Urban Gods Down Under

Urban Gods Down Under

Three strangers meet in the city of Gold Coast Australia to attend college. After getting acquainted, their entire lives change when a traumatic accident occurs. This event not only gives the trio a trip to the hospital, but it also grants them... power.

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Suppose you were given a chance to be granted a power beyond your dreams. Not just blowing fire out from your mouth or being able to talk to animals. What if you had real power; enough power to change the world as you know it in seconds.Would you make it your duty to use them responsibly, or would let them corrupt you. Three college students will soon discover that their lives can never be as they formerly planned, and that these powers will not only change the world around them.. but themselves as well.

The story will take place in Gold Coast, Australia during the month of February. It's the start of the new year at Bond University, and not just any new year... It's the last one before graduation. Discover what happens to three complete strangers who end up living lives that cannot do anything but intertwine.

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Character Portrait: Rory Lamb

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I was never very social in school, for some reason I just never interacted much with people in school. I simply sat through the class and listened to the lecture taking notes on the lesson. Then I got a message from Floyd. I waited until the class was over before I stepped outside to talk to Floyd before my next class started.

I was chilling in my room high as fuck and looked at the message that appeared on aim from "Stoner". I clicked and entered the chat. Wassup fam

"Chillin chillin, yo you needa hop on skype or some shit i gotta show you somethin"

I was munching on some fries from Mcdonalds as I read my homie's message and just laughed. Ight bruh i'll hop on. I clicked send for the message and pulled up skype logging in wondering why the hell he wanted me to hop on skype

I looked around for somewhat of a secluded place so I could show him what I could do. I wasn't quite familiar with the school grounds yet but I did see some bleachers somewhere. I found them again and went underneath the bleachers facing away from the school just in case.

" Ight nigga you're gunna freak the fuck out" I hit send then started video calling my main nigga

I was still munching on fries as I heard the video call and shook my head before answering it. "wassup bruh"

"My nigga I'm in mufuckin Australia! Crazy shits happenin dough I haven't gotten high since the day I left. But the only reason i wanted to see yo ugly mug on cam is so i can see the look on yo face when i do this..." I closed my eyes and thought of a bright red color, concentrating on my eyes then opened them back up and looked into the camera on my laptop. My eyes had changed from a brown and green hazel to bright red.

"Australia why the hell how the hell did you get all the way out there " I couldn't help but be curious I tried to mind my own business but finding out he just wound up in Australia was a big wtf moment for me. I was pretty blazed but watching someone's eyes go from regular to bright red was pretty..weird. I blinked a couple times wondering how high I was, this wasn't the first time I'd seen some weird shit after i smoked some high quality weed . "uhhh...so you saying you not smoking but ya eyes redder then mine man thats all you wanted to show me bruh?"

"Shit wrong color. Nigga I aint even high. I got a scholarship to go to school here its the shit, you'll have to visit soon. But nah check this shit out. You finna trip niggaaaaa" I said like that nigga in gta. Then i looked close at the camera and thought of an icy blue color in my right eye so he could see the actual change in my eye color and see that the two were now different colors

I just stared at the screen and was more saddened by the fact that I was out of fries. "A scholarship damn..I just wanted one to go to school in Cali and you out there in Australia i hope you fucking foreign bitches..anyway what the point your eyes change colors..its fyy but yeah"

"You know I'm fuckin all the bitches. But some crazy shit is happening. Second day we're here a truck spills a bunch of waste on me and my homies. We black out in the hospital for days. I got a gnarly gash on my face right here." I pointed to where my scar used to be. "It disappeared after i looked in a mirror and thought how ugly that shit looked on my sexy ass face. That's not all I can change the colors of my eyes like wtf is happening to me nigga" I said as i blinked and changed my eye color back to normal

"Forrealll damn I'd say I'd come through but I can't even afford a road trip to Florida I'm not catching a ticket across the world" I just laughed at my own financial situation but really who could afford a casual trip to Australia like it was nothing unless they were really set. "Man sounds like some shit out of a supehero story you probably have super powers or some shit you would have the lamest ass power of all time tho fucking eye color kinesis the fuck kinda shit is that If they woulda dumped waste on me they better give me some fyy shit"

I laughed at what Floyd had said, that's true. "There's gotta be more you know your shit about super powers what the fuck could this be. I can change eye color and heal." I said. If anyone could help me it would be Floyd

i just shook my head I was high but not this high for this convo. "Ight bruh...I'm geeking right now but I ain't ready for this convo you can heal? Cut off ya arm right now on skype and heal it then I'll help ya figure out what "power" you have hell I'll come down there and try to find some of that waste too a nigga tryna be powered up"

"Da fuq nigga I can heal not not feel pain nigga that shit would hurt. High ass mufucka" I said laughing at his request. "Yo how about this" I looked around me for something sharp that I could possibly cut myself without getting some sort of infection. Well if I could heal I guess anything would work. I grabbed a shard of glass from a broken beer bottle and made a small incision. Something that would draw blood but not be too painful. Then I focused on the wound and closing it up. Once I felt the cut close I wiped away the blood to show no cut or scar.

My eyes widened more then they ever did when i was this high and I was left speechless" Nigga what!!!! Where the fuck is that truck im finna sell weed all day to cop a ticket..to Australia yoo"

They cleaned that shit up nigga there's no more. Now help me out, I know you're all about powers and shit nigga, you know what I have, and if I know what I have I can do so much more. So what do you think I have?" I asked

I was still reeling in shock the fact that super powers were real. This was like finding out that Santa Clause was actually real or that your best friend was secretly Charlie Sheen." Man no more fuck that shit...how the hell do you end up with powers and I don't damn...but from the looks of it healing...eye colors..that's some genetic shit probably bio manipulation."

Instantly I opened a tab in google chrome and started looking it up. "Holy fucking shit.... This is too much." I scrolled through what it said I could do. There was so much that I could do I couldn't even fathom it. There was stuff in here talking about transcendance ascencion immortality the ability to take and give powers. I just had this dumbfound look on my face. I could do a hell of a lot more than eye color changing and healing. The possibilities were quite possibily endless. I could become a god. Suddenly I heard a voice call out.

"Hey you, what are you doing back here." She said.

"Gotta go" I said as I ended the skype call.

"You know I could ask you the same question." I said. Then I realized how weird I looked with a shard of glass in my hand and blood smeared on my arm.

"Are you ok?" She asked concerned looking down at my arm. Immediately I dropped the glass.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said. Things had just gotten super Awkward.

"You're one of the students who were in the accident on the bridge right?" She asked.

"Yeah, it seems like that's spread across campus quite fast." I replied.

"I know things must be rough but there's no reason to hurt yourself. If you need someone to talk to I would be more than glad" She said stepping closer. Great now I look like a fucking emo who cuts himself. Just what I want for my rep. "But we haven't met before, My name is Isabelle what's yours?" She asked. Surely she was just being polite.

"Rory, Nice to meet you Isabelle." I said with a smile.

"Friends call me Belle. Here take my number so you can text or call me if you need to talk" She said as she took my phone and entered her number into it. Then she sent a text to herself so she had my number. "I need to get back to class, you want to walk back to campus with me?" She asked.

"Yeah sure, I'd like that" I said as I followed her out from behind the bleachers and towards the school. "So, what brought you behind the bleachers?" I asked as we walked back to school.

"Well I saw you walk to the bleachers and was curious. You wouldn't be the first to go behind the bleachers for that reason." she said. I sighed, great. Well most likely she wouldn't tell anyone, she seemed really nice. I couldn't think of anything to say, and before I knew it we were back at campus. "Text me some time, I've got to get to my class. I'll see you later" She said with a friendly smile. I smiled back then headed to my next class.


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Once I had arrived at the library I quickly raced over towards the computers and took a seat at one that was in the far corner away from all the other students. I placed my bag, books and pencil case next to me as I logged on before hopping straight onto google. Telekinesis.. I typed the word in and hastily pressed search. It was too long before relevant websites and the definition popped up. The power to manipulate objects with the mind…control…levitation…push objects away. As I read the last part to myself I couldn’t help but think back to yesterday when I had the altercation with Anthony. He was ten times my size and I managed to just shove him back against the wall. I remembered everyone’s facial expression they were all stunned because it was unnatural for someone my size. Unless of course I was on steroids or some other performance enhancing drug. Could I have superpowers? As I continued to read all the strangeness that had occurred in the last 24 hours seemed to now make perfect sense if I did in fact has this power called Telekinesis. However, there was still something that was bothering me. How come I couldn’t get the book to levitate in class? It’s not like I was using a different book. It was the same size…same weight…obviously it doesn’t just happen…there must be a trigger. I thought back to both scenarios, analysing every detail. I was mad and pissed off with Anthony…but when I stripped I was feeling content and then startled.

I sat there for a moment just staring blankly at the screen. Both times I didn’t actually know I was using these so called superpowers so maybe there is no trigger…I just have to practise it…after all they say practise makes perfect. I nodded my head in agreement as I unzipped my pencil case and pulled out one of my pens. Start small. I placed the pen in front of me on the desk and then just stared at it. I put all my focus and energy onto making that one blue pen move. Move….come on….just a little… My stared turned more into a glare as I was starting to feel rather frustrated. Please tell me I am not going crazy… And then out of know where the pen slowly shifted a few inches to the left and then to the right. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. My mouth dropped open, “holy shit.” As I continued to concentrate on the pen it wasn’t long before I had it levitating up above the desk. I chuckled with astonishment as I grabbed the pen from mid-air and shoved it back in my pencil case. What the hell! How is this possible? So many questions started to pop to mind but as my eyes drifted towards the clock in the corner of the computer screen they immediately vanished as I realised I was running late for my next class. I cussed underneath my breath whilst clearing the history and logging off.

I swiftly gathered up my belongings and as hastily as I entered the library exited back out into the hallway.


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Character Portrait: Mike Hayes

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I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but lunch with Morgan and her best friend Cynthia could have been taken as both entertaining yet terrifying. Cynthia was trying to take the backseat of the conversation, but I kept her engaged in order to make this less of a date with a third wheel, and more like three friends having cheap lunch. I took opportunities to keep my mouth full of food, but Morgan’s focus was acute. I mentioned my fiancée a few times in conversation, and it seemed to hit her hard. Sure, she tried to hide it, but the discontent in her face surfaced just long enough for me to notice. Unfortunately, the woman was persistent with her lust for me. I figured she’d back off, but she tried to maintain that eye contact and flirt with me any chance she got. The last time I managed to throw Sasha into a conversation, Morgan hit me with a question.

“How can you both stand to be so far away? I would never let you get away to some foreign country… Especially you.” She shot the response at me with tact. Yeah, I definitely wasn’t going to use Sasha’s existence as a getaway anymore. “Would you?” She asked Cynthia as I smirked silently. Cynthia agreed with Morgan, knowing damn well she was only aiding her best friend in her assault against my faithfulness.

“She trusts me.” I replied with my smile still intact. The females didn’t seem too threatened by my answer. It was only a challenge to Morgan. The conversation slowed down a bit as we changed subject after subject. It was mostly me asking about Gold Coast and Australia as a whole.

“So you doing anything later?” Morgan asked curiously. I looked at her and actually thought about my plans. I actually got a little excited. I was glad to give her my answer. The best thing about it is, I didn’t have to lie…

“GYM TIME!” I roared from outside the gym alongside Rory as the setting sun beat on our backs. The temperature was cooling down a bit, so the breeze felt exceptional. I took a huge breath of fresh air before heading inside. “You ready for this? We’re about to… Fuck…” I said as I noticed the lack of females in the gym. The hot women tight clothes were about 50% of my motivation of even showing up to the gym. I shook my head before looking at Rory. “Next time we should bring Nicole. At least we’ll have something to look at.” I joked as I headed over to the front desk. I signed in quickly and headed over to an empty bench press. I didn’t even hesitate. I set up the bar for 210 lbs. “Spot me real quick.” I asked Rory as lied my back on the bench.


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Character Portrait: Mike Hayes

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The rest of my day at school went by pretty uneventful. Today the professor brought in a baby kangaroo that was under the care of the school and allowed us to handle it. Luckily the class wasn't that big so we all got to handle the baby kangaroo. I was so ecstatic, this was my first time seeing a kangaroo in real life. Let alone handle it! Everyone was excited to see some animals this early in the semester. The professor had said this was just a special treat for now and that we had to wait until we were further in the class to handle more animals. Either way this was going straight to facebook!

After class got out I got straight on my phone to update my status with pictures of me holding a baby kangaroo, for a moment I felt normal again. As I was posting the pics I got a message from Mike to meet up for some gym time. We met up and headed for the gym, first day of working out in Straya! First kangaroo's, now some well overdue exercise.

"Let's get to it!" I said as we walked through the door. I was just as disappointed when I saw the lack of women in the gym but oh well, there was an entire city full of gorgeous Australian women that I needed to look good for. Mike didn't skip a beat when making his way to the bench press. I signed in and followed after him.

I stood over him and put my right hand face down and my left hand face up then wait for the count. Once the count was given I helped lift the weights up then took my hands off and let him go at it, doing reps while I waited for him to need my help. I kept my hands close to the bar but never touching it unless needed.

"So speaking of women, how's your lady back home?" I asked

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