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Riye Floros

It only took over an hour and a bit of hassle to come back toward his home again. The woman at the hardware store was rather difficult with him picking out tile. Asking if he was going to get plaster and pushing to buy more than he needed. It was the few things that annoyed him enough to give her a sweet. If she was going to that much of a bother, well it was curtains for that oud mouth. She'd have more use as foader in the next few weeks anyway.

The deer that had been feeding on the bait he had put out could be seen from the dirt road as he walked the path, they were looking sicker and sicker. Lathargic and looking wounded. It was only a matter of time. Not that he could say the same for some of the birds that perched themselves on nearby branches. White eyed and buds of mold on their bodies. Birds were always the fastest to turn. Eyes in the skies after all.

The human hosts, all sitting on the porch like they were waiting for Riye to return clicked at his arrival as if greeting him. Riye smiled and nodded to them. "Good boys. You guys can wander now. Keep yourselves hidden." He said as if they were his children. The clickers nodded, standing and shambling off as Riye walked inside and begin the work of retiling the bathroom. Just because he lived in the literal back woods, didn't mean that he had to live in a shabby shack.

All three of the fungus riddled corpses wandered off in different directions. One in particular, one that Riye had affectionately named "Vittla" wandered off into the trees. His head and eyes taken over by a rather large cluster of oyster mushrooms and the rest of him wasted away as the food of other edible mushrooms. This one was his walking farm. Chunks of cut stalks that were regrowing and clusters of other edible shrooms budded all over him. A very obvious sight for anyone wandering in the forest. Vittla shambled along a not so set path, wandering in large circles that lead back to the house and around again. Eventually he walked out toward the treeline, not noticing the difference in lighting, only clicking and hissing to find it's way around. It wandered along the treeline, stopping every now and again to listen for something and then move once again. It turned its head toward the farmhouse and barn, seemingly intrested but turned again. For it, it was time to return toward the house of its master. A slow and shambling walk towards home again.

Uncanny Valley is the area surrounding a medium-size 200,000 population city somewhere in the middle of the United States. It is not a place in real life, but to avoid discrepancies between a real life city and this one, Uncanny Valley is the area's name.