Luca Martin Feygor

"Up until now, I've been polite. If you say anything else - one word - I. Will. Hurt. You."

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Luca Martin Feygor

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Like his rank suggests, Luca is a noble and has the rugged charm to go along with it. Standing relatively tall (180 cm) and well built, Luca has a sublime presence matched by his river blue eyes. Young, yet somewhat rough, his messy black hair and sharp features lend well to his animated expressions. Luca can look good in anything, although he rarely makes the effort to do so. Frequently caught wearing casual clothes, Luca is a master of disguise and blends in well with any setting.

Luca is nothing but an image, an aspiration. Cheerful, kind and somewhat mischievous, this is the façade Luca presents at all times. In this fashion, Luca often appears to be insincere as he glosses over comments or replies with a snide remark. Never one to remain silent, Luca isn’t shy either. He is obtrusive yet secretive, jovial yet sly.

Luca is smart also, his ability to analyse and calculate situations has stunned even some of the best scholars in the academy. Yet behind the courteous smiles and tomfoolery lies a sinister, subtle existence. Luca's emotions are like a fine wire, in a snap his personality can go from cheerful to intimidating. Nothing pronounced like the rage of a psychotic, but rather like the suffocating atmosphere of looking into a mirror. Luca has an ethical code of sorts, defined by his strong albeit flawed, sense of justice. This is abolished the moment Luca snaps. As his mood changes, so to does his actions. Luca's mind has never fully recovered since the incident from his 9th birthday and he is still deeply troubled by it. Perhaps the most frightening part of Luca’s personality though is his resolve. That he would stop at nothing to achieve his mission or goals.

Magic Tricks
Journals & Memoirs

Blue Horror

Excruciating pain


Information & data gathering - A result of his amazing memory and his attention to detail.
Mixture of street fighting & martial arts - Contrary to his charming nature, Luca was quite the delinquent. He has a keen sense of handling himself in close combat ever since his dad, an ex-soldier, began beating him. The real truth behind his strength lies in his ability to adapt. It's uncertain when this began but for a long time now Luca has been purposefully using Blue Horror's sensory abilities on himself to train and heighten his own sensory thresholds. However, if possible, Luca always attempts to resolve conflicts diplomatically first.
Cooking - Having taken up cooking for his grandparents, Luca has become quite the masterchef.

Clothing Design, Boxing

Name of Bond::
Blue Horror

Race of Bond::
Demon - Vassago

Personality of Bond::
Blue horror is an enigma, a disturbing existence that shouldn’t exist by all rights. His relationship with Luca seems to be purely based on mutual necessity rather than the typical bond shared between humans and their Bonds. The Blue horror is a demon, or perhaps it is a mythological creature. Barely humanoid, it is a mass of rippling, blue tinged flesh with a chaotic mixture of limbs of various sizes. He wears runic red robes which seem to writh with a life of their own, swirling freely and openly, its very presence seems to warp reality around it. Preferring to travel alone, Luca is rarely seen with his Bond. Indeed, many often assume that his bond was simply killed. Luca hides the Blue Horror's presence at all times and keeps its true form a secret in public. Whether this is because Luca doesn't want to scare people or simply doesn't want to deal with the trouble of revealing the Blue horror's terrifying form is unknown. If necessary he simply covers his Bond in another set of heavy robes to hide its disquieting appearance.

Blue horror stands a good head taller than most humans (235 cm). It is an insidious creature whose form is born from the things of nightmares. Ironically, in contrast to its appearance, the Blue Horror is highly intelligent and if anything, much more honest and open than Luca. The Blue horror has an excessive appetite for learning and spends most of its time reading.

Skills of Bond::
Teleportation - Has a limited range of 100m, useful for getting to class if running late. It's not a traditional teleporting, but rather, Luca or the Blue horror must swap positions with inanimate objects they've come into contact with before, although Blue has much more freedom over this ability that Luca.
Gluttony – For brief periods of time, Blue Horror can choose to enhance or rob a being of up to 2 of its senses. These include touch, hearing, taste, smell, sight, balance and acceleration (vestibular system), pain (noniception), thermoception, kinesthetic sense (proprioception) and time (chronoception).

It’s perhaps prudent to say that life has been less than kind to Luca. Born in Kuttailec, Luca had a family of four, consisting of his mother, father and an older sister. Luca’s father was an abusive and arrogant retired soldier who frequently took to beating Luca’s mother. For the young boy, Luca was four when the beatings first began. Initially it was the bruises which first piqued his curiosity, but one night he witnessed the act first hand. It was a simple mistake to be honest. Stumbling out of bed, groggy, yet desperate to reach the toilet at the end of the hallway, Luca raced out of his room in the middle of the night. It was then that a quiet whimper caught his attention.

Downstairs, in the lounge room, there was the sound of struggling and a clatter of silverware. Investigating the source of the noise, Luca discovered his father beating his mother for the very first time. Luca was horrified at first. Seeing the anguished face of his mother, something dark and sinister grew within him. It was a seething, bubbling rage which no child should have been capable of exhibiting. Luca stormed in, interrupting his father and offering himself up in exchange. From there, Luca was punished severely. His father chided Luca’s naivety and weakness and beat him till he was bloody.

Things would remain the same until his 9th birthday. Luca shared a close relationship with his older sister. She, more than his mother, was an inspiration to him because of her intellect and kindness. Luca had been beaten by his father ever since he was four but surprisingly this remained a secret between the two. The discovery was made on his 9th birthday. Confronting their father, Luca’s sister intervened and made a formal protest. Their father’s response was simply a violent and immediate slap. Luca’s pent up rage over the past five years finally caught up to him. The years of anger, hate and abuse he wanted to throw back exploded as he took up a knife and lunged forwards murderously.

Luca’s sister ended up stopping him, but it was she, instead of his father who was stabbed instead. Realising what he'd done, something snapped within Luca that day. The sense that nothing else mattered overcame all thoughts and all that remained was death. The true extents of the entire event are shrouded in mystery, especially with concerns to what happened afterwards. When the police arrived to investigate, they discovered the gruesome scene and a terrified kid all alone. Nothing else, not even the the parent's and sister's Bonds had survived intact. In the end the entire incident was wrapped up as a break-in robbery. The truth of what occurred was never discovered and neither where Luca's sins. Afterwards, Luca was adopted by his grandparents. An ex-general and ex-lawyer who sympathised with his situation and vowed to look after him in his parent’s stead. So began his life as a noble.

Gregory Feygor (Grandfather)
Janice Feygor (Grandmother)


So begins...

Luca Martin Feygor's Story

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Luca M. Feygor

Shadows encircled him as the lights dimmed, swallowing his athletic figure. It was a look which suited him well. Luca greeted the ending of the opening ceremony with an unreadable smile before reaching downwards. His weight shifted under the burden of his luggage as he lifted the bags effortlessly and made his way over to the exit where the bottleneck of students waited.

The crumpled letter unfurled to hand of the teacher as Luca handed her his acceptance letter. As her chin rose from the letter to gaze at him, Luca lowered his eyes to meet hers, his lips curling. Like a cold breeze, the empty expression sent ripples of discomfort rolling down her spine as he stared at her. It was a smile to die for. Perplexity briefly crossed her minute features as she realised something was missing.

“Where’s your bond Mr Feygor?” She inquired, her eyes wandering slightly in search of it.

“Oh?”Luca acted surprised before his cheerful grin returned with a wink, “He’s nocturnal. So I keep him on the side during times like this. I didn’t want to disturb the ceremony with his snoring”

“I see…” She replied, handing Luca the set of keys with slight reluctance, “Anyway, you’re in Room G, please enjoy yourself Mr Feygor”

“Thank you Miss” Luca bowed respectfully before slipping away.


The room was cold and uninhabited as Luca stepped through the doorway, his shoes firmly embraced by the fluffy carpet. The early afternoon sun fell through the windows, casting an overshadow over the simple furniture. Like a zombie, he took several staggered steps forwards before collapsing onto the closest bed, face first.

“It’s nice to see you getting comfortable Feygor, but do keep in mind it’s in your best interests to explore the academy while you can to help ease the process of integration” an unnatural, almost robotic voice echoed.

Silence filled the room as Luca's sleeping form remained motionless except for a nonchalant wave of his hand. “I appreciate the reminder Blue” came his muffled reply eventually, but the demon had already vanished.

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Luca M. Feygor

His hands gravitated to his waist as his back straightened, his wide eyes admiring his work with a sense of accomplishment. Luca’s portion of the room was perfect in every way. Two beds aligned symmetrically besides a polished mahogany wardrobe, a study desk which met the adjacent wall, everything seemed to fit within a perfect invisible boundary. Most strikingly, it barely looked as if anyone lived there. Luca’s pitiful assortment of possessions, the barest essentials, had taken mere minutes to organise and now lay neatly hidden within his wardrobe.

His sense of urgency increased upon seeing the time of the day. Briskly, he threw his luggage bag into a side cupboard before heading to the sole exit.


“Oh…” Luca exhaled a low whistle

Luca’s lean figure rested casually by the doorway of the boxing club room, arms crossed. He’d made a full round of the academy and this was the last stop for the day. Slipping a piece of paper under the doorway, Luca managed to bypass the lock with the assistance of his bond's teleport.

The air was stale with an unfamiliar stench of sweat and dust, causing him to sniff in revulsion. Cold blue eyes surveyed the room from left to right, mimicking the gentle sway of punching bags. Luca’s muscles tightened at the mere prospect of fighting, those brutal lessons his father had pounded into him still fuelling his agitation. Like a tightly wound coil his being stepped forwards slightly, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. His every fibre screamed for pure, unbridled violence.

Luca sighed to release the tension building in his shoulders. He feared losing control of his sadistic impulses, an inner strife which haunted him on the daily basis. Dispensing his excess energy here was his sole reason for joining the boxing club.

A thud as his right fist lightly connected with the closest punching bag. He followed up with an undercut jab then a series of heavy punches which sent the punching bag flying. It was a refreshing feeling, the release of energy with each solid impact, and brought a frightening smile to his face. The punching bag stabilised only to be met with a powerful side kick. Continuing from there, Luca threw blow after blow until the cold sweat ran down his cheeks and dripped of the bottom of his chin. His bare knuckles hurt but he didn’t care, just for the next few minutes he could let loose without restraint.

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Luca M. Feygor

“Shittttt” exclaimed the girl.

Tyrillia academy, the worldwide famous castle school for students and bonds. Here students and their bonds would study in preparation for their place in society. It was a magical setting, almost like someplace out of a story book. And she’d already screwed up on the first day.

“The first day and I went in the wrong dorm room…Gahh it’s not my fault if you leave the door unlocked!” a exasperate sigh spilled from her lips, “Now I need to repack everything and move again. Worse, it’s lunch time already…” The girl looked dismally down at her luggage bags then back at the door she’d been behind only moments ago.

“Sorry I can’t be of more assistance Pauline” her fairy bond called, hovering beside her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re too small to lift my luggage anyway” Pauline smiled, pretending it didn’t bother her, “Now…let’s see where our dorm really is…no way! The other side of the building?!” a look of incredulity began creeping across her face when suddenly she felt a light tap on her shoulder.


“Ahhh, sorry, sorry” a boy with black hair backed off immediately, oddly bandaged hands raised in peace. Pauline gave an accusatory stare as she regained her composure, huffing slightly with each breath. “Who…are you?”

“I’m glad you asked, my name is Luca Feygor, and I couldn’t help but overhear your little problem” Luca tilted his head to the side and smiled pleasantly. “And I’d like to offer my assistance”

The more she looked, the more she realised there was something unsettling about him. Before she could say anything, Luca winked mischievously, grabbing her hand and luggage. She began to stutter, a mixture of anger and surprise threatening to explode only to be stopped abruptly as she realised something was different. Pauline had to blink twice to confirm what she was seeing. The change was subtle thanks to the copied architecture but she realised she was now standing in a different corridor. She blinked again as Luca let go of her hand and gestured towards a door. “Your dorm, I believe”

“Haha! Nice!” Pauline exclaimed, briefly forgetting her suspicions. “Is this really it? Looks like it! Thank yo…” She turned her head slightly, her suspicions returning all over again as she remembered Luca. “Wait…you’re not expecting money or anything out of this are you?”

“Nothing at all! This ones on the house” Luca responded, beaming, “Actually, just one thing if you can”

Pauline hesitated, her lips quivering as she readied her rejection.

“Spread the word! Luca transport services are now available! If you need things transported, packed or need to get somewhere fast in the academy, just dial triple one, triple four and I’m your guy”

Pauline’s stunned silence was his only response as she failed to fully comprehend the words he was speaking. She burst out chuckling, disbelief overcoming her. “Pff. You’re joking right?”

Luca merely kept smiling as he wandered several steps back. “Nope, I’m serious!” He announced before disappearing, a yellow square piece of paper replacing him.


Luca’s thumb traced around the sides of his emptied notepad as he strode down the bustling corridor. This was the fourth of five notepads now. His other hand he held a steaming cup of coffee.

“I feel I can work without restraint after releasing all that energy” He stated, gently sniffing in the distinct aroma and ignoring the stinging pain in his knuckles. He’d overdone the punching and the flesh over his bones was now red raw, hence the bandages.

He pocketed his notepad and fished in the compartment for his plans of the academy. The snap of paper followed as he unfurled the paper with one sharp shake. Luca took a deep sip of his coffee as he studied a rudimentary plan of the academy. The edges of his cheeks slackened as he sensed the bitter taste of coffee beans spreading inside of his mouth. Apart from the areas he’d explored, the plan also showed the locations of his notepad papers. The castle was ridiculously large, especially when one considered the variety of bonds it had to house, so having a map to chart out routes was necessary.

Abusing my powers. a voice rang in his head. It was Blue Horror, always nearby yet out of sight.

To earn a little side money. Luca responded mentally, discarding his empty cup. Teleportation was a valuable service, and he intended to capitalise on it.

What need do you have for more money? Many would consider one of your stature sufficiently looked after already. His bond wondered, unable to comprehend human nature.

What can I say Blue, human’s are greedy. We’re fickle, even illogical, depending. Luca shrugged hopelessly. I'll get you a sandwich on the way back. he added without waiting for the demon's opinion.

He’d helped out several more people in the time since the teacher’s announcement and decided that was enough to get things moving. Requests would come to him as word spreads. Feeling distinctly hungry, Luca heading in the direction of the cafeteria, intending to replenish the energy consumed by his teleporting. Stumbling into room, the noticeable lack of a bond drew the gaze of several individuals as Luca strode past.

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Luca M. Feygor

Returning from the cafeteria, Luca took big bites out of a comically large sandwich he held firmly between his hands. Due to the awkward size of his meal, crums and fillings fell to the floor with each of his steps, almost leaving a trail behind him. The last portion disappeared swiftly, Luca savouring the satisfying combination of meat and vegetable. Finished with his meal, he wiped his mouth clean with a black hankerchief before contacting Blue Horror.

Got your lunch here Blue, he called mentally, waving the packaged meal figuratively as he continued to walk. I told you to wait out here because the hallways are practically empty during lunch, but if you've run off i'll just leave the sandwich in my dorm.

It didn't take much observation to realise his bond wasn't here. He stopped and looked around with a relieved smile, humming as he did so. He didn't seem to miss its bond's company. At that point Luca registered that there was a girl standing against the wall parallel to him. Going by her appearance, he was silently stunned at himself for not having noticed her earlier. The best way he could describe her was gray. Everything, from her hair to her clothes, blended into the same colourless white, and, overshadowed by the wall behind her, made her appear absolutely gray. This, he speculated, perhaps made her jade green eyes appear all the more penetrating than they otherwise should have been. Yet compared to Luca's rugged features, she looked small, fragile even given the troubled faces she was making.

Luca sniffed slightly from across the hall, his brows receding as he stared at her with a dead pan expression. "If you're going to get intimate with your bond, please do so in private" he stated robotically, his azure eyes staring blankly at the girl with the bird wrapped around her face.

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#, as written by Qaida
Erin Tyryl

He scratched the back of his head as he looked over and peered at the necklace that the girl held. He was about to offer an answer when Samuel left, saying he was tired and needed some rest. Erin frowned slightly, but didn't say anything, leaving the boy to his own. He knew that if he needed space, he wouldn't want anyone chasing after him either. So, Erin let Samuel go and turned back to the conversation at hand. Nemesis, having lost his resting place, turned and plopped down next to his bond, laying his huge head in his paws and closing his eyes.

The necklace Sai had was then in Suren's hands and the girl was saying something about letting Suren have it. Erin grinned, it was a pretty little thing and he admitted that it would look good on her.

"Here, let me help you," he offered, and took the necklace so that he could secure it around her neck. Once that was done, he looked to Sai, "So what do you think, does it look good on her?"

"Erin, maybe we should try to find your sister," Nemesis pipped up suddenly, flicking his ears upwards and getting to his feet. The large dire wolf stretched, opening his jaw to reveal large sharpened teeth as he yawned.

Erin stopped, his smile fading as he looked to his bond. With a sigh he nodded, "Yeah. You're right. Should at least make sure she's alright and not lost somewhere. That would be bad," Erin said slowly, looking up to the ceiling. The school was very large, and easy to get lost in. He remembered some of the adventures he'd had with Nemesis his first year.

"Adventures? Ha, that's a nice way of putting it," Nemesis huffed, "If I remember correctly, you were freaking out when you realized how lost you were."

"I was not! It was interesting and fun, not scary, jeez. Alright c'mon, lets go find her," Erin said as he glared at the wolf. He smiled at the girls as he turned to leave, "Well, I have to go find my sister, you're both more than welcome to come, but I guarantee it's not going to be very entertaining," he laughed.

Rue Tyryl

Snow's wings unfurled from Rue's face as the phoenix turned to see who had spoken. She'd been so lost in her own thoughts, anger and sadness that she missed the boys entrance into the hall completely. Her heart leapt to her throat and she just stood there for a long time staring at him. Her first nervous thoughts where 'where the heck did this guy come from?' then to why he thought that she was getting intimate with her bond.

Rue raised an eyebrow as she then turned her sharp green eyes to Snow who in turn looked at her as well. With a ruffle of her wings, which was Snow's way of shrugging, the bond bounced on her shoulder as she cocked her little head off to the side to examine the boy standing across from them.

"He seems nice..."

Rue didn't answer, her face flushing with embarrassment and frustration. It took her a while but she finally managed to get some soft words out to the stranger across from her.

"Why would I do that?"

Snow bounced on her shoulder in agreement.

"She's a girl," Rue said right after, her eyes turning to the floor. She fought back her nervousness, her brother brought her to the academy for one main reason. To be out of the stuffy house, and to make friends. He was tired of seeing her alone, and she was tired of being alone. However, that didn't make it easier. Rue flicked her eyes back up to the boy who stood much taller than herself. Of course, a lot of the students stood taller than her, for she was quite small. What she lacked in, Snow picked up, though. So just because she was small didn't mean she was easy to pick on.

"Why are you out here?" She asked softly, biting her lip.

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Luca M. Feygor

Luca stood in bewilderment, absorbing the flow of the conversation like a frozen mannequin. The moment his existence finally registered to the white hair student, a wave of her expressions rolled over him. From initial anger and sadness to sudden embarrassment and frustration. Luca’s hands shook quietly, stunned by her lack of composure. She does realise she’s in a public hall right? Luca though sheepishly, narrowing his eyes as the girl summoned the courage to speak to him. Her lips opened to speak but Luca could barely hear her. Realising her tone was merely soft; his ears strained as he leaned forwards slightly to listen, wondering if she was mocking him.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. He reflected with a ting of regret.

Luca frowned slightly, crossing his arms over his shirt to steady himself. He caught the look on her eyes as she looked up at him, clearly determined not to be intimidated by their contrast in size and decided to take two steps back. Well...if Blue where here, things would be worse... Luca sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. He turned to the bird on her shoulder, its feathers trembling with what seemed to be greater confidence than her partner's.

Lazy eyes continued to stare blankly at the bird before Luca tilted his head to the side, slamming a fist in his other hand simultaneously. “Oh, you’re lesbian then?”

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#, as written by Qaida
Rue Tyryl

“Oh, you’re lesbian then?” The boy punched his opened hand as if he'd figured it out.

Rue, only turned a bright red from both anger and embarrassment and she shot back, "What?! No!"

"Wow! I only thought you could be loud and angry with Erin," Snow said, flapping her wings lightly before settling down.

"He called me lesbian! Of course I'll be angry," she replied to Snow forgetting entirely that the boy was still there standing across from her.

"If I knew any better, it seems this boy has gotten you to talk more than usual."

Her heart slammed hard in her chest with the realization and she glared at Snow before turning to look at the boy. God, I'm probably really going to regret this, she thought to herself and took a deep breath. Though it was meant to steady her nerves, it was really of no help. Rue took a couple steps forward, closing the distance between them knowing full well that her voice was going to be soft once more.

She stopped a few feet in front of him, her eyes gazing at the wall right next to his arm. She tried hard to control the slight tremble that started up through her body. Looking up at him, she felt her determination kick in.

"I'm Rue. This is Snow. Its... It's nice to meet you," she said trying desperately to mask the slight shake in her voice. She purposely didn't give her last name, fearing that if he knew the Tyryl family and their trademark bond, he would have something to say about her difference from the family.

Erin Tyryl

"Maybe she went back to her room?" Nemesis offered, though his voice held a hint of irritation.

"Why are you angry? You're the one who suggested we find her."

"I didn't think it would take this long..."

Erin could feel that his bond was missing something, or someone. He looked down at the giant wolf who trotted next to him. With a grin he laughed as he realized what it was that Nemesis was thinking about.

"You want to see Kivuli again hu?"

"Well yeah. How often do you get to see a hell hound bond? She was very interesting."

"Oh I'm sure," Erin teased gently patting the dire wolfs head.

In response, Nemesis growled and snipped lightly at Erin's hand. Erin laughed at him, tapping his snout as Nemesis glowered at him, "Well, at least I'm not as bad as you."

"Alright, what the hell does that mean?"

"You sure keep getting kissed a lot. How long you just gonna let her kiss your cheek hu?"

Erin flushed at this and turned a cold glare down at the wolf who snickered in triumph at his win. With a soft growl of his own, Erin ran his hands through his hair, "You..." he muttered.

"I'm bored, and tired. Can we go back to the dorm please?"

"Yeah," Erin sighed, "I'm sure you're right, she's probably back in her room. Not like finding her would do us any good anyway, she'd just walk away. Man that girl can hold a grudge."

"That's your own damn fault," Nemesis offered.

"Yeah thanks, you bag of fur," Erin retorted as he turned around and headed to the dorm room he shared with Suren. A quick nap couldn't hurt, especially since there wasn't much to do before class. Once everything started up he was sure he wasn't going to be getting a lot of sleep. Should take the advantage and get it while he could. So, with that in mind, he unlocked the door and went straight to the bed he'd claimed as his. He fell face down on it and closed his eyes, comfortable the moment he laid down. However, a few minutes later, and no thanks to Nemesis' large and warm body curled next to him, he was hotter than all hell and shifted around to take off his shirt before falling back asleep.

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Luca M. Feygor

"Ummm..." Luca began before he was immediately cut off by her frustrated statement.

"He called me lesbian! Of course I'll be angry," The girl trembled, her voice rising in anger. Luca's head became a question mark for the statement wasn't directed at him, but her rather bird bond over her shoulder instead. His brows deepened at the realization he was missing out on half a conversation, his shoulders tightening again at the girl's exhibition of raw emotions. You shouldn't say such things aloud, Luca thought grimly, twirling his fringe around his index finger.

His eyes continued to look down at her as she struggled with some mental battle. Luca hummed slightly, still twisting his hair between his finger as he considered his next move, What should i say to get myself out of this situation? I can't teleport away without saying something. That'd be rude... 'Hi! I'm sorry, that was insincere of me'....no. Wistfully, he looked down at the corridor beyond him and the lost opportunities. 'My bond ate my relatives?' no..., he shook away the thought.

Abruptly, she stepped closer him, a fiery determination burning in her jade eyes making him forget his thinking. The motion surprised him, catching him off-guard and caused him to lean backwards futility as if to maintain the distance between them. His chin pointed upwards, a sense of uncertainty growing in him as he wondered what she'd do now.

"I'm Rue. This is Snow. Its... It's nice to meet you," she said anxiously, her nerves kicking in again.

The side of his lips twitched slightly as he formulated his response. "Luca. Feygor..." He replied in clipped tones before smiling sweetly. His eyes exchanged glances between her bond, Snow, and Rue, catching the unnatural glow of her white hair. "So... i'm to understand face hugging is a normal show of affection where you're from then? The world sure is big..."

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Sammy watched as the giddy girl jumped up and down from excitement, excitement for school. Well, still beats my roommate and that other chick by a long shot... "Hmm, a tour huh? Well, I haven't really looked around or nothin' yet either but... I-I guess if you want to then it's fine..." He was not that bashful anymore, but looking directly at her face for more than three seconds was risky. "Oh, and don't worry 'bout meeting other people. The students here are friendly as hell. They'll walk right up to you and ask your name." Saying that brought up the bad memories of the cafeteria, but he got over it. No use crying over spilled milk, Dodge always licks it up for me anyways...

Sammy then started the tour. He went to the big places, the cafeteria, the infirmary, where the main classes were... For probably the first time since he got to Tyrillia, he had been having a lot of fun. But then he saw someone he really did not. Glowing white hair and all, there was Erin's sister, talking with some rough looking student. Why do I have such mixed luck today? I meet some new friends, I yell at one of their sisters. I meet a cute girl, I see the same sister I just had yelled at... "Uh, actually, I think we should go this way..." Sammy quickly said, desperately trying to get away.

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#, as written by Qaida
Rue Tyryl

Unable to look at him for a long time, she cast her gaze elsewhere, but her eyes caught a familiar boy walking away from her. It was Samuel, and he was with a girl. A very pretty girl at that. Rue almost missed what he'd said to her in response, jealousy rising quickly and a hard lump in her throat. Snow responded to her distress by rubbing her face across Rue's cheek, trying to cheer her up. It was no use, though.

"Luca. Feygor..." His tone was sharp, which made her step back. She kept her eyes cast downwards, a terribly bad habit, but one born of being told never to look anyone else straight on. She quickly pushed aside the memory, locking it deep inside it's shell.

"He's got a nice smile," Snow said.

"So... I'm to understand face hugging is a normal show of affection where you're from then? The world sure is big..."

Rue, ignoring Snow, glanced up to Luca and nodded. She had wanted to ask if it was different for him. Then she noted that he didn't have a bond by him. She wondered where his was, and what it was.

"He's not going to bite. At least I don't think so."

Rue only cast her bond a sideways glance, a mix between a glare and a look of impatience. The cold tone was hard to get passed, even if he had smiled at her. However, she got the terrible feeling that he didn't really want to keep carrying the conversation. She'd noticed the way he'd leaned away from her when she had come closer. Rue was sharper than what most people thought. Probably the fact that she didn't talk much and avoided eye contact, was what made them think that way.

"I'll... go now," she said softly. Turning, she started down the hall. A sharp burn in her throat and chest followed her as she walked away from Luca. Each step was a fight against destructive emotions.

"Where you going?"

"To the dorm room."

"You sure?"

Rue nodded, continuing to walk slowly back to where her room was. She hoped that her roommate, Eilonwy wasn't there. The last thing she wanted was to have to answer questions about how she was feeling. If anything, she would have gone to see Erin, but she didn't really feel like talking to him.

"He was pretty cute you know," Snow offered.

"Luca?" Rue asked, arching her eyebrow. She hadn't noticed, but then she didn't look at him all that much either. She stopped at the end of the hall before turning left to get back to her dorm. Rue looked over her shoulder to Luca. Snow had a point, the tall boy wasn't too bad looking, but his cold voice had hit hard.

"It was only when he said his name."

True as it was, Rue only turned away, "It's fine, Snow. Just one semester, that's all I have to live through. But I know one thing, I'm not coming back. Damn his stupid idea."

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Luca M. Feygor

Looking in the other direction to avoid Rue, Luca spotted a couple at the far end of the hallway. A girl with running long purple hair and a boy, who looked younger and smaller than himself. Upon seeing Rue and Luca, the other boy gave them a face that Luca could only describe as a look of desperation. Unable to recognise him, his fingers let go of his fringe, releasing the thought. Perhaps an acquaintance of Rue's.

Luca almost breathed a sigh of relief as the bundle of emotions that was Rue stepped back. He rationalised it was her honesty which made him uneasy; compared to her his acting was mere a facade. Just watching her reminded him of that fact persistently. He relaxed, continuing to stare at her as even she looked away, her agitation was plain as day. Luca understood the nervousness that came with meeting strangers but was apathetic emotionally. Her actions made him remember his childhood. He remembered numerous beatings where he'd always look at his father dead straight in the eyes. Not just out of anger and hatred, but being able to face his fears was a matter of pride for him. I wonder if i can still say the same now, he thought darkly.

She nodded, almost meekly, in reply to his earlier question and seemed to be on the verge of reciprocating one before she hesitated. Abruptly as she had introduced herself, she turned slightly and started in the direction of the dorms. "I'll... go now," She said, even quieter than her earlier introduction.

"Have a pleasant day friend" Luca responded, waving slightly.

Scratching the side of his eyebrows, Luca vanished as Rue turned the corner, another piece of paper fluttering in place of him. Immediately he was greeted by the terrifying form of Blue Horror as he materialised inside of his room. Any other person would've suffered a heart attack at such a sight, but Luca, long since used to Blue's appearance, smiled gingerly.

"Your sandwich" He tossed Blue the package which seemed to disappear somewhere in the recessed of flowing Blue's robes instantly. Looking around, he noticed that someone else had moved into the bed adjacent to his in his absence.

The one with purple hair in the hallway, Blue identified, as if it where reading his thoughts.

"Oh? Good. Now get out of my sight" Luca said tersely. Blue Horror bowed respectfully before disappearing itself, leaving Luca alone in the room once more.

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Hayley was looking around as she, James, Snatch, Dodge, and Sam went around the school looking at everything. She couldn't stop smiling the whole time. One because she was just too excited from being somewhere where everyone was kind or at least that was how she had always pictured school was supposed to be. Since she could read she'd been eager to start school, but being a misfit made that difficult. She never had gotten to get many things because the necessaries like food, water, shelter, clothes and small things.

Hayley and Sam went back to the floor and saw a boy at the end of the hallway. Hayley smiled at him thinking that he looked familiar. She looked at Samuel and grabbed his hand ignoring the funny face he was making toward the boy. 'Hmm I wonder who that kid is...oh well.' She thought to herself with a shrug.

"Hey Sammy wanna check out my room, its so beautiful! Its amazing." She grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway and into her room. She giggled as James ran up next to her to try and be next to her at all times like usual. But she relished in the thought of him trying to compete with someone else for her company. Hayley also enjoyed having Samuel around, she thought that she might be able to change his shy and sad demeanor. Hayley stopped in front of her room and smiled at the door.

She smiled and walked in and saw the boy from the hallway from earlier. "Hello, who are you?" She looked at the boy confused yet curious to know who he was. She almost acts like a curious or confused little puppy, probably some of the dog like actions from James that rub off on her.

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The last few seconds were some of the oddest in Sammy's entire life. The whole time she was holding onto her hand filled him with a weird mix of bliss, stress, and confusion. He tried his best to act normally, but at that point, he could not really tell if he was. Regardless, he was grateful to Hayley. It was not just because he found her... Attractive. Her happy demeanor reminded him of how he usually acts, and perked him up pretty quick. So soon enough, he was running right beside Hayley towards her room. But then another odd feeling filled him, embarrassment. Wait a minute... A girl just invited me to her room... Is this... Uh... Sammy never had any experience with girls, at all. In fact, he's so bad with girls that most girls will either end up slapping him across the face or kicking him in the groin after only 5 minutes of talking with him! He even tried whispering to his bonds to see what they thought. Sadly, they knew about as much as he did in the subject. So the last few moments of their run were an awkward few, to Sammy anyways.

Then they finally reached the room, and the hue of Sammy's blush was getting darker by the second. But then a familiar sight snapped him out of it, he saw the guy who was talking to Rue previously. Huh, who's he?

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Luca M. Feygor

It took a moment for him to recognise the people by the doorway. Identifying the strikingly purple hair as none other than his room mate's, Luca recalled his conversation earlier with the snow white Rue. His spine shivered slightly at the memory of her. Realising it was the same couple; Luca glanced at the boy’s face to check if he was still distraught. The noise had noticeably risen the moment they entered alongside their bonds. Three bonds to Luca's quiet surprise.

”Hello, who are you?” the girl demanded, almost as if he was intruding.

Luca frowned as if he’d been hurt, his attention returning to the strikingly purple hair. “Your room mate of course, and friendly courier. Luca Feygor” he stated, tipping a imaginary top hat.

Luca cooed suddenly, a light grin forming by the side of his cheeks as the duo stepped through the entrance. Collecting the paper left behind by Blue Horror’s teleport, he stood up, straightening out his clothes as if to greet them. Blue eyes narrowed as he spotted their hands held together, it was an intensely curious stare.

“Inviting a boy on the first day…” He pondered, rubbing the tip of his chin, “Are you perhaps…a prostitute?” Luca asked, cocking his head again as if he’d discovered another revelation. Before either of them had a chance to reply he sighed bleakly, returning to the study desk at the end of his bed with a mumble about something to do with weird people. He pulled out the seat underneath and plopped down on it whilst smiling at them with something of an expectant face.

“In any case, feel free to go about your business friends. I won’t disturb you”

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Hayley stood their in the door way and released her grip from Samuel. She took two steps closer to the boy in her room. Hayley tilted her head to the side curiously almost like a puppy would. “Your room mate of course, and friendly courier. Luca Feygor” She stared at Luca with an unreadable expression trying to put together what he said. She new she'd get a room mate but she thought it would've been a female one.

Hayley looked behind Luca and jumped back seeing a scary looking ghostly blue bond. Hayley saw the grin on Luca's face. “Inviting a boy on the first day…” He said rubbing his chin almost mockingly at her. “Are you perhaps…a prostitute?”

Hayley stared speechless at the Luca, very hurt by the comment. In no way, did Hayley have any intentions of such things at all. She felt her eyes start to tear up as her happiness at being in the school was being crushed. She thought people wouldn't tease her about where she came from...she was wrong.

"In any case, feel free to go about your business friends. I won’t disturb you” He said sitting back at his desk grinning at them. She heard him mumble something about weird people and she whimpered softly.

At that moment, James came into the room and sensed her feelings being hurt. He ran up to her and wrapped his arms around her tightly trying to make her feel better. He turned to look at Luca and glared growling aggressively at him. Hayley let out a few tears and looked at Luca. "No...I'm not...Why are you hurting my feelings Luca..." She said in a small voice as she pouted slightly. She blushed wildly crying softly and rubbed her arm shyly looking down at her small feet.

James was shaking in anger and was about to rip Luca's heart out if he could, but Hayley knowing this she held onto James' shirt tightly and stepped in between the line of James and Luca and said firmly yet sadly, "Don't hurt him, James."

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Sammy watched as a tear ran down Hayley's face, and how she desperately held it in while restraining her furious bond. A great anger welled up inside of Sammy. Not only did that guy show such inconsideration to his own roommate, calling her a prostitute, he did not even stop to think about it. Sammy pulled up his sleeves and whispered down to his bonds, "On the count of three..." He then looked down at James and said, "Well, James, you heard her. Don't hurt him... But that don't mean shit to me. Three!" Without a second thought, he viciously charged at Luca and attempted to punch him in the face, along with his bonds who also dashed towards the cruel man.

(OOC: Sammy is going to get his ass kicked isn't he?)

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Luca M. Feygor

"No...I'm not...Why are you hurting my feelings Luca..."

A mixture of confusion and mild amusement diffused his rough features as he watched the girl shed a tear. Ah, I guess I can see how that was rude, he chided himself. Blue eyes studied their faces with apathy as he watched them. She looked like a small child then, her fingers gentle caressing her slender frame. Like Rue, she refused to look up at him and Luca felt unease over the realisation he’d met yet more overemotional students.

"Well, James, you heard her. Don't hurt him... But that don't mean shit to me. Three!"

His lips let slip an inaudible chuckle as the other boy spoke, hiding the deep, low grumble otherwise forming in his lips. His muscles tightened and his body lurched from the rapid movement as the boy charged. Luca’s narrowed eyes locked onto the younger boy’s, glazing over as his muscles tightened further. Unlike other kids, Luca wasn’t a stranger to violence and he wasn’t playing house, he was brutal killer. He didn’t fight to feel empowered or for the fun it, he fought to achieve whatever it is he needed.

Luca disappeared in his chair, a piece of paper rolling off cushion and floating down to the carpet as the boy’s vicious fist hit dead air. Abruptly, the wooden wardrobe rumbled with activity before the doors slammed open.

“Sorry, I don’t understand your anger so let’s avoid fighting on the first day back please. I'm sure you don't want to be reprimanded by the teachers or discipline commitee either” Luca cautioned the boy. It was a calculated threat given he could obviously teleport and summon a teacher, but one which would be underpined by his next sentence. Though in truth, threatening was all he could do to suppress his urge for violence. He emerged from inside the wardrobe, his hands rubbing the back of his neck as he rose to his full height. A white shirt identical to the one he was wearing fell of his shoulder comically as he did so.

“My apologies friend, I didn’t mean any slight by it. Infact i applaud any attempt to consolidate ones abilities” he directed his statement softly towards the girl who continued to look shyly down at her feet. “If it so pleases you, i can buy you lunch as another form of apology. Or you can punch me”

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Sammy's pride was hurt when he noticed that he had failed, especially since at that point he knew he probably would have his ass handed to him if Luca actually fought him. His bonds were also giving him worried looks, and he trusted their instincts a lot more than his logic. So he released the tension in his fist and said, "Tch, tossin' around big words like you're some hot shot." He then walked up to Luca, face to face (despite the height difference) and held out his hand in a shallow apology. "The name's Samuel Yesil... Sorry for tryin' to bust ya one... I guess..." and he still wanted to bust him one, in all truth. But for some reason, Sammy could not see him as an entirely bad guy. Luca was practically everything Sammy hated in a person, and this confused him quite a bit. Have I grown... Soft? He shuddered at the thought.

He stepped back, and continued, "You should really watch your mouth, though. And I don't need your pity."

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Walker passed by Hayley and Luca's room, and noticed the stuff going down. He blinked twice, and poked his head in the room.
"Pardon me, but is there a problem here? I'd be willing to help solve it. Especially since I see a sad beautiful woman in this room, and that alone makes me want to whallop the both of you to the Lower Wharf and back."

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Hayley closed her eyes as Sammy ran up to Luca about to start a fight. Hayley turned away and hid herself in James' arms. She hated fighting and she was all to used to it in her old neighborhood. Fighting brought back memories where when she was little was attacked and robbed and hurt so many times. Thats why when she and James finally became older he was able to protect her by the time they were 10 years old.

Anyways, hayley turned her head up when all the commotion was over. She peeked out and saw samuel and luca making up. She moved herself away from James and lowered her head a bit in a shy manner still hurt by the comment. "My apologies friend, i didnt mean any slight by it. In fact i applaud any attempt to consolidate ones abilities." he said to hayley. She wiped her eyes a bit with her sleeve and took a quick glance up at Luca.

"if it so pleases you,i can buy you lunch as another form of apology. Or you could punch me." Luca suggested to her. Hayley shrugged and looked at Luca shyly, "well lunch would be nice...i cant remember when i last ate anything...And i wouldn't punch you, that'd be mean." hayley gave him a soflrt of half smile then went back to her same shy puppy dog eyes look. She was still clearly hurt from being called a prostitute but only because she once was sold as one by her dad, only once. So his insult hit her very close to home and especially herself being a misfit she lived alongside those kind of women as well.

Suddenly, another guy poked his head into the room and said,"Pardon me, but is there a problem here?I'd be willing to help solve it. Especially since i seea sad beautiful womanin this room, and that alone makes me want to whallop the both of you to the lower wharf and back." hayley immediately blushed and smiled softly at the comment the boy made about her being beautiful. She shook her head and said,"theres no need for any violence thank you sir. But we were going to go out for lunch. Courtesy of my room mate here. If youd like to join?" she smiled at the boy and looked back at Luca giving him an imnocent puppy dog eyed look. She wasnt pretending on one hand but on the other Luca did owe her a bit more than her lunch for that quite personal insult, even if he was ignornant to her past life.

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Luca M. Feygor

Luca sighed in relief as he noticed the boy's fist relaxing, although, judging by his expression Luca could tell he wasn’t entirely satisfied by the situation. It was a sentiment he couldn't understand so he let the thought go with second, softer sigh. A sweet smile lightened his features as he puckered up to diffuse the awkward tension growing in the room. As both boys stood face to face, harsh green eyes were greeted by his calming river blue gaze.

The name's Samuel Yesil... Sorry for tryin' to bust ya one... I guess... he introduced himself finally, pro-offering his hand as a form of apology. Luca could still sense the lingering anxiety as he shook Samuel's hand formally before the boy stepped back. "You should really watch your mouth, though. And I don't need your pity."

“Pleased to meet you to friend. Feel free to come to me if you have any campus delivery requests” he returned before subtly leaning in closer to whisper in Samuel’s ear. His eyes exchanged a glance at the girl as he murmured his words. “Like maybe a secret love letter or box of chocolates, anything” He leaned back, smiling mischievously. Their conversation was abruptly intruded by the presence of another boy and Luca’s face rolled up to meet the introduction of the newcomer. Wondering how he got here, his prepared response was interrupted by the quick words of his roommate.

"theres no need for any violence thank you sir. But we were going to go out for lunch. Courtesy of my room mate here. If youd like to join?"

Luca gave the girl a look of mild incredulity despite her puppy-dog eyes, raising an eyebrow at her. “I only said I’d treat you. Plus, its way past lunchtime” He frowned evenly at her as he placed his hands on his hips like a scolding parent. "But first things first, how are long you intending to prolong your introduction?" he said, pointing out the fact he still didn't know her name.

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Walker grinned at both Hayley and Luca.
"For makin' her cry like that, I'd say that paying for all our lunches, or dinner, would be perfectly acceptable, wouldn't you?" he said with a flash of silver as his medallion flipped up into the air and down into his palm, the cool metal brushing against his hand as he looked at the girl in front of him. And then it hit him.
"Wait a minute... Hayley? My GOD, you've grown since I saw you last! It's me! Walker! You know, the scrawny kid who worked at the restaurant down in the Shade District by the docks!! Of course, you probably don't remember me, it's been nine years since I last saw you!"

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“I only said I’d treat you. Plus, its way past lunchtime” Luca said with a frown.
Hayley blushed realizing that she didn't stop and ask Luca about if it was ok if the boy came with them. "Oh no I'm sorry Luca. Well he can still tag along right?"

"But first things first, how are long you intending to prolong your introduction?"

Hayley blushed wildly and said, "Oh dear. I'm embarrassed. I'm sorry again. Well, my name is Hayley. Hayley Highmore, and this is my bond James." she said holding a hand out to James who was promptly right beside her.

Suddenly the boy who appeared in the doorway spoke up and said, "Wait a minute... Hayley? My GOD, you've grown since I saw you last! It's me! Walker! You know, the scrawny kid who worked at the restaurant down in the Shade District by the docks!! Of course, you probably don't remember me, it's been nine years since I last saw you!"

"No you can't be Walk-.....Walker!!!" She ran up to him and practically smashed his spine into the wall. She hugged him then giggled blushing a stronger red shade and grinned happily. [b]"Its been the longest of time. How are you? How've you been?" She asked intrigued and then remembered Samuel. [b]"Sammy this one of the boys I grew up with. We were um...not in the best neighborhoods but he was one of the good guys." Hayley smiled and grabbed Sammys hand and placed it in front of Walker for them to shake hands. [b]"and walker this is one of my new friends Samuel. He's been looking out for me since I got here. He's just the nicest." She said happy and grinned at Sammy.

Hayley stomach growled but she put a hand over it and ignored it. She thought back to when she had something to eat and realized it was a whole day and a half ago. She clutched her stomach and put on a fake smile as she introduced her past and now present friends.

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Sammy watched the entire scenario unfold as new friends were made, old ones reunited, and tummys started to growl. But Sammy already had his fill, and all the crazy emotional stuff that had happened today left him utterly exhausted. He let our a long yawn and said, "Well, I think I'm going to hit the hay. Today's probably been the longest day of my life, and I really don't wish to recollect right now so, g'night peoples." And with that he started to walk out the doorway back to his own room.

On the walk back Sammy tried to make sense of his new standing, and those of the people who he met. First things first, teachers are at the top. For sure... He thought, remembering the crazy events with the bullies. Then, hmm, there are the siblings, Erin and someone, that shy girl. They're nice, but seem like a lot of trouble... He stretched out his arms and petted his equally drowsy bonds on the head as he continued down the hall. All the other guys I've met up to this point are all super strong, huh? He looked down at his bonds, "How come you guys can't do anything cool? I mean, there's even two of ya!" They both let out small yawns at his comment, and Sammy gave up. Oh well. Nothing I can do about them anyways...

When he finally got to the door, he dug through his pockets to find his key. Unfortunately, he could not find it. "Son of a-" He was about to continue, but he was too tired to care, and simply sat up to the door and fell asleep.

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"No you can't be Walk-.....Walker!!!" When she said this, Walker found out two things. One: She hadn't forgotten him. Two: She certainly hadn't spent the past nine years lazing about, as his screaming spine pointed out all too clearly.
"Easy, girl, I want to keep my bones this time!" He said, weakly hugging her back, gasping in sweet relief once Hayley had released him, and he introduced himself with a weak "Charmed." to Sammy, "But I've been grand, working with different restaurants across Mythill to perfect my recipes!" As luck would have it, Hayley's stomach growled after he mentioned food, and he grinned, milking her hunger for all it was worth. "AND, don't forget that promise I made about you trying all of my best dishes when we got older!!!" he said with a wink and a grin, his little payback for her crippling him. As Sammy left, he gave a pained wave, and Brenna hopped out of Walker's bag to go follow Sammy, turning into her goblin form as she did so, as she'd seen his key fall out of his pocket a while back and had grabbed it for safekeeping. Walker turned to Hayley, standing tall again to stretch out his back.
"Well, I might as well follow through on at least one promise. C'mon, members of the Cooking Club have access to the private kitchens! Or at least... I do." He said with another trademark wink as he pulled out a key with an X on it, dangling on a chain, implying that it might-or-might-not-be his. He also snapped his fingers to Luca. "You want to come along? As a sign of good faith."

Brenna ran through the halls of the dorms, and eventually found Sammy asleep outside his door. Brenna giggled a little, unlocked his door, and through a mix of goblin, dog, and horse forms, she got him into bed with the blankets covering him. She smiled, and closed the door behind her, barely leaving a click to show she'd even been there.

Maya at this point was walking through the halls topless, her dress had gotten too itchy for her tastes. Quetzalcoatl was off somewhere else, doing her grandma's laundry for all she knew.