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Unmasked: Dissociative Mask Disorder

Unmasked: Dissociative Mask Disorder

Superpowers and Horror in a Dark Eighties. Based off of the RP by the same name.

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You can…



Top Gun is in theaters. “Papa Don’t Preach” is on the radio. Halley’s Comet is in the sky, and Iran-Contra is in the news. The Soviets are in Afghanistan, and the Doomsday Clock is at 3 minutes until midnight. But there’s something else going on—something even bigger. At school, at the mall, down by the 7-Eleven, you’ve started noticing things. Is that troll doll really glowing? Is that cassette tape calling to you? Why doesn’t anyone else seem to notice?


And when you follow that strange compulsion to create a mask from these items, you become . . . someone else. Someone with capabilities the world has never seen and goals that may not be your own. The mask gives you unimaginable power, but can you resist its agenda? And there are others starting to show up, too, who may have embraced their masks’ dark sides. Maybe that Doomsday Clock matters after all . . .

This RP is based off of the Monte Cook game of the same name. In it, you will be playing as 18-year-old kids in high school, circa 1986. You start out as everyday jocks, nerds, goths and cool kids, but when you feel an odd compulsion to make a mask, then you become a hero - or villain - with amazing powers. Will you be able to control your new persona, to have yourself and your super self work in tandem with each other? Or will your super self consume you?

Please read the rules before creating a character. Have fun!



1. YOU DO NOT START WITH YOUR POWERS. I cannot emphasize that enough. You just start out as normal, 18-year old high school kids who end up becoming superheroes (or villains...), but you do not start with them. SO I SAY IT AGAIN. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHARACTER SUPERPOWERS AS OF ENTRY.

2. No rude language, lewd language, or sex. I don't care what your reasons are, I don't want to see it. Hell and damn are okay, but nothing else.

3. Everyone will be playing characters around 18 years old, meaning they will likely be in high school together and have some knowledge of each other. If you choose to be 19 or 20, you'd start off in college, which is also ok.

4. Expect things to get a bit dark at times.

5. Have fun!

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"No, I am not a vampire..."
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#2018-12-17 22:13:06, as written by Zaria
Fine, you want cards, and you’ll have them, she thought. Rita reached to the back pocket of her jeans, and took out two cards, first only she could see what was on the cards. But soon she raised them up, and high, and slowly turned… one card was but a simple joker, while the other was a snake resting on a skull, with some substance sipping from its fangs.

"There you have em, do tell your guesses." She said.


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Character Portrait: Jenniffer Ross Character Portrait: Kali White

0.00 INK

Jenniffer studied the cards Rita had pulled out. She began to formulate ideas, but scrapped many of them before coming to one that made sense.
"You appear to be a harmless jester, making jokes and being silly, but you're dangerous... you're dangerous if you provoked? No, no... You appear harmless, but you are secretly dangerous... no..." Suddenly, her eyes lit up. "Wait! I've got it!"
Recalling all those times she had that blazing fire in her eyes, how she had invoked that fear into Jenniffer, the teenage girl said, "You may appear to be a harmless jester, playing with the common folk... but on the inside, you are a dangerous beast, deadly to the touch!" She smiled proudly in her mask's weird, toothy ink smile.


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Character Portrait: Jenniffer Ross Character Portrait: Kali White

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#2019-01-07 15:17:03, as written by Zaria
“Look at that, you nailed it right.” She said, and chuckled. Then stared for a while in silence, grinning slightly, as if there were something that was… left out.

Just two, instead of three, and still you got it right, how amusing, how… entertaining. Well, guess I might be willing to help you after all... to a degree.

Her grin broadened, only to disappear quickly, for in its place came a warm smile, genuine one, that happens so rarely.
“You know what? You amused me. So… in return I will help you a lil bit. Question is… how shall I do that?” She went back to grinning, though it was more of a mischievous smile now, due to the old trickery in a form of question she applied now – because the world would be a bore, if she simply gave her what she needed.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jenniffer Ross Character Portrait: Kali White Character Portrait: Dani Rhorer

0.00 INK

Jenniffer smiled warmly at Rita. "Thanks, Rita. Your help would be... well... helpful right now." Jenniffer chuckled. Her brain was still a bit fuzzy from having woken up early.
Suddenly, a devious thought occurred to the young teenage girl, and a devious smile broke out on her face. "Actually, I know exactly what I'd like you to do. You know how Red Queen's been consolidating her power with her rogue's gallery of lackeys? I was wondering if you could go out on a bit of a recruitment job for me..."

(OOC: If Rita chooses to accept Jenniffer's request, then we should probably make some NPCs for them - or, at the very least, two new PCs named "Red Queen's Gang" and "Voidbringer's Gang". You guys could choose to control some of the NPCs if you wished.)


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jenniffer Ross Character Portrait: Jake Cooperman Character Portrait: Kali White Character Portrait: Dani Rhorer

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#2019-01-11 22:07:36, as written by Zaria
Now that idea was entertaining by all means, but terrible at the same time, if not carefully thought through, planned…

“Marvelous, but you do realize she’s able to take control of them, to change them. We do not, unless you’re telling me you can? Because I’m quite sure if we went with normal people, it wouldn’t really work well.” Not to mention the probability of them joining, though some would, and the happy murderer Crow would. The other matter was which one would…

“Secondly, you trully want me to do that? Or Kali?” Depending on who does it, it will be different - when it comes to better allies... I'd hate to tell, and definitely won’t tell… that Kali would be better.

OOC - By the way, where is... Sepokku?

Unmasked: Dissociative Mask Disorder: Out Of Character (OOC)

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