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Nickname: Zuka

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tezuka is tall, 5'11", with normally blonde hair, but he dyes it purple. He also has a scar on his left arm, which he normally covers with wrap. His eyes are actually a light grey, tinged with red. No one knows exactly why, and they tend to creep people out.

Personality: Tezuka has a very laid-back personality, but if needed can become deadly serious. He has a quick wit and a sharp tounge, combined with the habit of being brutaly blunt as well as honest, this tends to make him more enemies than friends. However, as Tezuka sees it, you either love him or hate him, it's not much his problem.

Likes: -Night
-Being alone

Dislikes: -Canines
-Bright sun
-Loudy/noisy people

Fear: -Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns
-Thanatophobia: Fear of death

History: Tezuka grew up as normal a kid as any, so long as you count out the obsession with death. For the most part, his parents ignored it. It wasn't as if he worshiped it or anything. In fact, he more...respected it, if you could say that. Tezuka would pour over books all the day and night descovering all that he could about death, why it happens, what happens afterward, and so on. Despite all of this, he himself is terrified of dying. Throughout the years, Tezuka had few friends. Now, he is off to college, and he seems to have found a group of three guys who are alright with him.

Let's see if everything goes well, shall we?

Charm: In above picture. There is a matching pendant with a hematite stone. Link for partner

Who do you share a room with? (Partner): Bella-Rose Marie

So begins...

Tezuka Walker's Story