Terra, 3087 A.D.Marcus De Leon

the smart one

a character in “UNDER: The Silence”, as played by CyberGenre

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Name:Marcus De Leon
Race: Human
Job Class: libarian ( warrior by seceret)

Appearance: Image of De Leon

Weapons and/other Equipment:
-Glasses, uses them to see, if broken or misplaced he will need to see a eye doctor to replace them.
-Sword, he carries along a Katana.
-Cigarettes, a nasty habit he picked up.
- Backpack,it holds trifle things such as, throwing weapons, food, and money.
- Armor, flexible cloth made of silk, it allows him to move about with out the restrictions of metal holding him down or weighing his aerial movements.

Role: friend

Experiment # 11937

-Fighting, De Leon is a good fighter, but also takes damage in a fight. (is not god)
-Mingling, Enjoys talking with others and finding out hidden information.
-Reading, Is a vivid reader, when he is not seen talking or do any thing in particular, he is seen with his nose in a book.
Photographic memory, is able to memorize any thing he see's or reads then he can replicate it.

Biography: Unixel, the city of scholars is where I'm from, my name is Marcus De Leon and here is some of my life. I run a small book shop and I make freinds easy other then that I don't have. Any idea its a blur.

Personality:Marcus De Leon is a happy go lucky guy, he is a kind person and usually seems contempt with what he has and is given.

So begins...

Marcus De Leon's Story