Vampire KnightMayumi Hayashi

A cheerful vampire, who hates to see others get hurt.

a character in “Vampire Knight A New Story”, as played by brightlight664

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Name: Mayumi Hayashi
Gender: female
Race: vampire
Class: Night Class
Blood-line: Normal
Family: Unkown for now
Power: She can control any kind of liquid, but she doesnt tend to use her powers much.
Weapons: N/A
Description: Image She has very light pink hair, and navy colored eyes. Mayumi only stands to be 5ft 3 inches.
History: She really doesnt remember the past. When she was just a little kid, she was brought to the school, due to the fact that she had nobody to take care of.


She loves to eat sweet things, and is always happy. Mayumi likes to keep all the sadness burried deep in her, and never shows the pain she carries.
When she drinks blood, she only takes small sips of it. She would never do anything that would hurt others.

So begins...

Mayumi Hayashi's Story