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Last year, four girls were burned alive in a tragic dorm fire. Unknown to the rest of the school, the girls never left. Will they be destined to wander the halls forever? Or will four boys moving in change all that? (Full!)

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Setting: Shibuya2011-10-26 23:28:03, as written by BekaL101
Riku had been about to reply when the stereo turned itself on, full blast. The volume of said music wasn't the problem, he himself listened to his headphones at a similar noise level...but it was dance music. His eye twitched, dance music was a hated enemy of his, an insult to decent music.
He looked over in the direction of the stereo, thinking it was a dodgy wire or something which had caused it. Then he saw the figures. He didn't see them clearly, only as silvery ripples in the air, but he could tell that they were female. Ghosts? Cool...wonder if Sora-kun can see them, he was always going on about things like that online... He decided to confront the spirits, who evidently had absolutely no taste in music, calmly walking over towards the stereo, a slight frown on his white face.
"Would the young ladies who are making that infernal racket kindly stop? It is absolutely horrible, and here I thought the Spirit World would have better taste in music. I suppose I stand corrected.", though his voice stayed the same, quiet and soft, his words held a calm authority, the effects of being the oldest child of six, he supposed. He sounded like he was simply telling one of his younger siblings off for doing something silly, not confronting beings from a totally different plane of existance. As he spoke, another silvery shimmer glided over to the stereo, and turned the music (and he used that term lightly) down a little.
"That's better, though I would prefer if you turned it off completly, if you don't mind. "