for any offense.

God has always had a sense of humour, always! So when he took note of the speculation surrounding the Mayan calendar, prophesying that the world would end December 21st, 2012, He said unto his angels, "Let their world end, so that they can believe they were warned. And thus, it was fair for me to take them." And it was done, for God ordered it.

The End was nothing like what was expected. Storms erupted from nowhere on December 14th, 2012, all around the world. Even regions that had endured years of drought wished that the torrents would end. Floods occurred worldwide, with tsunamis wiping out coastal cities and submerging entire islands. But the the true horrors were yet to come. The dark, brewing clouds parted, and the light descended as God came to claim his faithful children. Christians, Jews and Muslims, all were eradicated in a quick, painless burst. Their souls were brought unto God for judgement. As the light faded, blood rained from the skies with the passing of the devout.

Because God is merciful he wept, for the suffering of the world he had hoped so greatly for. As he wept the clouds subsided. The rain stopped. The faithful had passed as their spirits were sent to their afterlives, and billions died from the disasters of the floods.

The horror did not end there. Lucifer, keen for his share of the spoils, wasted no time. Hell encroached onto Earth, and all those who thought that they Hell surely did not. Crevices opened in the Earth's surface. Buildings collapsed upon one another. Great volcanoes erupted. The Oceans ran red with the blood of the damned. Forests were burnt to ash. Mankind wept for their abandonment. But soon they would wish for abandonment.

For Satan sent his minions upon the Earth.
And, because God is merciful, he sent his minions upon the Earth.

The world a wasteland, ash hangs in the air. Buildings are toppled over and most areas are flooded. In only a few short months, mankind is all but extinct.

Things to Know:

This roleplay is based in a world where nearly everything is possible. The only thing that limits you is the will of others and your imagination and skill as a roleplayer. You want to be Satan or God? That's fine! Just know that the part will be a rough one to play, and in this roleplay they can be combatted and destroyed. There is not currently any set plot to be followed (unless this is requested), and you are encouraged to come up with some sort of scheme for your character. The story will be driven by character interaction, and their conflicting aims.

Angels and demons are extremely difficult to kill, and can survive wounds that would be mortal to any human. They are, however, not untouchable. Bullets will hurt, and it is possible to kill a lesser demon/angel with a gun. Powerful explosives would be a threat to even the greater creatures. The more powerful an angel or demon is, the more they can survive and heal from. Even the most powerful cannot recover from death though. You may have one ability if you are an angel or demon (E.g. A special weapon or power claimed as unique to you). Every angel can fly with wings, but if you're a large demon (8-10 ft maximum) you give up the ability to fly. You must allow humans to be able to stand a chance in battle even though you're powerful. "It's not the size of the boy, it's the size of the fight in the boy that truly measures up."

Archangels are allowed, or Angels that feel that Earth is a hopeless cause. Demons with hearts of gold, Horsemen of the apocalypse. Just be original and creative and I'll allow you to be what you want to be. As the GM, I do of course reserve the right to reject a character if I think you haven't put much thought into it or if I feel that your writing skills are below what this rp is aiming for. This is a highly literate rp, and we hope to have well though out, interesting characters.

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Appearance (Pictures allowed and appreciated, realistic preferred):

Personality (Paragraph expected):

History (Does not have to be extremely detailed):

Character Alignment (Human, Angel, Demon):

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Abilities (If you're a demon or angel. Limited to one ability or "power."):


Though this roleplay is heavily combat based, plot, storytelling, and character interaction ARE IMPORTANT.

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Character Portrait: Darren

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A flash of a blade, and a head rolled. 4 left.
Turn, block, grab, snap. 3 left.
Jump, pivot and land. Lunge and stab. 2 left.
Drop, roll. Come up in a crouch. Slash, slash, slash. Overhead strike. 1 left.
Pause. Look around. Shadows and rubble, but no sign of the 5th demon. Dammit, where has that thing gone?

Darren looked around him warily, coiled and ready to spring. The group had consisted of 5 demons. They were the small, ugly kind. Then again, as far as Darren had seen all these demons were ugly mofos. He'd decided to call these ones imps, because that was pretty much what they looked like. At first he'd been scared of them, then he'd started picking them off one by one. Now he was strong enough to take them down in small packs.

And this pack had consisted of 5 imps. There were only 4 dead imp bodies lying around him. That was a problem. He wasn't scared of these demons anymore, but he sure as hell wasn't going to have one of the sneaky bastards tailing him to ambush him.

He set off, moving silently through the columns of twisted rubble, staying to the shadows. He held the broken demon blade out in front of him, the angel blade in his right, ready to lash out at anything that jumped at him. His breathing was measured, steady, quiet. His eyes and ears were constantly scanning around, searching for any potential danger. They picked up all sorts of things. A few brave rats scuttling about, suddenly fearless now that the demons had moved on. The remains of women in what was probably once a nurses uniform. Pregnant mothers ripped apart, their babies splattered all over the walls. But none of that was an ugly little green imp, so he ignored them.

You see, there was a very simple way to avoid insanity. Methodological procedure. If Darren thought about all the things around him for so much as a second, he'd lose it. So instead, he focused on the task at hand. Right now, that was demon hunting. Sometimes it was finding food, drink, or shelter. Sometimes the only task he had was simply to not think about all the things around him.

So Darren kept walking. Just kept sneaking along, focused only on finding this demon. He was moving as fast as he used to be able to run, but keeping it silent. He started to hear the sounds of scrabbling, somewhere in front of him and to the left. He turned in that direction and followed the noises, keen to finish off this imp quickly.

He found the ugly little thing in what used to be an office, pushing a desk towards a window. The bulbous little thing hoisted itself onto the desk, then started to scratch and bang at the window, calling in a harsh, screeching voice.

Barely a sound had gotten out when Darren's sword took the creature in the neck, severing tendons, muscle and bone. Another quick hack finished the job, silencing the Demons cries. Darren could feel the demons energy leaking form it's body, floating up to strengthen him further. He was about to glance out of the window to see what the demon was signalling, when he felt it instead.

He dropped to the floor immediately as a massive shape pressed against the window, peering in. He was lying under the window, obscured from sight, but if that thing decided to hop in he'd be a goner. A few moments later, and the demon moved on, launching itself to the ground. It hadn't noticed him.

Darren paused a moment, catching his breath after the panic of the encounter. Then a grim smile spread across his face. Now there would be a snack worth hunting. He set off silently, slipping out of the ruined building and into the outskirts of New York City.

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He walked, silent but sure, his brilliant golden gaze set upon the path etched into the rubble of what had once been New York, before him. The thick clouds of ash hung in the air, powdered rubble mixed with the deadly concoction to cling to him, his dark brown, unkempt spiky mess of hair. His golden armor and lightly porcelain skin. Sunlight would break in places, though fogged from the mess it had to beat away; the while that deep crevices in scars upon the ground irradiated red ghast which reflected upon glass left in the once towering buildings, now keeling over upon their sides or crumpled like old paper.

At an even seven feet of etched muscle, he was an imposing sight, his movements effortless, fearless, unhindered in the slightest. The look upon his face grave and pained with the state of the world around him. A twig would snap behind him and in one graceful motion his sword would be pulled, turning easily on his heels with a shift of his weight-- he would extend it in a point. There'd be a lapse in time before suddenly a fallen wall of concrete would shift and burst, sending rubble crashing about him, his arm not faltering as it focused upon the greater demon as it surfaced with a scream of malice, a snarl in nature, a bolt of lightning in the air.

"Well then.." His voice would be strangely accented, youthful and strong. "We'll have to see about your death." His charming white smile would stand out against the thick film of grime, his knees would be bent slightly, turning with his arm extended, the demon would give another roar before reeling on his haunches and launching itself forward in a run at the angel. Standing at fifteen feet and easily weighing tons, it were a fearsome sight, but he didn't shake nor look away.

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"I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep," Maeve sings out as she makes her way through the outskirts of New York, "And find I'm king of the hill!... Top of the heap!" She snaps her fingers to the Frank Sinatra tune, a smile on her face.

New York, still a dump, it was a dump when she came here when she was a baby. And it was even more a dump now, she smirks a bit, biting her lip. A rustle of movement stops her though. Her eyes flicker watching someone slip into a ruined building and she tilts her head a bit to the side. Someone else? Hmm...

She motions for Thor to follow and she smiles as she darts quickly towards the figure's direction, a dark black dog following behind her at a quick pace. She watches the figure for a moment and smirks, sheathing her dagger and her form slowly becoming shorter and more girlish, and she appeared to be about seven or eight.

She liked strangers, they entertained her, but this guy seemed more than entertaining..She needed to make sure she could trust him.

"H--Hello?" She calls out, her young voice rang like bells through the old building and she watched cautiously through the building, following the man's very light footsteps.

"Is there someone there?" She tilts her head to the side, her red hair falling over her bright blue eyes.

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#, as written by Ivisbo
Darius appeared back on Earth on Fifth Avenue, amidst the rubble and dilapidated buildings that had once been famous for its class and prestige. The smoke that had transported him here thanks to Lucifer spread out around him in a fan like shape and ventilated though the cracks in the concrete, running home back to its master. Darius cast his dark eyes around the streets, taking in the sight of the once rich and beautiful New York City. Of course, he knew as soon as Lucifer had brought him down below that this would was just a matter of time before God and his lost son fought once more. Honestly, Darius had wished that he could have avoided it in his life time, but he knew that with the appearance of himself it was the perfect timing for Lucifer to rise up as well.

Darius sighed and stretch a hand back, coming his black hair back against his head before glancing down at his attire. Lucifer had chosen to adorn the body in a slim fitting dark blue three piece suit. The white undershirt stood in stark contrast to the dark shiny material, making him feel very out of place in the city of ruin. But, as the vessel of Lucifer and with the beginning of the war, he would not lower himself to wearing jeans and a t-shirt...although those were easier to move in then this tight vest. Darius did adjust the checkered tie a little, allowing himself a little breathing room as he deliberated what to do.

Lucifer warned him of the war that had broken out, so he knew he had to lay low and avoid being seen. Demons were of no worry, they would protect him...unless they had gone rouge. Though he knew he could rely on the vermin of the underworld, he would rather hold up on his won and wait Lucifer's orders. Angels, angels were the thing he needed to avoid most. The winged warriors of Heaven could not know of him until the time was right or else a man hunt for him would take precedent over the war. Hopefully Darius could remain hidden until Lucifer was ready to reveal is ultimate weapon and unleash his full powers on the Earth.

Further into the city, Darius heard the screaming cry of a greater demon entering into battle. Deciding he needed to get off the street, Darius turned his expensive shoes around and strode down the destroyed sidewalk, heading towards a building that looked somewhat in good shape. It was an older one, made of brick and steel, so it had held up during Lucifer's tantrum of natural disasters. Darius stood in front of it, gazing up at the architectural masterpiece of a building with his hands in his pockets.

"Quiet beautiful, for a mortal creation" A fox like, soothing voice spoke up from behind him. Darius barely batted an eye at the sudden appearance of the Lord of Hell, simply nodding at the comment.

"Glad this one held up, I always like the old buildings over the skyscrapers" He answered back, then glanced over his shoulder. Lucifer stood there, gazing up at the building just as Darius had. His blonde hair was slicked back not unlike Darius's, but his blue eyes couldn't be more different. They told of stories and hurt and pain unimaginable by even the oldest of beings. Darius loved and hated those eyes, because while he felt unimaginable power under their gaze, he also felt the worst sorrow deep within his core.

Lucifer flicked those eyes down to his vessel, a small smile spreading across his pale face, "I came to make sure I didn't teleport you to the wrong side of town. I looks like you found a seemingly safe hideout...I'll be back a little later to finish up some business on Earth" Lucifer spoke in a polite tone, then took a couple steps forward. Darius was never afraid of the great fallen angel, but he could see why people would be. His height was incomparable, the way he held himself screamed power. Lucifer leaned down slightly the way he did when he spoke to others, almost as if he were sharing a joke among friends.

"Do not damage that body, Darius. I will be back shortly" Though his tone was pleasant, Darius could sense the underlying anger that always seemed to burn within his lord. Darius nodded and Lucifer evaporated his illusion of himself into a cloud of hellfire smoke.

Darius turned once more for the building and quickly made his way inside. The doors were unlocked, whether be coincidence or Lucifers doing, either way he was able to safely make his way inside. The old building must have been some sort of museum, its high ceilings echoed his footsteps and carried them through the empty halls. Darius walked listlessly, wandering the hallways, his footsteps loud on the granite white tiles. He needed to sort out a plan, figure out a bunker of some kind that he could hide out before Lucifers final assault. Though that sounded easy, Darius knew that there was no way he was going to make it through this war unscathed. He was one of the final humans on Earth, no defenses and no attack power. All he had was Lucifer and the armies of Hell to protect him, though at this moment it did not seem like much.

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Darren paused. A young voice had called out from the desecrated building he had just left. It sounded so sweet. So innocent. Like puppies and kittens and rainbows and unicorn farts. Unfortunately, the smell was a bit of. Almost like... a whole heaping pile of bullshit.

His eyes narrowed as he warily drew the twin blades. No little girl could have survived this long. He considered moving on, but the demon he'd decided to stalk was gone, and he'd lost track of it's presence. He looked back at the building. A little Admiral Ackbar popped up in his mind, proclaiming "It's a trap!". Although he ignored most of the voices in his head, this one had a point. There was definitely something fishy about this. Sensing around for a whiff of demon, he felt the power of the being calling to him. To his surprise, she felt like both angel AND demon. Curiosity got the better of caution, and he slunk back into the building, keeping to the shadows.

"Is someone there?" the girl called out. But she looked in the wrong direction. Darren crouched low, trying to avoid detection. He couldn't make up his mind about this girl. The power he sensed around her was strange. Equally puzzling, she seemed to have no sense of his presence. This had been bugging him for a while now. He was able to feel the power of demons and angels nearby, and from what he had observed they seemed to be able to do the same with each other. It was like the power they held created a sense of pressure in this magic-less world. You could even tell the difference between demonic and angelic power. But none of them had ever been able to sense him. Even normal humans carried some small whiff of energy, but nothing seemed able to pick up on him.

Unfortunately, he was still vulnerable to other sense. A dog he hadn't seen before started snuffling, it's keen nose pointing in his direction. This one had a strong sense of power around it, clearly demonic. Shit. Definitely a hell-hound. Which makes her some kind of demon in disguise. God dammit. Knew this was a trap.

Suddenly, the dog started whimpering. He raised an eyebrow. He didn't smell that bad did he? Looking down at the ragged, torn clothes he was wearing, unable to quite remember when he'd last found a functioning shower, Darren reconsidered that last observation.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. The ground behind Darren crumpled under the weight of the impact, and Darren spun instantly. Just in time for a gorilla-sized fist to slam into him with the force of a thousand angry gods. Well, maybe not Gods. But certainly one very angry, very ugly looking demon. He was sent flying, and bounced once before coming skidding to a stop right in front of the little girl. So much for laying low...

The demon that had punched him bellowed it's challenge. It's face was a hideous mess of fangs and two hate-filled eyes, with jagged horns sprouting from it's head. It was a stocky, thickset thing, with ridiculously large muscles rippling along it's deformed body. It's arms were far longer than it's relatively short legs, and it hunched forward, almost like a gorilla. In it's right hand it held what looked like an incredibly sharp, onyx kitchen knife, but Darren knew that to him it would be a long-sword.

So, this is how I die. At this point Darren was just about ready to pucker up and kiss his ass goodbye. The thought saddened him. He didn't really want to say goodbye. It was a rather nice ass. It had always been there for him, and over the years they'd grown somewhat attached. Though he normally wouldn't associate his lips with something that hadn't seen a shower in God-knows how long, in this case he'd make an exception. He even managed not to soil himself when the demon let out a roar of anger, throwing itself at him. No, Darren and his ass would go out with dignity. He tensed, arms coming up as the demon...

...sailed right over him. At the 'little girl' thing behind him. Immediately, Darren was up on his feet, angel blade and shattered demon blade in his hands. He was ready to either launch into the fray, blades swinging, or run screaming like a twelve year old girl. The second option was considerably more appealing given the circumstances, but he wanted to see how this fight would play out. A small grin spread across his cheeks. Darren and his ass would live to see another day! Well, maybe.

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It charged immediately, a massive two handed swing at a downward angle sought his quick death, fire spiraling from the large blade of it's axe, he waited till the last moment before swiftly sweeping in and out beneath the swing in a spin, his sword whipping. As he withdrew the ribs of the creature were riveted with scars, gashes in their structure. It'd wail, turning once again in a horizontal swing after checking it's miss, due to it's towering height it'd have hit him in the head. Charoum only slid in and beneath it once more beneath the attack, rising and driving the sword up and into the core of the demon. Demonic ichor would erupt about the blade, bringing forth a divine light as it was expelled from the metal, sending no doubt a crippling pain through the being, it recovered quickly. The shift of the area afflicted with the blade cracking like bones. Image

Charoum felt a shock to his wrist before he was sent spiraling away, his wings whipping out and his hips swiveling to save him a fall, landing in a few steps back upon his feet, the sword held in place as the greater demon charged once again. The wait passed with patience, his stance relaxed as he let loose a breath upon the demon as it closed in. A glimpse of it's eyes-- filled with hate and rage, contempt. He slid forth lowering, a shift in his footing allowing him to turn and rise in a leap delivering a fierce armored knee to the back of it's thigh as he reached up managing to grab it by the back of it's wings, the dark feathers feeling as if disturbed and rotted would threaten to give beneath his grip, he'd struggle, pulling one then the other in a pattern as it struggled beneath the pain of his strike. It whipped about refusing to budge, ad he used it's own height for leverage as he kicked off. Swinging back and gathering his strength to pull heavily upon it's wing, the demon roaring in pain and finally giving up it's axe to reach back for him.

It's back arched with the force applied and his muscles bulged with the effort as it found itself unable to get a stable hold, the ribs bending and breaking around the sword as he used the wings to pull the creature's core apart, baring his own natural fangs and staring to the sky as it gave a loud crack rivaling that of a cannon going off as it's center gave, the unwavering shriek finally dying down to a whisp of darkness in a small whistle as it's eyes became voids.

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#, as written by Ivisbo
Darius Appollyon

Darius searched the rest of the old brick building, slipping in and out of each room silently as he tried to evade the noises outside. It was hard to forget he was in a war-zone, the constant sounds of demonic screams and the clash of angelic metals reverberated through out the hollowed halls. He jumped once or twice, his heart constantly hammered, and all and all he felt like he might have a heart attack coming along. Alone, without anyone to keep face for, Darius was terrified. He knew he was in over his head; a simple human left in a world full of monsters, caught in the middle of Lucifer and God. Of course, he would always side with the fallen angel....but he also knew that if Lucifer were to win, Earth as he knew it would cease to exists.

But really, Earth as he knew it already had.

The dark haired man sighed and lowered himself to the grubby old cough he had found in one of the rooms, glancing up at the towering walls around him. It was a library, or a book storage room, but either way all three walls were covered from floor to ceiling with massive, dusty old books. The fourth held two massive windows that looked down upon the war torn streets of New York, some how the glass still remained in tact.

Darius ran his dark gaze over the old spines, reading their names as a way to keep his mind from the events unfolding outside. Though, it really did no help. His mind instantly drew to the war of heaven and hell no matter what he tried to think of, so eventually he simple allowed himself to be swallowed by the thought.



Lucifer sat atop one of the crippled skyscrapers, balanced upon a support beam that had long since lost the building around it. He stood as a solitary dark figure in the sky, staring down at the streets below with a smirk of accomplishment.

His father may have whipped the world clean in an attempt to start anew, but Lucifer had no intention of allowing him to once again tarnish the universe with his vile creations. He would sooner destroy Earth then allow Heaven to rebuild it in a better light. Hence why he unleashed the gates and sent to the world a flood of his damned creations.

Below, he could see the demons ripping apart the walls of the world of man. The screamed and spewed hellfire all around, destroying everything they touched as ordered. From the streets to his right a mighty roar rang out, signaling the beginning of a fight between one of his greater demons and a soldier of heaven.

Lucifer took a step from his perch, his hands in the pocket of his black suit pants as his illusion of a body vanished from sight. He reappeared blocks away, standing atop a building once more only now he was looking down at the fight he had heard before. A single angel battled the massive hell beast, his sword seeming to be no match for the massive fifteen foot demon. Lucifer smiled, watching as the angel battled the demon with the vigor and battle strategy that he himself remembered learning in the arenas of Heaven. This angel moved with the agility and nimbleness only known to the creatures of demon-kind could ever learn the perfection that was allotted to the higher beings of this universe.

The mighty demon gave off a devastating final shriek as the angel managed to rip it apart, laying waste to one of Lucifers finer creations. Truly, he cared not for the demons that inhabited his realm, but it was irritating to spend so long nurturing a demons hateful spirit only to have it ripped apart by such a young angel.

A small frown marred Lucifers pale face as he watched the final moments of the demon, the wail of pain disappearing just as the charred soul was burned away by its own hellfire. With a dejected tutt, Lucifer once more vanished from the rooftop and appeared on the asphalt below, his gaze level and commanding as he strode towards the young angel. His well tailored suit flapped in the light breath as he came to a halt before the male, bowing his tall lean form in order to penetrate his 'brother' with his icy angelic blue eyes.

He assessed the angel, his eyes wavering down to take in the light armor and angelic sword in his possession. Lucifer had no memory of this angel, though he normally remembered most of the angels that had been in his ranks. His eyes once more found the younger beings and he smiled charmingly, taking a step forward as he address the male, "Do you know who I am?" He finally spoke, raising as single brow in question. His tone was sincere, he wanted to know if this angel would even recognize him. God surely would have educated his angels on the enemy, though....God had a habit of revealing things only when he deemed it necessary for others to know. Lucifer had first had experience in the department, so it would not surprise him if this angel did not recognize the Lord of Hell.

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Following it's death he steadied himself calmly upon the ground, lifting his arms to pat it's filth from his hands, erupting from each pat with a thick ash. He stooped to pull his blade from the corpse as it had already begun to deteriorate in a blaze of fire. With a light flick of his wrist he slid the blade into it's sheathe, looking about with a mild displeasure at the ruins, and then..- A familiar suited man appeared. A foul stench followed his manicured features, the derogatory mannerisms, like he were better. An energy gave it away, the appearing. No simple angel would conduct themselves in such a way, and no human could appear from nowhere without first having been heard, or having transferred manually from one place to the other.

Charoum met Lucifer's gaze with the golden brilliance in his irises a shield. He refused to be imposed upon, his voice young and strong in reply to the man's question.."Do you know who I am?"- "Yes." It'd be a simple answer, simply put, and yet ebbed with suspicion, without realizing it his left hand had glided to the hilt of his sword, despite his nonchalant stance his muscles were rigid, a natural urge to fight the man before him. The blue gaze brought a brooding rage, how confidently he'd approached without fear of one of God's soldiers. This man having disgraced everything he was born of, and having brought death and destruction to this planet and it's inhabitants.

A light shake of his head followed his limited speech, cringing with a slight pain from the anger building in his chest, but that would be stooping to a level that could only be spawned from Hell, it passed only a moment before he'd recomposed himself. If Lucifer were here, manipulation would attach to every word and action. Morals in place would bind him and he'd be forced to listen as is his duty, a steady, rhythmic prayer giving him what peace could be offered.

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#, as written by Ivisbo

"So little words..." Lucifer mumbled, trailing his eyes down to the angels hand as he grasped his sword hilted at his hip, "I doubt you could hit me with that sword, little brother", The fallen angel smiled jokingly, raising both his brows this time as he looked back up into the angels eyes.

Anger boiled within those depths, heated iris of gold smoldering like burning topaz. The horrendous sight of rage within the soul of an angel was rare indeed, a sight that Lucifer hated that he pulled from the winged creatures. His talent to produce hate happened naturally, but within an angel it sent shivers of dread down his spin to see the sliver of humanities worst qualities show up within the creature that he deemed to be perfection. Hate was a creation of humans wretched nature, not a quality that was to be found in the angels. Demons were created from such hate and they grew on the emotion...hellfire was the manifestation of it. Creatures like the warriors of heaven should never be able to exude the emotion that this young angel was now was blasphemous in Lucifers opinion.

But, this Angel was young. Lucifer would not hold it against him for being riled up at the appearance of his enemy, especially at the affirmative answer of recognition.

Lucifer's face morphed into a look of sympathy as he raised a hand to gesture to the fallen world around him, "So much hate should not be directed at me, angel. If you are to feel anything of such a vile nature, direct it at the humans....or our father who started all this. I was keen to sit in Hell and reign there until the end of times, but He wished to wipe the Earth and start all this" He raised his hand and gestured around to the whole of Earth, then released a sigh and lowered it back to his pant pocket, "The hate you feel is misguided, I truly want only whats best for us, fathers perfect creations"

Lucifer knew that reasoning with an angelic warrior that still served his father was a failed mission, but the war had just begun and he wished to attempt to save one of his brothers soul from damnation. A pure angel killed by a demon and taken to Hell was one of the most horrendous things Lucifer had ever witnessed...but it was necessary for the order of things. If he could convince this angel, maybe even just instill doubt in his mind, he may be able to save him from the corruption of hellfire that had leaked into his own wings and twisted his soul beyond salvation.

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"I doubt you could hit me with that sword, little brother," The condescension was to be expected, this was the angel corrupted, now renown for his vanity and pride. Flashes of disappointment and snide disapproval were clear despite the general nature, as if there were a pedestal he sat upon before Charoum's very eyes. He didn't see it ofcourse, he was near mute, though his breathing remained calm, though every word created a pain in the angel's ears and chest. His mind shifted to hate, and this is where he couldn't help but intercede.

"You think I hate you?" His voice would rise as he did, his hand remaining loosely upon the sword as he peered at Lucifer with a light shake of his head, his hair shifting lazily and bringing forth ash into the air about him. "Love thy enemy, this is contempt on the fact your goals conflict directly with my own, and therefore I'd stop you at every turn available, that's what makes my hand twitch." His fingers would tap gently in two sharp motions before playing gently about the pommel, flicking his tongue over the sharp natural fangs.

"As for this perfect creations and our Lord Father being in the wrong." He'd give a soft laugh, ending with a confident grin. "You're as ignorant as you were before my time, Lucifer." He'd almost be gauging the defeated angel for his reaction, he knew the sly snake of a man would keep his composure, not even miss a step in his pursuit of manipulation. But perhaps this would offset his thinking, if only the slightest bit it twisted Satan's thoughts, it would be a success.

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#, as written by Ivisbo

"You're as ignorant as you were before my time, Lucifer" The Lord of Hell stared at the angel, his eyes unwavering as they bore into the other angels. Ignorance. Out of everything that Lucifer has been accused of, ignorance was not one of them. Vanity and pride, yes, but ignorance....

It seemed this angel was stronger mentally then Lucifer had expected. A true warrior of god, able to stand up to Satan's manipulative tongue. For a moment, Lucifer imagined plucking this young winged man into the air and burning his wings away just to see who he would beg for mercy from....but Lucifer did not harm angels if it could be avoided.

Lucifer finally blinked and flicked his eyes away towards the location that his vessel currently resided in. He frowned and tilted his head slightly, connecting mentally to Darius even from miles away.

No one has found you? He murmured inside the young humans mind, casting a glance back towards the angel with a bored expression.

No Darius curt reply could only mean that the human had been napping, a thought that had Lucifer pulling back his lips in a soft smirk. Darius had found comfortable to nap amidst the rubble of his people, he truly had chosen wisely.

Finally choosing to turn his attention back to the young angel, Lucifer ignored his earlier in subordinate remarks. He was young, young enough to not know of Lucifers power before he fell. He had no way of knowing that his journey from warrior of God to leader of Hell had only made him more powerful. The itch to teach this angel a lesson burned within him, but Lucifer knew that he could not put Darius's body in harms way for such an unimportant task.

"Then you are young, if you grew after my time. Naive to the workings of Heaven it would seem, but so are all young creatures when dealing with the world around them. You will learn, in time..." Lucifer spoke calmly, taking yet another step closer to the angel, "What is your name?"

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Charoum waited patiently, satisfied with a small pause. It was expected, Satan's reaction, ofcourse. Nothing, he gave nothing away but the step was enough. That one step told the angel all he needed to know, why he was on Earth was questionable, why he had taken the time to talk in the middle of a battlefield was also questionable. Lucifer should be in Hell with all corrupted things, governing something that was his. His sword arm twitched with his thinking, furrowing his eyebrows with wanting to fight what Evil was before him, smiling and acting as if he'd already won. Hadn't Charoum just slain one of his servants? Here he was acting as if he'd not seen a single defeat, he should remember his own at the hands of the Lord.

There was no reaction to the step, only the steel-gold gaze of the angel watching the man step forward, though he maintained his calm with nonchalance, it was a facade as he was prepared for any attack, but he was taken aback with the question as it came. Something beyond expectation or preparation..-"What is your name?" There was a clear moment of silence before he answered, shaking his hair again to clear some of the ash, biting the inside of his cheek.

"Charoum." He'd state it with almost a shrug, wondering if it was courtesy to ask something as well or if he were expected to. Unable to decide he'd remain silent, only watching quietly, ever-vigilant.

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I have, it was very well done.

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BTW guys, just wanted to clarify that the Earth hasn't quite become free reign for demons and angels yet. So far the low level troops more or less have free access, but the barriers between Hell, Heaven and Earth are still fading. Only a few high level being (arch angel/demons and up) will have been able to slip through, and the highest order entities will still have a little while to wait before they can debut in full force.

Just take this into account when making plans for the beginning of the game.

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I'll probably make Satan's character as well, cause it will be easier given that I am going to make it so the Anti-Christ can be controlled by him. I have a few ideas that don't directly match with the actual story-line, but its more fun that way right?

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Go right ahead! You could even play as God or Satan, so the anti-christ is no problem.

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Helllooo, I was wondering if it was okay is I made a character for the Anti-Christ?

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So...I was typing up my character then all of sudden my computer decided to RELOAD the page, out of NOWhERE. This made me sad... Just so you know I'm turning in my char soon, but is it cool if I give her a bit of an oddball history of having a father that's demon and a mother who's an angel

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Love it, man. I'll be sending in a character as soon as I can.