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Last year, four girls were burned alive in a tragic dorm fire. Unknown to the rest of the school, the girls never left. Will they be destined to wander the halls forever? Or will four boys moving in change all that? (Full!)

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Setting: Shibuya2011-10-26 22:07:35, as written by RainWish
Bella-Rose Marie

Bella-Rose gasped, her body jolting up from its slumbering position upon a couch in the back parlor. She looked about the room in panic, trembling slightly to recall where she was. Or even who she was. This was the annual occurrence for Bella when the morning rose her slumbering frame. To answer the young Prince Hamlet's question: The dead could dream. The rub of the matter was recalling what tainted dreams had preyed upon their minds during the deep slumber that she often found herself locked inside. Her life, the dreams, her memories. . . All were but tainted shadows held to the back of her mind. She could not remember her dreams except for the fact that they were horrible. Bella was unsure if the other ghosts were plagued with such a disorder, or if the dreams had only begun upon her death thirteen months ago, but she often wondered what she had done to deserve the pain of waking up daily to such torture.

Bella often questioned why she even bothered to sleep; as a ghost she did not need the rest to revive her lost body. She often took it as habit, but perhaps there was a more sinister reason for her own self-torture. Perhaps she wished to remember the figures that danced inside her mind, tantalizing her with lost secrets and hidden words that she should recall. She settled back into the couch, closing her eyes tightly as if to recall something-- anything-- that would unlock the truth that she sought. Out of habit, she rubbed the smooth, white orb that the dragon pendant rested upon. Even this she could not recall the origin of, but simply the fact that she must never take it off.

Bella opened her eyes at the interruption of giggling laughter that could only have come from Page. It was not the laughter that bothered her, but the sound that quickly followed. "Did you hear that?.." Bella rose from her seat with curiosity. It was a boy that spoke. No guests had come into the girls' domain in many months out of fear or expulsion. Her chocolate eyes drifted to the window with interest. It was fall; a new school year had begun. Perhaps the boy(s) had wandered in on accident.

Bella smoothed her pink skirt that flowed to her knees with gloved hands. She appeared dressed for a recital rather than an eternal haunting of a empty dorm house. Besides the well-groomed clothing, there was one other habit that the other ghosts found strange with Bella: she only wore one color at a time. Today was pink. From head to toe she wore only hues and shades of pink from her hair ties to shoes. Perhaps tomorrow would be blue. She did not know why she dressed this way, but accepted the fact as some type of lingering memory from life. Satisfied with her appearance (even if this act was futile for a ghost) Bella drifted into the main room to find the source of the disturbance. Boys? Bella blinked, wondering if her eyes deceived her as the two boys appeared to be calmly chatting in the main entrance as if they belonged here. She turned to Page who also seemed equally interested and confused. "What is this? How long have they been here?" Bella questioned, a playful smile on her face as she questioned her fellow ghost. No humans had seen them before, so why should these boys be different? Her attention returned to them as she decided to play a game. Remaining in the back of the room, she turned on the stereo, party and dance music, blasting at full volume. Bella did not let her dreams hold her back. Even in death she was a party girl looking for fun as she smiled to Page and danced herself.