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Last year, four girls were burned alive in a tragic dorm fire. Unknown to the rest of the school, the girls never left. Will they be destined to wander the halls forever? Or will four boys moving in change all that? (Full!)

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Setting: Shibuya2011-10-26 12:54:01, as written by BekaL101
"Mom, I told you a million times: I'm fine. I have my meds, and everyone knows what to do if I go into an episode again.", Riku moaned, irritated, from the back of the car. The woman in question was fussing over him as his father drove. Riku was actually quite surprised that the two of them had taken the day off work to make sure he got to his new dorm safely. Then again, he was rarely allowed to go anywhere on his own, they were always worried that his condition would make itself known, although they were also guilty that it had been their genetics that had cursed their son with his severe anemia. He only knew that part because his youngest sister, a 9-year-old named Minako, had heard the adults discussing it, although she didn't quite understand what 'genetics' meant.
"Are you sure? Really, really sure that you want to go? You'll be okay, right?", his mother asked him, for the millionth time in the past hour, adjusting his scarf. He shivered, the movement of the thick fabric had allowed a bit of air into his neck, and that air was cold. Then again, he was always cold anyway, even in summer, hence the scarf. His mother, unfortunatly saw the shiver and started her fussing again, tightening the scarf and fiddling with the zip on his jacket, trying to pull it even further up the boy's neck to block out the cold. Riku sighed, allowing her to fuss. If he resisted then it would only take longer for her to stop.

Good thing they were nearly at the dorm, then.

He only had a few bags with him, his parents had arranged for everything to be there when he arrived. All he would have to do is fix the layout of his things in his room and that would be it. For once, he was glad for his parents' concern: he seriously doubted that he could carry his stuff upstairs, he didn't have the strength for that at the best of times, and he was tired today, moreso than usual, though he knew how to hide it from his parents.
When they arrived, he got his bags (amidst protests from his parents, who tried to insist that they carried them instead) and goodbyes were said, his mother almost crushing his frail body in a tight hug. Watching them drive off, probably back to work, a wide grin spread across his face: he was finally out! Free from his parents' limitations. He would still need to be careful with what he did, but he knew what he was capable of doing, more than his parents knew at least. They assumed that he would be too weak to do much of anything, not out of dismissal, but out of worry for him.
Hefting his bags, the action taking more out of him than it would a normal person, he walked up the steps, and found that the door was already open. Going inside, he saw Sora on the couch. He had met Sora Isobe over the net about a year ago, when he had been bored out of his skull and randomly searching the web for whatever crossed his mind. The two of them, along with two others, had become fast friends and, in a bizzare twist of fate, had now been accepted to the same high school. This marked Riku's first time meeting the redhead in person. Collapsing on the couch opposite Sora, he smiled at the boy.
"Sora Isobe, right? Riku Shinra, nice to finally meet you."