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When the remnants of a squad dedicated to taking down criminal organizations are captured by one of those organizations, what will happen? And what about the other prisoners?

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For the first time since he had joined the SOOC, Thabit didn't have any sort of plan as to what they should do next: not even one as simple as killing anybody that wasn't chained down right now! Nym was looking to him for a plan, Taleth was totally unreadable in both mental attitude and physical body language, and after a brief show of violence he suddenly found himself being wrongly addressed by Baellys. To be honest, Thabit had been quite surprised to see the fourth squad member appear seemingly out of nowhere in a show of violence against their criminal captors. Thabit almost envied the younger squad member for being able to make sure that at least one of them paid for the ambush. However, since he had been responsible for it, any feeling of envy for dealing revenge to their captors faded almost as quickly as the feeling had manifested.

"Did they mess with your head?" Thabit asked, obviously in sarcasm "I'm only a sergeant." He replied.

Thabit looked around once again to analyze his situation. Nym was practically shaking like a leaf since she had regained consciousness, as mentioned Taleth was totally unreadable, Baellys seemed to still be in good mental order with how he had immediately 'reported' to Thabit which showed his prisoner training was kicking in, and the two civilians in the room with them were simply a presence as far as Thabit was concerned right now. They had yet to introduce themselves, greet the four SOOC officers, or show any signs of emotion or feeling outside of fear or silence. As far as he was concerned, Thabit looked to the two civilians as total liabilities until they proved themselves otherwise. It wasn't like it mattered though because Thabit wouldn't need to break out.

"It's simple soldier: we went in, a bunch of us got shot, and now we've been captured." Thabit wasn't going to entertain their (correct) notion of betrayal...assuming they all were thinking the same thing, which they probably were.

Then the door came open to reveal the scum bag of scum bags, the king of crooks: Sol Bretton himself. The man seemed to be relishing in the harsh or fearful stares issued from the others...but he would receive none of it from Thabit. He had put on a perfect mask of indifference towards the man after having spent several years in cruel slavery before he had joined SOOC. He knew that captors often got a sick joy out of seeing fear or hatred in the eyes of those who they had imprisoned.

"Why don't you just shut up?" Thabit asked, just short of interrupting Sol's question.