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Heavens Hill~ Just because you buried here, doesn't mean that will be your destination in the after life...

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Heavens Hill Cemetery is a part of Cherub Forest.


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This is the only cemetery for Mandrake Falls, which makes it rather large. It is owned by Mercy Mortuary, who gave it the name because of giant hill in the center of the property.

Erupting from the peak of the hill, is a big Red Maple tree, which grows blood red leaves all year round. Rumors say it does this because the tree feeds off of the blood of the dead and those who stand underneath the tree for too long.

Teens of the town often visit the tree at night and play amongst the dead. It a very spooky scene at night and makes for a nice moon lite stroll.
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Friday, August 27, 2010, just another usual day for the very unusual inhabitants of this town. Soft flurries were falling heavily; constantly adding to layers of snow. A fresh white sheet of snow lay across the ground and streets of Mandrake Falls. The sun had just made a glorious exit which seemed to be perfect timing for the students of Sangre Cazador University to do the same.

Already at the head of this crowd, was one weird individual. He wore a simple white T-shirt, black jeans, and black Nike’s; despite the fact it was at least 30 below today. A book bag was slumped over his shoulders, containing a smattering of things; class books, notebook, and some writing utensils. Students were well into their first week of school and he had just left his last class: Ancient Literature. His destination would now be a quiet place to relax and finish his assigned reading.

The path he'd taken would lead him down University Road, then he would take a right at the dorms and after a few more yards, he would have arrived at Cherub Forest. His stride was brisk, but anyone trying to follow might have to break into a run to keep up. Approaching the dorms, he was intercepted by a few of his frat brothers. This man was not just your average student; he is also the founder of Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity.

"Dante, we still on for tonight right? You’re looking a little pale; a drink would do you good."

A simple nod was all the man got in response to his question. Dante didn't even bother to slow down for this exchange. The celebration and chatter could be heard as; he grew ever so distant from their location. He was now at the edge of the forest which hid his destination: Heaven's Hill Cemetery. As was said earlier, he is a weird individual. Not many would enjoy the company of the dead as they read, but Dante did. He loved to rest under the big tree that grew upon the large hill. It was an ideal study environment that just happens to be located in the middle of cemetery.

As trees began to disappear and gravestones took their place, it was clear he had arrived. The hike up the hill was tough and something he didn't feel like experiencing. With each step he took, his body slowly became transparent until it was no longer solid, but a gas. Dante was now a body of mist, steadily floating up the hill. This was just one of three gifts he was given at birth.

As he reached the top of the hill, his molecules began to change once more. By the time he returned to his original form, his back was against the tree trunk and his legs were extended along the snow covered ground. His bag was sitting undisturbed next to him, until he reached in and pulled out a book, just big enough to fit within his hands. The bright moon above gave sufficient reading light as he cracked the book open and began reading its contents.