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Last year, four girls were burned alive in a tragic dorm fire. Unknown to the rest of the school, the girls never left. Will they be destined to wander the halls forever? Or will four boys moving in change all that? (Full!)

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Setting: Shibuya2011-10-26 11:47:34, as written by Sora112112
Fixing his bag onto his shoulder, Sora approached the door to the dorm. Dipping into his pocket, he took out a key. Inserting it into the lock, it was accepted with a click. Turning it, Sora unlocked the door. As he did he began to wonder how often the outer door would actually get locked. He stepped inside and dumped his bag to the right if the door. The rest of his stuff was due to be delivered tomorrow, so he didn't really have too much in the way of clothes, he mostly just brought snacks and a clean pair of clothes. He flopped down on the sofa closest to the door, and began to wonder how long the others would be. He couldn't shake the feeling of someone else's presence though...