Marigola Rosegrove

A duplicitous half-elf trailing a target for her blood relations

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a character in “Unlikely Partnership”, as played by Fairess


Name: Marigola Rosegrove
Age: 28
Race: Half-Elf
Hairstyle/Color: Short/Auburn
Build: Slim, but toned
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 117lbs.

Marigola has both human and elvish features, sporting short, pointy ears and a graceful, if stockier elvish figure. She still appears to be in her young adult years with (mostly) flawless, pale skin. She does have a few scars—a deep scab on the left side of her abdomen and a thin scar across her right cheek. Her features are usually friendly and easy-going, but by contrast, her body is almost always tense, as if ready to move at any given moment.

As far as clothes, Marigola wears what’s common in the Capital—a long woolen chemise and a dark blue overdress with long, tying sleeves. She also wears a leather corset over both, sometimes sporting a belt, along with small leather boots. Her ears are pierced and she typically is seen wearing glass jewelry, usually in the shapes of leaves or flowers.

When Marigola is working on less public matters, however, her attire changes drastically. She has a suit of leather armor with various pieces—shoulder pads and vambraces, greaves, and even a chest plate that straps across the back. The rest of the suit is simple clothing, a dark green tunic and brown trousers. She also wears a belt across her waist and one that runs diagonally across her chest—both are used to carry equipment. On top of all this, she usually has a dark green cloak with a deep hood. Additionally, she also wears a scarf around the bottom of her face to conceal her identity.

Marigola is outwardly engaging and outgoing, quick to confront people and welcome them into her own various groups. While she doesn’t form many deep friendships, she does have a vast array of acquaintances in the capital—most of whom she does business with. At the same time, she isn’t quick to state her own opinion, usually asking more questions than she answers. In serious matters, she appears to be mostly aloof, quick to poke a joke in, but she rarely gives a full and honest smile.

Despite her very open approaches, however, Marigola is an exceptionally skeptical person. She analyses other even as she speaks to them, using seemingly harmless questions to get better insight into their intents. This naturally helps in her profession, as it allows her to connect to others and quickly find what they want or need, but it is also a trait she frequently uses to exploit others. To manipulate is usually her ulterior motive, particularly when another person has something she desires.
Likes: Jewelry, nighttime, thrills, acrobatic challenges
Dislikes: Authority, guild defectors, alcohol, violence

Recurve Bow & Quiver: A bow carved from ash wood, approximately two and a half feet in length. Both the quiver and bow are secured to the belt across Marigola’s back, and the quiver carries twelve arrows. Each arrow is carved from oak and tipped with iron heads, also featuring three grey goose feathers on the bottom of each.

Daggers: Marigola carries a pair of iron daggers, both relatively plain. They are eight inches long, and the hilts are reinforced with leather. Their sheathes are also made of leather and worn on her belt, resting on the back of her waist.

Poison: A small vial of poison used to tip her weapons. It contains a scentless drug that numbs and paralyzes small areas upon entering the bloodstream. When nicked on a hand or arm, it seriously encumbers the target’s dexterity; when striking the lower body and legs, it hampers movement; when struck near a vital area (mainly the heart), it is fatal.

Climbing rope and Grapple Hook: A 20ft long rope is attached to a plain iron hook with four prongs. This is wound up and carried on the left side of Marigola’s belt.

Toolkit: A small pouch containing lock picks and a small, exceptionally sharp knife for cutting. Also contains a small vial of oil.

Weakness: Doesn’t have strength or stamina in combat, using trickery and athleticism to largely avoid it. Her dual identity is also something she has to hide—if revealed, it could easily get her arrested along with ruining her business. While she does know basic parries, her attacks are meant to be small and precise, thus, she lacks any decent defense against a target that is aware of her.

Strengths: Highly perceptive and used to low-light settings. Her acrobatic abilities make her an exceptional escapist, and she always plans ahead to find the weaker points of her targets. She uses concealment to attack her enemies, striking out of nowhere to effectively cripple (rarely, if ever killing) or remove prospective threats. She also has enough mechanical and thievery experience to manipulate basic locks and mechanical traps used to discourage theft.

She fears getting caught, which is why she goes to great measures to conceal herself. She also has a fear of rejection, knowing full well that neither of her birth parents were there to care for her and that the elves themselves care nothing for her. She’s also uncomfortable in highly open locations, as it makes her feel exposed.

Marigola had a human father who lived as a ranger within the forest. It was a group of nomadic elves that happened upon his home and made peace with him, finding they had a great deal in common. When he fell in love with one of the elves during their stay, she treated it like an embarrassing affair, holding no loyalty to him as she left with her kind to travel yet again. When she gave birth to a half-elf months later, she was quick to abandon the child, though the tribe itself would not stand for simply leaving it to die. The elvish mother was forced to locate another who would care for the child, but the father was no longer where he used to live.

Finally, the elvish mother was forced to go to the capital, where she found a generous and barren couple very willing to take the baby in. Since that time, Marigola was raised largely by merchants, having a basic education with handling wares and accounting for goods. Her wilder tendencies, however, led her into all sorts of trouble as she played pranks and stole from the local merchants. This seemed to fade in her later years, but in truth, she only learned how to hide her ill deeds better. She began to swindle on a professional level and even joined a guild of thieves.

Marigola eventually broke off far enough from her parents that she took off on her own, seeming to live respectably with her own store. In truth, she used it as a cover for the black market harbored just underneath her trading shop (which was her actual source of income). Only recently has she regained some contact with her elvish counterparts—they found a dark elf in the woods and destroyed its dwelling, but it escaped. Fearing for the presence of more dark elves in the area, they contacted Marigola when they tracked the dark elf to the capital, urging her to trail it and report on her findings. She did so at a price, offering only to help if they agreed to trade exclusive elvish goods with her customers.

So begins...

Marigola Rosegrove's Story


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Even at the early hour, the capital of Daihne's streets were filled with people. People of every one of Daihne's many races. Even a Dark Elf was present, but if people knew, things would go from organized to chaos in an instant. It was market day, and if Keefar got caught by the wrong people, it would end very quickly. The Dark Elf wore a cloak of forest green, something that blended in with his former home. The cloak covered three things, his dark skin, his white hair, and the blood seeping from several cuts and slicing on his body. He had just been chased out of his former home in the forest just outside the capital. A group of Wood Elves had decided that they wanted to live there, and didn't want to share with the man that was already living there. So they hurt him and chased him out. Keefar had no other choice but to turn to help in the capital. A city that, like all others, hated Dark Elves.

He was hoping to seek refuge at one of the churches. Because they wouldn't freak out and attack the moment they saw him. And he may be able to use the whole, help everyone in the name of the goddess Isara thing against them. So that is why Keefar gracefully weaved his way through the crowds of market day. As tense as the bow that was slung across his back. He hated crowds and was not too happy about this situation. With every step he took people bumped into him or got too close, making certain that the adrenaline filled Dark Elf stayed adrenaline filled. It was great for the pain, but terrible for the bleeding. And the bleeding was going to kill him a lot faster than the pain.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he got through the worst of the crowds and could relax a little bit. He no longer had to worry about people knocking the hood off his head. But now was the hard part. Finding a church. He had never been in the capital before and had no idea where he was going. So he would just have to walk until he found it. Because he couldn't risk asking for help, for they may see under his hood. And then Keefar really wouldn't have a chance at surviving.


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#, as written by Fairess
It was so ridiculous Marigola couldn’t stop laughing. She laughed so hard she was nearly doubled over, grasping her belly like it was about to fall off. Before her was a tall, dark-haired elf, one she recognized only by the name of his tribe. The look he gave her as she spluttered out her mirth only made her amusement that much greater. It was so like the elves to be the scions of hypocrisy—here Mr. Fen was after over twenty-five years, expecting her to be concerned about “our people.” In exactly what sense were they related, she wondered? Not really by blood, as hers was tainted with a human’s, and certainly not by bond, as she hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the tribe since they’d left her with a pair of gullible merchants.

Yet here they were, asking her to help them out of the goodness of her heart.

Did anyone even believe in that idealistic vomit anymore? Well, Mr. Fen was about to be taught a very important lesson about the territory of humans. After Marigola had finally collected herself, she leaned against a counter littered with various bracelets and rested a hand on her hip. “I’d apologize, but I don’t actually care about what you think. As you can see, I have my own life here, a shop I have to look after. I’m not about to drop everything just because some manhunt didn’t go well.”

The elf’s hand tightened into a fist, and the cold fire in his eyes seemed to glow brighter. “This is not a laughing matter. That creature was a Dark Elf. Its presence could only mean—”

“That I could care less?” Marigola arched a brow, a wry smirk on her face. “Dark Elves are more or less extinct around here. If there’s one crawling around, it will be caught and imprisoned, most likely to be executed thereafter.”

Oh, that was amusing. The elf’s whole face tensed up: he was trying as hard as possible not to lose his cool temperament. His lip even trembled a bit before he spoke. “Then where is it? Dark Elves are clever and merciless. We suspect it was acting as a scout, possibly even to move against Dai—”

Marigola started barking with laughter again, slapping the counter next to her with an open palm. “Haha! Let me get it—ah, ha—let me get this straight. You see some lone Dark Elf in the woods and suddenly there’s a possible war brewing? Do my ‘kin’ get any more naïve than this? Or are you trying to frighten me by suggesting that it’s a sign of attack? If there’s anything left in those woods, it’s going to be bent on harming you, not this city.”

Listen to me.” The elf’s hands came on Marigola’s shoulders, and she tensed. For such seemingly thin arms, they had a lot of weight to them. “There’s a chance it has contacts here. Why else would it have come to a place hostile to its kind? Something is going on, and it would be in your best interests to help.”

Marigola grimaced, batting the elf’s hands away as she turned and slid around the counter. She really needed something between herself and him. “You’re not helping your chances here. If there’s a Dark Elf loose, that’s the problem of guards and your tribe, not mine. I need more motivation than “doing good” for the rest of the stupid world if you want help.”

“What is it you want?” The elf actually seemed to lighten up—the fact she was willing to help at all was enough to give him more hope than frustration.

“I want what everyone wants.” Marigola held her hand up, rubbing her thumb and index finger together. “I want something tangible, something I can live off of. Neither you nor the tribe is going to have a decent amount of money, so I want something else. I’ve seen the hunting weapons of elves and your various enchanted cloaks. If you sell those wares to me for resale, I’ll find this Dark Elf for you. I’ll let you know where he is and what’s going on with him and his potential contacts. We can talk specifics in the back room.”