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Hikari Ami Tanaka

"Someone who will not die for something, is not fit to live for anything."

939 views · last seen in Cross Academy
a character in “Vampire Knight: The Devil's Pact”, as played by Emily3456


“To hate something you used to love is such a painful feeling.”

“I realized that once people are broken in certain ways, they can’t ever be fixed, and this is something nobody ever tells you when you are young and it never fails to surprise you as you grow older as you see the people in your life break one by one. You wonder when your turn is going to be, or if it’s already happened.”

Nickname: Kari or Ari

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Pure-Blood turned human.

Role: Pure-Blood turned human Prefect,Day Class Student Council President.

Hair Color: Natural light pink

Eye Color: Dark red

Skin Tone: Fair/Pale

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125lb

“I never know what you really want, if I can give it to you, or if I’m already too late.”

Physical Description:
Hikari has long, natural light pink hair that most the time she loosely ties off on both sides of her head. She has large dark red eyes that contrast's with her pale skin nicely and full light pink lips, that most of them time are turned down in a frown. She tends to lose her train of thought easily and she tends to day dream and zone out all of time, and when she does she ends up pursing her lips and pulling together her eyebrows as she stares, unblinking at something for as long as she stay's trapped into her mind, captivated by her own thoughts. When she is in this state, most people don't go near her, and that's mostly because her eyes get a hard, steely look that could scare off any who are lacking courage. When she wear's her hair down, it goes a little past the middle of her back and lays in waves. Most the time she'll be seen in the schools uniform or her own clothes.

She has a very slender, yet curvy form, through she isn't one to show off, she doesn't connect to other's very well, and most of the time it's because some people are too scared to approach her. Through her body is slim, she still has a bit of a athletic build, and she tends to work out at least three times a week, to keep up her build and not become frail and helpless. When she is angry, her eyes will seemingly darken until a dark red or nearly black, but when she is happy they'll be bright and have a kind of spark in them that most people would notice wasn't there before. Most of the time she just has an expression less look on her face, not willing to give anything away about how she feels or what she's thinking.

Romantic Interest: TBA

Skills and Abilities:
She is a really good runner, she loves to run and jog and swim, that's what she does when she is overly stressed and cant think straight. She is an avid reader, and could read a whole book in one day, then be able to write a brilliant essay on it and nearly get a equally brilliant scour on it. She loves to write, and that's another thing she does to clear her mind, she writes. A lot of the time she can be found in the library, reading more than one book at a time with a very peaceful look on her face. She is very tough, and can withstand quite a bit of pain.

She also likes to go for walks at night or in the rain, both seem to calm her down and she can just relax and feel comfortable and more open. She tends to skip out on class and ends up finding little hiding places to take a nap in. Ari also has a small garden out on the forest, hidden from view. She is the only one that knows about it and she safeguards it with her life. It's the place she escapes to quite often.

“Avoid hurting the hearts of others, the poison of your pain will return to you.”

Dominant Traits:

STUBBORNNESS: She hates being told what to do and when to do, she likes you go her own way and not listen to people if their being unreasonably bossy.

BIG HEART: She tends to be too trusting and loving, she takes pity on others and she loves everyone, through she hides it, and her emotions can get the best of her sometimes.

HUMOR: She tends to crack jokes all of the time, even at the worst of times.

SHORT TEMPER: She has a very short temper, and when it gets off she tends to see red and do thing's she shouldn't do, which never really ends up helping the situation.

TARDINESS: Never bothering to set alarms of any kind, Ari often finds herself losing track of time and thus being late. Due to her stubbornness, she refuses to even simply wear a watch or set an alarm on it.

✔ Reading
✔ Writing
✔ Flowers
✔ Music
✔ Rain
✔ Night time

“Things get bad for all of us, almost continually, and what we do under the constant stress reveals who/what we are.”

✘ Bright lights
✘ Loud people
✘ Boring classes
✘ Rude people
✘ The heat
✘ Mornings

Other: Unknown to most is the fact that Hikari is a human turned Pure-Blood, in fact it is unknown to ever herself. The young girl has no idea that her real family are actually descendants of the King who had made the deal Devil, which is why to most her blood smells very pure and tempting. When she was younger her parents, who loved her dearly, turned her human in hopes of saving her from a Hunter attack at the last second..

When the hunters found them, they were surprised that the two Pure-Bloods had a small human child with them, and thinking the worst, they killed them and took the small girl with them. She didn't know anything except her first name, so the hunters passed her off to another family, who raised the girl as a hunter. The reason Hikari hates some Vampires is because she has been led to believe that the Vampires that had her were the ones that had killed her real parents. Hikari has no idea that all it would take to get her memory's back and to turn back into what she was truly meant to be, is one bite from a Pure-Blood Vampire.

She attended Cross Academy because she doesn't want to hate all Vampires, and wants to get over her belief that they are all blood thirsty monsters, through that is easier said than done.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.. So I'll be your light if you be my love.”

1. Possessing or showing courage or determination: "a valiant warrior".
Courage or Courageous:
1. The ability to do something that frightens one.
2. Not deterred by danger or pain; brave.
3. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Hikari is very tough, and it's hard to earn her trust. Most of the time, if someone wants to gain her trust, she has to know she can be happy around them, that she can put her life in their hands and they wont end up killing her. Often she isn't at the front of the group but rather at the back watching and learning far more than you would think. She has always been able to read people and see things about them that others can't. She is quick witted and willing to speak the truth when no one else will, she has a knack for showing the harder side of life that people want to ignore. Most people take notice of when she butts into a conversation, since she more than likely has something important to say, but she'll only say something important if she thinks it's worth while. She's the girl who stands up for what she believes in, doesn't let others push her around, and does what she wants. She's headstrong, and everyone used to say she was born a natural leader.

Ari holds a great hatred towards most Vampires, her grandfather would always tell her little things, like how somehow,everyone weakness was their strength, how she would one day fight not for other's believes, but for her heart. Ari looked up to her grandfather more then she did her older brother, her grandfather would take her out into the woods, twice every week, and teach her how to fight, how they used to fight in the old ways instead of the new, which she also was learning from her parents, but he had never taken her brother out there to train, only her.

Ari is a firm believer in the idea that scars never go away, that time cannot heal everything. This goes is part of the mindset she has that people need to face there problems and that it is by doing this that they can grow as a person. Never being one to shy away when problems arise up her direct and no nonsense attitude in life makes it so that she very rarely has an issue that is not dealt with quickly. Ari is really smart, and she tends to speak her mind freely and if she offends someone by what she says she always points out that its only offending because they know it's true. She doesn't like to be pushed about or bossed so she stands up for herself and her friends because she believes that if your going to pick on someone, you should be per paired for what would happen next.

She is very imaginative, creative, and extremely crafty. She likes to think out of the box, no matter how ridiculous her ideas are. She hates being told how to do anything, when she should do it, or that she is wrong. She's very blunt, in your face, and can border on rude because she will not hold anything back. She often gets that sarcastic and witty look like she's about to mess with you, but if she doesn't know you and doesn't know if she can trust you, she wont.. She is extremely good at lying and fibbing and shes mostly and extremely, painfully, stubborn. However, if you should ever, ever get past that side of her, you'll see someone who wishes they could trust others, but try's to avert from doing so. When she helps someone, she helps them in a natural way, making it seem like she did it cause she had to. When angered, she'll simply glare or just walk away. She hates to be around crowded areas and prefers to be alone most of the time.. She's distrustful, but all around nice on the surface to nearly everyone. Though she doesn't stand for any injustice, she understands that the world is often filled with injustice, and there isn't much she can do about it.[/font]

Image yes
“We are so used to releasing words, we don’t know what to do with them if they stay. No matter how many times we let them go, no matter how badly we don't want them to stay, they come back. The words that matter always stay.”

Hikari was raised by a hunter family, to be a hunter. When she was five hunters found her in a home with two Pure-Bloods, they had saved her and given her off to the Tanaka family, who raised her and led her to believe that her true parents had been killed by those Pure-Bloods, and that is why they had killed them and saved her, but in all honesty they had killed them because they were descendants of the king and very first Pure-Blood, they never knew what she really was, in fact very few know, and she is not one of them. Ari often trained with her grandfather, rather than her parents and older brother, and so she took on a new view of the world. As she grew, her hate for Vampires grew, and it didn't help that she had watched her grandfather, her idol, killed by a vampire. In hopes to rid her of some of this hate, Hikari left for Cross Academy, she had been there for two years and started to feel a bit better about vampires, but she knew these were the only good ones out there, the few that came to this school and wanted more than to kill humans.

When ever someone brings up her real parents or her grandfather, she gets either very angry or very sad, mostly Hikari hates that was hadn't been able to save any of them, so she tries to make herself stronger, because she often feels so weak and helpless.


“Every second of every day, we are dying. From the moment we were born, we were dying, we will always be dying until the very moment we are dead. I never understood why people said that they are living, while people who are ill are said to be dying, whats the big difference? Maybe that they'll die before us? Or maybe..maybe people cant come to terms with the fact that one day, we'll all be dead, and everything we have done will be for nothing.”

So begins...

Hikari Ami Tanaka's Story


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#2013-05-08 02:33:01, as written by Ion



“There is no price for an act of love—and when you love everyone you meet, everything you do is an act of love. It’s freeing.”

Unbeknownst to Bel, his antics were not in any danger of waking his roommate, as Luna as long awake before he rose. In fact, she’d spent most of the day toiling away at paperwork for upcoming Student Council events and functions. This year was packed with many such events, and given that Kaichou-kun hated menial tasks with such fervor, the arrangements were often left to her hands alone. She didn’t mind, really, though it was true that this more than occasionally demanded her attention even during the times she should be sleeping.

Her friend’s footsteps thundered through the small, apartment-like space they shared, and though a nearly-imperceptible smile tilted one corner of her mouth, the movements of the pen in her hand did not cease, leaving a trail of flawless letters over the surface of the forms, until they were complete to her satisfaction, at which point she would flip the paper over, place it neatly on a stack, and start up with the next one. Truthfully, such tasks were not really the best suited to her nonlinear way of thinking, but she resisted the urge to litter the margins with artistic renderings of the other Student Council members or teachers or people she knew and sharpened her focus to the task at hand.

That Bel had left was a signal that class time was soon to approach. Her first couple of periods were actually free, and the fourth was scheduled for an exam, which meant she’d be taking it in an isolated office—it had been discovered that classes in which she sat attained much higher marks than others, an effect of her abilities that she hadn’t even thought of until it was brought up to her. As a result, none of the students in her classes were allowed to see her for several hours before an exam, to prevent skewing of the results. There was actually a more official rule about this for everyone, but it was hardly enforceable.

Still, the Day Class would be emptying out of the Student Council Room now, and that meant she could go do work somewhere more conducive to it. Though her writing desk was quite adequate, the walk to the building would do her good, she supposed. It was always nice to be outside for a little while. Are you sure you shouldn’t be using your time to sleep? A voice asked her, and she turned briefly to the dove sitting on a perch beside her unused bed.

“Oh no, it’s all right, Winston,” she replied with a smile. “I don’t need sleep like most people do, really. You know that.” It was something about her powers probably—she was just so filled with vitality that she fed and slept less than most.

Winston, however, was unconvinced, and ruffled his feathers. You haven’t slept in three days. You know that’s a lot, even for you! Luna stood, collecting her papers and sliding them neatly into her schoolbag. She’d taken a break to shower and change a few hours ago, so she could leave now if she liked. Petting the bird and soothing the disturbed plumage, she tilted her head to the side, fixing him with sunlight eyes and blowing a puff of air into his face.

“You worry too much. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to.”

That’s what I’m worried about. She chuckled lightly, a cascading sound evocative of wind-chimes, and shook her head, advancing to the door. Catching sight of the full hamper on the way out, she shrugged and carried it to the laundry machines, throwing Bel’s sheets in the wash and setting it for the right cycle. Leaving him a short note to this effect, she taped it to his door in case he was back before she was (a likely scenario), and headed out.

The grounds were lovely at sunset, and she inwardly sighed, that she would not be able to enjoy them tonight. There was still too much work to be done for that. But it was all right—this was more important. The other members of Student Council needed her to do this, and so she would.

As predicted, the Student Council room was empty upon her entrance, and she glanced at the Kaichou’s desk briefly before settling down at her own. Returning to his, she took the stack of paperwork that had accumulated there and added it to hers instead. Usually, nothing required his attention specifically, and when it did, she usually filled everything out and set the ones he needed to sign back down there. It was actually kind of silly, how they’d wound up here—neither had run for their respective positions, but had been voted in by the blank spaces for nominations on the ballots. As the school rules dictated, they now had the jobs, whether they wanted them or not. Then again, Luna was used to that kind of imposition. Perhaps Kaichou-kun was not.

Turning back to her work, she began the next form, the pen scratching diligently over the paper the only sound in the room.



“Every day’s an opportunity. And if you foul up one of them, well… there’s always tomorrow. The unforgivable thing is not to fail, but to never try at all.”

Another day, another successful passing period. He’d only had to break up one possible fight, and that between a couple of Day Class Students. Actually, he’d have liked to unleash his indomitable roommate on them and see how that went, but sadly she’d been patrolling another part of the building.

Now back in his dorm, Ace began a daily tradition: cooking a meal for himself and Hikari. They were so busy during the times between classes that they rarely got to eat like regular Day Class students did, and of course, the Night Class had their artificial blood supplements and so on. As a dhampir, he could get his sustenance both ways, though every once in a while, he did have to consume the white capsules. But cooking was more fun, and besides, it wound up being an excuse to spend time with his friend, and for both of them to decompress: she as her day was ending, and he as his began. Breakfast/dinner (brinner?) should be like a law for roommates or something. He bet they’d all get along way better if it was.

Today, he was making waffles, which, along with a number of other simple but delicious things, he was quite good at. He was definitely no gourmet chef, but he had a tendency to make the basic stuff taste pretty darn heavenly, if he did say so himself. Today, he mixed several different kinds of berries into the batter, and pulled the maple syrup and butter from the fridge to set out on the counter. Among the perks of being a prefect was that your shared dorm space had its own kitchenette, and amazingly, when he’d asked Luna if there was any way to get a waffle iron from the administration, she’d produced a form from nowhere and made it happen. Seriously, that was pretty awesome as far as he was concerned. The funny thing was, he would have pegged her as way too creative to enjoy doing paperwork of all things, but maybe you just got used to it or something.

For a few minutes, Ace whirled around the kitchen like someone worthy of his name, occasionally floating new ingredients over to his person or back into the cupboards when he was done with them. The thing about his cooking was that he always wound up absolutely covered in flour and such, which hardly mattered considering he could just force it all off with a compression field and drift it to the trash can. Still, he wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of him matched his hair at the moment.

The thought flickered through his mind that he could definitely gravity-toss a handful of flour at Hikari when she came though the door, but he decided against it. He had no idea what kind of day she’d had, and he didn’t want to make her mad if it had been a bad one. Maybe for the first of April, then. He could remember it for several months, right? Sure. If not, he’d think of something way better for his favorite holiday anyhow.

When Hikari returned to the dorm that morning, there was a steaming pile of waffles waiting for her. Ace in the meantime had plonked himself at the other end of the table, and in a surprising show of manners, was waiting for his friend before eating.

“Evening, Kari-chan,” he said when she at last made her appearance. “How are ya?”


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“It will always come and go. All you can do is hold on to the happy moments once the sad ones wash in.”

Hikari had been up all night, of course she was used to this by now, being a perfect and all, but being used to little sleep didn't help the fact that she got nearly no sleep at all, she would often let Ace head in early, while she liked to wait until the sun rose to be sure that everything went smoothly through the night, and even then she would miss her first few class periods to keep an eye on students who might have been planning to skip classes, she had caught three Day Class Students trying to sneak around during classes and no get caught, they were now scared of he pick haired Prefect and her temper. Hikari stretched as she walked, a yawn escaping her lips. She would need lots of coffee today, because not only did she have classes that she would need to go to, but she also had a meeting at the end of the day with the Night Class President about up-coming events, not that he would show up. Kari frowned at the thought, he never showed up, he mostly just left the hard work up to Luna, which in Kari's mind was a very horrible thing to do, if it was up to her, Luna would be the Night Class President, and Azriel would be the Vice-President, but she couldn't make such choices, and she didn't want to.

In all honesty, Hikari could have turned in early, because lately most of the Day Class students had been so caught up in their studies, they didn't have time to try and spy on the Night Class after their curfew, but there would always be those kids that didn't care for studies, just hot guys. She sighed as she climbed the stairs and made her way towards her dorm, which was towards the end of the hall. She currently shared the room with the other Perfect, Kieran Lancaster, one of the most up-beat people she had ever met, and she was glad he was the other Prefect, anyone who would have made the job worst with their complaining about long nights would have been horrible and it would have made made the sleepless night torture. However Kieran was always very upbeat about it all, and didn't mind doing his half of the job.

Kari opened the door tiredly and forced back a yawn as she slowly made her way into the room, kicking the door shut behind her. The smell of food hit her like a moving car, and her stomach growled in annoyance, for she hadn't eaten since the same time yesterday. She smiled sheepishly as Ace, who was waiting for her at the table where a steaming pile of waffles were waiting. Hikari smiled fondly at her room mate, because this was one of their tradition's, not that they had many, in fact all of their days seemed the same, both would go to classes or patrol during classes, then they would both come to the dorm to eat, then they would both go to either more classes, or get ready to patrol for the Night Classes, the other difference between some days was the fact that Hikari had meetings with the other Class Presidents.

“Evening, Kari-chan,” Ace said as she sat down across the table from him. “How are ya?” He asked making her smile at him before answer. "I'm doing okay Kieran-kun, did you get any sleep last night?" Kari asked honestly concerned for her friend's well being.


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#2013-05-12 23:22:46, as written by Ion



“Shadows can't exist without the light... nor can the light continue when there is no darkness.”

Her eyes didn’t lift from the stack of papers in front of her when she heard the doors open; she knew who it was without needing to use her eyes. Luna was perceptive, strangely enough, and besides that, nobody had the same tread as Kaichou-kun. Though his appearance here was highly irregular, she took it in stride as she always did when unexpected things happened to her. “Good evening, Kaichou-kun,” she greeted simply, knowing well in advance that it was not something that would be returned. That was all right—she did such things because she wanted to do them, not because she expected anything else in return.

Words, she maintained, were like little gifts, and some people were just more willing to make such tiny offerings to others. She did not like to waste hers by any means, but she gave them freely all the same. Other people were more private or reclusive, and sometimes she thought that maybe they didn’t understand the value of these gifts, or maybe they did and didn’t wish to bestow such things upon others. She didn’t make a habit of seeking for what wasn’t freely offered, anyway.

As it turned out, he did speak today, though the sentence was about as sparse as it could have been. No matter; he could have spoken not at all and she would have behaved in the same manner, so it was at the very least a courtesy. She held a moment before answering, affixing her signature to the last of the documents before nodding. “Yes,” she replied simply, standing from her seat and collecting three specific pieces of paper.

“The only things that require your attention today are these. They are all for the arts exhibition next month.” Once a year, usually in the fall, the Academy held a weekend-log event where students skilled in the visual, musical, or other arts showcased their talent to the rest of the school. It was as a rule ill-attended, but she confessed a soft spot in her heart for such pursuits, and so had taken it upon herself to get as many people involved as she could. Given just how many people she knew, the number of registered exhibitors was double what they’d had the year before, and the expected attendance was triple. She herself was not listed among the participants, however. All the forms required were the Kaichou’s signature, signifying that he had read the documents and understood their content—the event wasn’t something the Academy was in danger of cancelling or anything like that.

Laying the papers on the table, she set her pen down beside them and stepped back a few feet. Waiting for him to sign, she thought wistfully of the starry vista surely forming outside, but alas, she still had classwork to finish, and yet more documentation would pile up on her desk in the meantime, likely leaving her with another stack of it before the night was out. Things weren’t usually so busy, but the last couple of weeks had been especially so, as she was trying to get a head start on the organizing for all the major yearly events, so that the entire Student Council (Day and Night Class) wasn’t in a state of mass panic when the new year came about. A little more work now for a lot less later.

It didn’t change the fact that she’d rather be elsewhere. But this was worth doing, and so she did it.



“I want to be strong enough that nobody ever has to worry about me.”

“Oh, y’know,” Ace answered readily, and with an accompanying shrug, “Couple of hours, the usual. I can take the extra passing times today if you need some shut-eye.” He knew she did. Kari-chan was one of those people fortunate enough that it didn’t always show when she was dead-dog tired, but they knew each other well enough by this point that he could make an educated guess that he’d slept more in the last few days than she had. She always liked to spend an extra period or so making sure the Day Class students kept to the places they were supposed to be. He was certainly willing to do that today if she needed a bit more rest.

Now that she was here, he took the opportunity to dig in. The waffles were still warm, and quite enjoyable, in his modest opinion. Honestly, he was one of those people who could and would eat just about anything and enjoy it, but breakfast had always had a special place in his big old bleeding heart. Breakfast with good company was only better.

“So, you planning on doing anything for the exhibition next month?” he asked curiously. It was something Luna had been working very hard on, and she was doing her best to promote all different kinds of art. “You enjoy reading so much—if you write, you could definitely submit something.” He smiled brightly; he personally was not the kind of person who had any artistic talent, but he certainly appreciated it when other people did. Luna herself was a painter and a sketch artist, and he knew that many of the Students at Cross were very gifted in the more musical range of talents. It only made sense to hold some kind of festival to celebrate good qualities like those.

Polishing off his waffles, Ace stood and moved to the other side of the small, eat-in kitchen, running the water for dishes and piling in everything he’d used. He’d take Kari-chan’s plate when she was done too, for that matter. Really, he hoped she’d just go get some sleep—they’d be worse prefects if they were too tired to handle it all the time.


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"I failed one before, I will never make that mistake again. Never."

“Oh, y’know,” Kari looked up at Ace as she ate her food, as always it was brilliantly cooked. “Couple of hours, the usual. I can take the extra passing times today if you need some shut-eye.” She frowned slightly and shook her head ever so slightly, she didn't want to skip out of her job tonight, or any other night, it wouldn't be fair to Ace. Hikari didn't answer him right away, instead she focused on eating her food, she kept it at a normal pace so it didn't seem like she was rushing, but for some reason Kari felt like she needed to get out of the dorm and have a look around the school, her instincts were telling her that someone was in danger. Her instincts were never wrong.

“So, you planning on doing anything for the exhibition next month?” She forze, his question had been so innocent, but it hit close to home. Kari was aware how hard Luna had been working on it, and she often tried her best to help out when she was asked, which was more then the Night Class President did. “You enjoy reading so much—if you write, you could definitely submit something.” He had smiled brightly at her, and she didn't want to offend him, by bluntly saying no, so she silently stood, walked to the sink and placed her dish inside it before turning towards Ace, a small, fake smile placed on her face. "I'm actually a horrible writer, so I couldn't possibly, but I'll think about attempting something, thank you Kieran-kun...also...I'm going to go ahead and start my patrol.." She looked towards the window as a frown formed on her face, she had a horrible feeling in her gut, that was telling her to hurry "I'll see you later..." She mumbled as her frown deepened. Hikari spun around and headed towards the door, but not before she grabbed her Bloody Rose and nearly ran from the room, down the hall and outside. Kari didn't know which was to go, but the feeling in her gut was getting worst, telling her to hurry.


She clenched her teeth and turned right, and ran, her heart was pounding as a cold sweat took over her body, she could tell someone was in danger, but who? Why? Had she missed something? Perhaps a Mad Vampire had slipped by the gates without being noticed, and now it was about to feast on the life blood of a human student, if she didn't hurry someone would surly die, she wasn't wrong for thinking the worst, she had been raised as a hunter to expect the worst, and if she didn't find out who's life was being put on the line, and she was to late, she would blame herself...she would never forgive herself..just like...
No...Don't compare this to that day, you cant blame yourself just..hurry.. Kari took a sharp breath before she made a quick turn around the corner, and she ran inside another building, to be honest she wasn't sure were she was at the moment, she was following her senses.

"That power was yours. Tell me." Hikari's eyes widened as she took in the scene before her,the Night Class President had one of the Day Class Students pinned to the wall, it almost looked like he was going to kiss her, there was nothing gentle about his hold or the look in his eyes. "Resistance is futile. You're mine." Danger.. Hikari jumped forward and pulled out her Bloody Rose, pointing it straight at the back of Azriel's head. The look in her eyes was nearly deadly as she glared at him, their normal day red seemingly turning a brighter shade of scarlet as her vice cut through the air, there was no hint in it that she had just ran across the school, nor that she was scared, it was nearly emotionless,other than the anger in it. "Azriel Nouralail, let her go. Now."


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#2013-05-15 03:50:12, as written by Azazel


"It was was always you. And because of you, I am afraid."

She could see them. The red eyes. The Fangs. The Claws. Everything she had feared, she could see them chasing after her. She couldn't see passed the tears that blurred her vision. She couldn't do this, she couldn't be a part of this school. She had to leave. One way or the other, she had to leave. The halls were empty, students either in class or in their own dorm rooms. She couldn't cry out for help, scream, or even aid herself without the fear of it being, by chance, a vampire. She only had one person in mind when she ran: Makoto. Where was he? Could he even save her? Protect her from the darkness that followed pursuit like a hurricane ravaging the land, could he?

She ran until a pair of arms forced her to stop. For a moment, she turned her head and expected to see Makoto, however; the force of which she met the wall with rendered the thought null. Cold, almost lifeless, obsidian eyes peered down at her as her limbs were rendered useless. She could feel her wrists become numb with the pressure he exerted towards them. They would not bruise as easily since her flesh was not that of a mortal's. With the vampiric blood flowing through her veins, it was assured that she wouldn't. Had she been a mortal, he might have crushed her back against the wall and snapped her in two.

Haruka allowed her eyes to widen as far as they would. She could feel the tears pricking at the sides of her eyes as he leaned close to her. If this were the beginnings of a nightmare, Haruka had just found herself in the midst of never waking up. She could feel the warmth of his breath strangling her senses, the way he held her forced a breath to lodge itself in her throat. She couldn't breath, she couldn't see, everything had become a blur. She tried to get out of his grasp, but being just a halfling, there was nothing she could do against a pure-blood. She was powerless, hopeless, helpless.

Haruka, you're my light,

The voice echoed inside of her mind as her eyes flashed a brilliant crimson. "I don't belong to anyone," she spat at the vampire. "Especially not you" she continued. She couldn't overpower him, it was a fact. Even with her vampire abilities, she wouldn't be able to over power the pure-blood. She could feel her heart beating an irregular rhythm against her rib-cage, listening to the sounds as if they were beating drums. The fear had consumed her being, however; she wasn't running. Not this time. She wasn't going to allow herself to run, to be labeled as a coward who couldn't protect herself. She had inherited her father's ability, his ability. She had been told once that each vampire held a special ability and each one was unique to each vampire, however; since she was neither vampire, nor human, her father's ability seemed to have been transferred to her alone.

"Who I am, what I am, is not for the likes of you," she stated with such ferocity that the leaking water fountain covered itself in an ice coffin. She lunged forward, her lips latching onto Azriel's and sinking her teeth into his flesh. If it meant a chance to escape from this...thing, this darkness that had just thought he could assume she belonged to him, she would take it. The voice of another entered the premises as Haruka remained latched to his lip. She recognized the voice belonging to the female prefect: Hikari Tanaka. Whether or not she could see Haruka bleeding Azriel's lip was unknown to her, but at the moment his blood entered her taste buds, Haruka's eyes were no longer flickering between vermilion and stone. They were a permanent crimson. It was his blood.

It had to be. Something oddly familiar clicked in the back of her mind, however; she couldn't place it. The awkward situation she was in was now over-ruled by the fact that something was so familiar about this thing. Where did this sensation come from? She had never met this particular vampire, her fear made sure of that. Even when assigned as roommates she kept her distance. Perhaps it was the odd feeling that surged through her that caused the sensation.

Makoto had not expected Hayden to tag along. After all, he wasn't really going towards Haruka, but at the split mention of Azriel, a slight cloud of worry hung over him. He knew the man was a vampire, a pure-blood to be more specific. A sudden question lingered in the air as Hayden questioned his source of information. Should he tell him the truth? He had promised his father he would protect Haruka, and if this vampire was sincere in protecting this promise, then by all means he was. He sighed, running a hand through his hair before staring at the black-haired vampire.

"Azriel is a pure-blood, and you are a vampire. As for how I know of these facts," he paused, glancing at the vampire to ensure he was still listening. Satisfied that he held the vampires attention, he continued. "I am a hunter," he lied. He said it with such a believable face that no one would have dared to have questioned him otherwise. He didn't know this vampire quite yet, and although he didn't catch a hostile aura from the male, he still didn't quite trust him.


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“Did you mean it, when you said that someday, I wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore?"

“I know you’re lonely, and I know I can’t be the one to chase those feelings from your heart. But won’t you at least let me stand by your side?"

Though perhaps most people would have balked at being ordered so coldly to do something that should have been a matter of their own choice, Luna was not most people. Nor was she a fawning sycophant, as worshipful of the presence of the man in front of her as others tended to be. Indeed, she stood in simple silence, accepting the documents when they were handed back to her, and when she did speak, it was not to comment upon anything that had just taken place.

“I hope you do not find the rest of your hours too troublesome, Kaichou-kun.” That was it—the simplest of farewells, and a wish, small but genuine. She didn’t let him see it, of course, but the smallest of smiles crossed her face, seeing her name written there, albeit in a hand not her own, as a registrant in the event. Her art was not something she had ever shared with the rest of the world. Though she was in some senses as open and readable as a book, parts of Luna were very secluded, withheld. There was for her a very sharp distinction between her public face and her private one, and for just a moment, alone in the Student Council room, she let the public one fall away and wore the other instead, for nobody but herself. It was at once her vulnerability and her strength, her selfishness and her charity, that she divided herself thus.

The President’s exit was enough to signal the entrance of several others, though. With him, his coldness and contained violence were enough to keep admirers quite distant, and when she was in his company, she was not often confronted with the company of others. As soon as he left, however, there was nothing in the space but a warm, inviting aura—the one that she herself exuded, intentional or not, and it drew people in her general direction like moths to a flame. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, of course, and so she had not the heart to impose upon anyone to leave her be. So when the committee room gained upwards of fifteen new occupants, only four or so with a real reason to be there, she did not comment upon it, instead answering the greetings leveled her way politely and with her public face firmly encasing her every expression, her every word.

Retreating to her desk, she was halfway through a maths assignment that she really didn’t need, when she heard a small disturbance from in front of the desk. A meow, of all things, and she smiled down at the cat. “Good evening,” she greeted politely, seeing no reason to forget her manners because she was speaking to an animal. “Did you have an appointment with Kaichou-kun, perhaps? Or are you here for me? I confess not all my gentleman friends are so handsome as you.” That much, she delivered with a straight face, the only giveaway to her humor a slight twinkle to the sun-eyes, and she dangled her hand before the creature, letting it sniff her if it wanted, then rubbed absently behind one of its ears.

The rest of the hour, she would spend on her own work, or more likely, helping others with theirs. This wasn’t anything she minded, either—why not help another person reach their potential? She could do this and accomplish her own tasks as well, time had taught her that much. So, laying her own affairs to the side, Luna made circuits of the room, stopping here or there to listen to a question and offer gentle questions that nudged people to the answers they were looking for, and assisted the rather starstruck and hapless treasurer in finding the mistake in last month’s accounts.

In the doorframe, a figure stood with his arms crossed, watching the scene with a grin on his face. That was his Lulu, for sure. He was also pleased to see that today, nobody was attempting to sneak a brush or anything like that. It had taken a number of years to establish certain boundaries with people, because Lulu was the opposite of intimidating and people tended to assume they could get away with such exploitative behavior where she was concerned. This was something Ace had gone to great lengths to correct such assumptions, and while there were still some troublesome people around, most had learned to give her her space for the most part.

Leaning his head back on the doorframe, he thought back to the conclusion of his discussion with Kari-chan. He’d thought it ended rather abruptly, and maybe she’d been uncomfortable with something? She’d practically bolted from the kitchen, but he wasn’t really sure if it meant anything. To his credit, Kieran was at least aware of his lack of social perception, not that this really helped him figure anything out. So if there’d been a problem, what would it have been? He’d just mentioned the Art Exhibition… there wasn’t anything offensive about that, was there? He furrowed his brows and tried to think, but the possibilities eluded him.

Should he apologize? Was that the right thing to do? What if he didn’t know what he was apologizing for? This stuff made his head hurt.

A sudden sense of warmth, like he was standing right next to a brazier on a cold day, seeped into him and he glanced to the side to find his cousin standing there, a little smile gracing her features. Hands clasped behind her back. “Thinking hard, are you?” she asked lightly, and he grinned back, face coloring just slightly.

“Er… yeah, I guess,” he replied. It was kind of embarrassing, to be caught zoning out like that.

“What about?” she inquired, her tones still nonchalant, but he didn’t miss the slightly-sly way she glanced at him from the corner of her eye. This was something that had always mystified him about his cousin, and he still didn’t understand it: her subtle mood shifts. To someone who wasn’t paying attention, Lulu might seem like she never changed much, always kind and patient and tolerant. Those things were true, sure, but there was way more to it than that.

He knew to be wary of this mood—she might be looking to stir up some kind of trouble for him. “It’s nothing,” he said hastily, waving a hand in front of his face. “Just more people stuff that I don’t get is all.” She looked like she might press, but she must have read his face, because she didn’t, instead reaching up on tiptoe to place the very tip of her index finger at the center of his forehead. He was at once flooded with calm reassurance and a feeling something like being in flight. It was like he stood at the very top of the world, and nothing could stop him, now or ever. It left him, as it left most people, a tad breathless, exhilarated, but also sharper, more resolved, determined… more like himself. As though the rest of his life, he’d just bee a shadow of what he could be, and wasn’t quite there yet. As though there were something more she could give, something more that he wanted from her... but he clamped down on that instinct fiercely.

“Thanks, Lulu,” he said quietly, knowing that it was never an easy thing for her to touch someone, no matter how random she made the gesture seem. She simply nodded and headed back to the desk she occupied, and he slipped out of the door. Might as well use the boon for something nice… like flying. That always made him feel much better, and she knew it, too.


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|Time continues without pause. However, there is just one time that would be stained by crimson darkness and that will be you.|

The scent. The taste. The sensation. The trickling of his blood. It assaulted Azriel. The main reason for such things was none other than the human girl or apparently not-that-human roommate of his. She even talked back to him in a useless way. Well, he would give her due credit for trying to do her best to show her resistance. In any case, he did not relinquish his hold on the girl or even moved his face away. He stood much like an immovable force. Although, he could feel an annoying myna bird hovering behind him. He has no need for her presence. This prefect does not know when to stay away from him. Moreover, never to order him around.

As if to imply his displeasure, he tightened his hold on his roommate and pushed her further to the wall. The result of that could be seen now to the concrete sporting cracks by the brute force he used. It seemed he would not have to worry about breaking the girl's body that easily. Truly, he did not care either way. He bit her back as he replied to her action with much force. Those fangs of his elongated and pierced those rose-colored lips of hers. His mouth covered hers and he even licked the blood seeping from her lips with such a erotic manner delivered without much gentleness. There is truth behind his assumptions. This girl was truly different and connected to that person.

In regards to the prefect, he ignored her presence or even the fact she had a gun pointed at his head. Releasing his roommate from the bloody kiss, they shared. He casually looked over his shoulder. Those eyes of black had a tint of blue to it. There was no show of respect or an ounce of care in those eyes of the pureblood. "You're an interference." After stating that, a malevolent invisible wave surrounded Azriel. It destroyed the glasses along the hallways. It was then the female prefect could be seen being thrown to the opposite wall, or rather through the window. Good for her, they were just on the first floor. So, there should be no problem about broken bones. Although, he could not care if she got scraped or anything by the broken glasses.

He then returned his eyes on the form of his roommate. "You will answer my questions one way or another." There was no tenderness on it as he once more forced his lips on hers. However, the blood dripping from the corner of their lips implied that there was nothing innocent about such an intimate contact. Soon, he released her lips from his and then hauled the girl over his shoulder. It was like having a bag of garbage in the way he treated her. Stopping midway, he looked at the female prefect who dared get in his way. "This woman is mine. Specifically, my fiancée." The students who were there that witnessed such a turn of unexpected events. "Do your job and handle the crowd."

Well, it came as a shock since Azriel and Haruka barely even had an interaction throughout the years. Now, they were engaged to be married. So, what did they witnessed? A lover's quarrel? Although, the pureblood truly had no connection with his roommate until this day. He would create a chain between them until he get the answers to his question. So, the statement he delivered out of whim. It would be a contract and official soon enough. As for the girl hanging on his shoulder which he made sure not to move too much. He then continued to leave the area. They would be returning to his, technically, their room.

Once inside, Azriel made sure no one can enter the room. He even cast a special barrier of a spell to prevent intrusions of any kind. After doing so, he threw the girl on the bed. Now, he was pinning her on the bed in the most awkward and intimate of positions. He hovered above the girl while he held both of her wrists on both side. His face awfully closed to hers once more. The beautiful face admired and swooned by the populace looked at him with such coldness and anger. "Now, woman. Tell me what I want." His hold on her arms tightened. Those eyes of his were like the black of night. Not even a glimmer of warmth and tenderness were there. "I will break you."


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"Fear always renders us am I useless, or just pathetic?"


The only sensation that forced it's way to the depths of Haruka's mind, swallowed her whole being. She hadn't expected him to reply the way he had. She had hoped to catch the pure-blood off guard, cause him to release her so she could escape, but what the actions he just displayed only made her worse. He bit her. He had bitten her back, and like a ravenous flea, he took her blood. Her blood. She was pushed further into the wall, the sickening crack of the concrete flooding her ears as she endured his assault. By now, her body was becoming fatigued at the sheer strength the pure-blood used to keep her in place.

Her eyes only widened further when he released a wave of unforeseeable energy, causing some mirrors to crack and sent Hikari backwards, colliding into a nearby wall. She wanted to scream out to Hikari, but found herself unable to do so. By now they had acquired a crowd of students, watching as the events unfolded. Although they missed the brute of the power, they were now witnessing a rather perplexed situation. A lovers quarrel perhaps if some saw it that way. Others could foresee it as a love once lost now found, however; it was none of those. Before Haruka could call out for Hikari, or for help for that matter, she found her lips taken once again. She struggled to free herself from the grasp of the pure-blood but it was no use. There was no purpose.

He had spoken about answers, and retrieving them one way or another. What answers? What did he want to know? She felt the tears flood down her face in a crystalline waterfall. She didn't know what he wanted to know. She couldn't give him the answers, otherwise she would make it end. She didn't want to be in this school in the first place. She didn't want to be his roommate in the first place. She didn't want...Her eyes remained as they were, frightened. She suddenly found herself hoisted over the males' shoulder, securing her so that she would not be able to move. He stopped briefly in front of the prefect and spoke a few words, however; only partial pieces of his one-sided conversation was heard.

"This woman is mine. More specifically my fiancé,"

Those words echoed in the back of Haruka's mind. When had she become his? When did she decide she was going to be married? When did she choose him as a potential mate? She didn't. She wouldn't. This man, this vampire, this thing had just declared that she was merely his property now. That is how it was for all least in her family's eyes it had been. Once a pure-blood had laid claim on someone, it was sealed. There was no turning back. There was no longer the need for freedom because you would be bound to the pure-blood forever.

And pure-bloods lived forever.

What had that entailed for her? The thoughts ran as her eyes stayed glued to the floor, watching as his feet clicked on the ground. They were headed back to the dorm room. That room which she loathed with every fiber of her being. If she hadn't been in that room, if he hadn't been in that room, she wouldn't be in this predicament. She needed to escape, she needed to do something to get away. Why did she have to be so...powerless? It was because of her fear. Her fear held her hostage. It kept her handicapped. Even after the years of training with her family, she had still been rendered handicapped. The fear overwhelmed her, and its' hold on her was like a choke hold. It was suffocating her slowly, an agonizing, slow death.

It was only a matter of minutes before they reached their designated room. The one she had cursed for so long. She was thrown on the mattress to one of the beds. She couldn't tell if it was hers or his, but she didn't care. She wanted to get away from this thing that was now pinning her down to the bed. Her arms were stranded to her side, and the only thing she could do was stare up with terrified tear-filled eyes. There would be no mercy from this creature, whether she shed tears or not. He wouldn't let her go. She could feel the rapid heart beating against her chest as she waited for him to do something. Rip out her heart, her throat, drain her, something. Instead, she was met with a tone so void it sent chills down her very being.

"Now, woman. Tell me what I want. I will break you,"

There was that question again. Who was she? She was Haruka. If he had tasted her blood, he would have known who she was. Why did he feel the need to invoke such a fear that would render her speechless? Why would he ask the question he would...he should already know the answer to? Her body was shaking, she could feel her nerves breaking down as small beads of sweat rolled down her forhead. She couldn't reply to his question. She was thinking of only one person, and that one person would be the only one to save her.

"," she called out in a mere whisper for the one person who wasn't there as the tears ran freely. He wasn't there to save her. He wasn't there to protect her. He wasn't there.

Makoto had decided to check out the ill feeling that seemed to wash over him. Immediately his eyes widened at the sight before him. Shards of broken glass lay scattered around the fallen form of the female prefect. Makoto rushed to her side as the students had gathered around her. He could smell faint blood lingering in the air, however; it wasn't just coming from one person. There had been two people here bleeding. Although it wasn't profusely, it still left behind an odor that couldn't be ignored. Then, the faint smell of Haruka's blood assaulted him. His eyes widened in terror as he realized it was she who was bleeding.

"Hayden, get Hikari to the infirmary," he nearly ordered. He could see that she was thrown rather harshly against the wall, and pieces of glass stuck to her body. He cradled her into his arms before handing her over to Hayden. "Everyone else, return to your" he almost let out a feral snarl when he addressed the group. They immediately dispersed, leaving only Makoto and Hayden in the halls. He made a bee-line for Haruka's room, not waiting on a response from the vampire as his only concern was her.

"What happened to Haruka, I can't reach her" Jiro spoke as he was suddenly by Makoto's side. He had been enjoying his stay with the Lancaster vampiress when a sudden jolt fired through his being. He was no longer a small black cat, but a rather large black-stripped white tiger: his true form. He had tried calling out to Haruka, but something was keeping him out of her mind. Everytime he tried, he would get a shock and an intense flame-like sensation would fill his mind. "Makoto," Jiro tried talking to the vampire, but Makoto only saw red.


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"There was once a boy, a little boy named Bel. Bel wasn't like all the other kids he knew, who ran and played in the sun. He was a monster."

The pair moved in utter silence, running without rest or concern for who saw them. They said nothing, Bel was too preoccupied by the smell of blood, further, the fact that Makoto was a hunter explained both his peculiar smell and his surprising amount of knowledge. Bel decided it would be ok to trust him, all his questions could wait until later. He was a hunter and a friend of Haruka's meaning he couldn't be that bad. As they got closer, the smell pf blood grew stronger. Bel could tell there wasn't a lot, but the smell of blood was unmistakeable. Bel wanted to take off ahead of Makoto, but he knew they needed to stay together, something was happening, something bad. As they reached the scene, Bel couldn't contain a gasp. He was shocked. His eyes widened at the sight before him. Shards of broken glass lay scattered around the fallen form of the female prefect, Hikari. Normally, funnily enough, Bel was terrified of the girl, she was so strong, so confident, and there was something about her that set Bel's skin crawling, but instead, she lay broken on the floor. Bel couldn't even move, he was too shocked. That Hikari, that strong, capable Hikari was lying, bleeding on the floor. Makoto rushed to her side as the students had gathered around her. Then the smell hit him. Bel's nose was stronger than most, so even though there obviously wasn't much blood, only a few drops here and there, the irony smell assaulted Bel's nose, filling his head with the stench of blood. Bel stepped forward, cautiously, careful not to bump into anyone. He made his way through the crowd, standing behind Makoto, who was quickly taking charge of the situation, however, there seemed to be other things on his mind.

"Hayden, get Hikari to the infirmary," he nearly ordered. "Y-yeah, sure." Bel said, beginning to crouch down and pick up Hikari, but Makoto beat him to it. As she rose through the air, Bel gasped once more, a single hand coming up to cover his mouth. She must have been thrown rather harshly against the wall, there were pieces of glass stuck to her body. Makoto cradled her into his arms before handing her over to Hayden, who took her as carefully as he could, trying not to move the glass, and to grab her in a position that wouldn't disturb the few shards of glass still embedded in her body. "Everyone else, return to your" His tone was harsh, almost a feral snarl, as he addressed the group. They immediately dispersed, leaving only Makoto and Bel in the halls. "Where should I meet you once I'm done with her?" Bel made to ask, but Makoto was long gone. Bel lifted his face into the air, his nose working, trying to pick up the scent of Haruka's blood. It trailed all the way back to her room, where Bel had met Makoto earlier. "Still, I need to know what happened." Bel said to himself. "Bel! If she was there when everything happened, she might know what happened to Haruka. We need to get her to the nurse pronto." Kuro exclaimed, nudging Bel on the side of the face. "Hurry, hurry!" Kuro prodded. "You gotta go fast Bel!" Kuro encouraged. "I dunno..." Bel said, worried. "She's wounded, plus there's glass in her. I don't think that kind of speed is a good idea..." Bel said, and unfortunately he was right. "Well then as fast as you think she'll be ok for. We need to get back there and help Makoto." Kuro suggested. "Good enough. Hold on Kuro." Bel warned his familiar, and the three of them were off. "Hold on Miss Hikari," Bel whispered softly to the girl, as if he were cradling a baby. "I'm gonna get you to some help just as fast as I can." Bel whispered to the unconscious Hikari, and at that they took off.

While Bel wanted to tear up the floorboards with his speed, doing so while carrying Hikari would not have been the best idea. Instead, he took off at, what he considered a light jog, that humans would have called a full sprint. As he ran, Bel took the utmost care to move as smoothly as possible, so as not to disturb or damage Hikari. He carried her as if she were the world's most fragile object, as if bumping her, or allowing her to jostle would break her instantly. Finally, after what seemed like ages to Kuro, but was actually pretty decent time, Bel made it to the infirmary. "No time to explain nurse." Bel said, speaking through the nurse's shocked exclamations. "She's really hurt and she needs lots of help. There's glass everywhere." Bel explained. He went on to describe how he thought she'd been thrown into a window, but he didn't say by whom, as he'd not gotten a good look at the attacker's face, though he knew for a fact it was probably Azriel. He explained how he found her injured and carried her here as fast as he could. Once he was finished, however, instead of leaving like he wanted to, the nurse forced him to stay. She told him she'd write a note to his teachers, but he was to stay with Miss Hikari until she woke up, as it was just a bump on the head, and she wouldn't be taking much longer to wake up. That way, when she woke, Bel could get the details about who attacked her. Further, the nurse had to bring the report directly to the school's main office, so she really needed Bel, who begrudgingly agreed, to stay.

Bel sat in the chair next to Hikari's bed in the nurse's office. The nurse had changed her clothes, removed the glass, and patched up her various wounds. She was as good as new, however, Bel was troubled. Not only was he becoming increasingly bored, but Makoto needed his help. "Hey, Kuro, you wanna do me a favor?" Bel asked the cat, who was playing around with a cotton swab. Kuro turned away from the small cotton ball to face Bel. "Sure! Anything for you Belly! Whatcha want?" Kuro asked, being awfully considerate. "Will you go down to the music room and bring me my cello?" Bel asked. "You'll have to turn big for me, but that shouldn't be an issue. Further, I'll play Khalia's song for you and give you a saucer of cream when we get home if you can do it without being seen." Bel taunted the little cat. Kuro's eyes widened happily. "Wow! You mean it?!" The cat exclaimed, pure joy in his voice. "You're on Bel!" Kuro said before vanishing instantly into his own shadow. A moment later, Kuro was back, now full sized and carrying Bel's cello inside of it's care as if it were nothing more than a cat toy. After handing his master the cello, Kuro shrunk back down to normal size and jumped up on the end of Hikari's bed and curled into a ball. "That's so tiring Bel, don't ask me to do that again today, ok?" Bel chuckled to himself and nodded. "Of course Kuro, you did really well." Bel said scratching his cat's head. At that, Bel took out his cello and began to play. For some reason, he felt like he needed to play Khalia's song -- it might make him feel better and Hikari might like it. Regardless of the reason, Bel sat back in the chair, which he had moved back to the far side of the room so it wouldn't be so loud in Hikari's ears, and began to play, softly mind you, as Hikari was still sleeping. Just as Bel was finishing up, he noticed Hikari stir and stopped playing, he put down his bow and spoke. "Hey, you ok?" Bel asked simply


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"I'm not feeling angry, I am feeling wrathful. Move aside while you still can."

Hikari wasn't sure what had happened, one minute she had passed out from what was only blood loss, and the next minute she was laying in a bed, listening to music while she slept. Something click inside her head as she stirred, she shouldn't be laying in a bed, she should be helping Haruka, who the hell had thought to bring her to a bed? What gave them the right to even move her in the first place? Slowly, anger built up inside herself, like a flame slowly getting bigger, she was angry that someone who give her the luxury of being comfortable while Haruka was most likely in pain. Her fists clenched as she ground her teeth together. As she slowly sat up, turned, and glared at Bel, who had asked her if she was okay. Her glare was like the enraged look of death when he found out he had been cheated out of a soul, her gaze nearly screamed danger, she was silently warning him to back away while he could.

"Do I look okay? Who the hell told you to bring me here?! Of all places! I can patch myself up goddamn it! Fucking Vampires! I'll blow his freaking head off!!" Kari was nearly snarling at the Noble in front of her as she threw the sheets back, away from her body and to the ground, grabbed her Bloody Rose and shot twice up at the roof, and then one random shot in Bel's direction for the hell of it. The shot hit the wall near his head as she stormed out of the room, yelling and cussing as she went, her feet stomping into the wooden floor-bored's with more force than necessary. Students out of class stared at her in shock, and she couldn't blame them, she was covered in badges and blood, her uniform jacket had been ripped up and discarded, leaving her in a bloody looked white button up shirt and her eyes were nearly as red as a blazing flame. Not to mention she was carrying a gun and hissing like a cat at anyone who got in her way. Night Class students watched her rage with amusement, while Day Class students backed away and ran for cover as she passed them, she was heading right for Haruka's dorm, where she would find the bastard and shoot him in the head, not only had he thrown her into a wall, and cut her up with class, but he had pretty much kidnapped his own room mate, what a nut job.

Hikari was fuming as she neared the dorm door, where Makoto and Jiro stood, both looking worried. She stomped right up to the door, and kicked it so hard there was a slight crack in the middle of it. "I will kill him."
She hissed darkly as she cocked her gun and pointed it at the door, she was planning to let off a load right between his eyes, she didn't care if he was a Pure-Blood or not, he had no right to treat anyone the way he was, if she had a knife she would stab him. Repeatedly. She had a short temper, and people were testing it lately, she truly hated some Vampires, there was o way around her hatred for them. Kari's eye twitched as a Day Class student came to close to her for her liking, and she turned and hissed like a crazed cat at the boy, who screamed like a girl and ran away in the other direction.

If she wasn't so angry she would have laughed.


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"You told me once I was your light, and I believed you. I thought you were mine as well."

Snow surrounded a young girl as she tried to grasp onto a snowflake with a gloved hand. In her other hand, there was a man's hand, gently holding it. He smiled down at her as he rubbed her head affectionately. Stone gray eyes peered up into azure eyes and smiled brightly. Haruka cuddled against her father's legs, burrying her head into them as she giggled. The sound of his name caused Haru to turn to the direction. A frown marred his handsome features before he glanced down at Haruka.

"My little Light, I must go now," he had spoken as Haruka stared up at him. Where did he have to go? She tilted her head in confusion, her eyes gleaming the unspoken question. He knelt down so that he was eye level with her and offered her an apologetic smile. "I have something to attend to, my little Light. I promise, I will return for you though," he had spoken before he turned and walked away. the only thing Haruka could do was watch as the back of her father slowly disappeared beneath a black mass of a car, and just like that he was gone.


His name ran through Haruka's mind as Azriel's presence continued to invoke fear upon her. When he mentioned destroying Makoto, her eyes could only widen further. They were red from the tears that seemed to be endless as the mere thought of losing the one anchor she had to the human world frightened her more than the vampire pinning her down. Makoto was the first human that had managed to tear down a piece of her inner wall. He was her first friend, her only friend. In this world of fear, the thought alone was disturbing. He was the only thing she held dear in this life.

She had no friends, no family, nothing. She didn't want to call this person by his name. She had no reason to call his name. He wasn't hers, she wasn't his. She would refuse to say such a tainted thing. The next onslaught of questions and demands were hurled at Haruka, and one in particular caused her a bit of confusion. She had caught a glimpse of a man with yellow-orange hair in Azriel's own memories and his face was eeriely similar to that of her fathers.

"Dad..." she could barely hear her own voice when she called out in reflex. But what did he know of her father? Did he know where he was? He was dead. He had to have been dead. He had promised to come back for her, to come for her. He never did. He never returned from his trip and because of it, she was subjected to the daily feedings of that family. Would she have been afraid still if he had returned? So many questions of her own were drowing out the continued one-sided conversation until something happened. He had ripped off her shirt, and instinctively, she tried to cover heself up. His hold on her arms, however, ensured that she would not be moving anytime soon. He then pricked his index finger, allowing the blood to form and spoke.

A mark? What kind of mark? Why couldn't it be removed? Everything could be...unless. A searing pain filled her chest as she cried out. She could feel the sensation of her flesh burning as her screams fell on deaf ears. It felt like she was being carved on, a tattooing process with a blade that had been heated. She tried to move, but the pain was unbearable. She could feel her conciousness fade in and out. Between the fear and pain, it was a miracle she hadn't passed out yet. But would he let her if she did? She knew he wouldn't. This monster before her was the reason why she held such a fear. She could see their gazes, the hungry fangs elongated with their eyes. Those things, those hungry things.

She couldn't tell if she was still crying or if her tears had stopped, but she knew the pain had not. As the mark formed on her chest, the pure-blood then proceeded to bite her palm, just enough to draw her own blood and placed it upon his neck. The same sensation she had experienced was now being returned, a mark forming along his neck. It was her mark. A mark that would now bind them as one, forever. The mark was that of a not-yet wilted rose petal. It was a beautiful, tragic sight to behold really. It showcased just how different she was. A being lingering between life and death, humanity and monstrosity. It was at this point in her life that she had wished she was never here. She never should have enrolled into the Academy. She didn't know that this is what it would have ended like.

"From this point on, you are mine and I am yours."

The words echoed through her ears, and yet they never registered. Never. She would never be his. She would rather die than to belong to a vampire. She wasn't an object that could be coerced into something so easily. She wasn't an object to be used for the selfish desires of this thing. Although by custom, she was already his in a sense that they have just consummated a very sacred tradition. Although for it to be permanent, the consummation of their marriage would have to be sealed. And it wasn't with a kiss either. Her father had taught her that much before he left. He had always told her to never share her blood, or herself, with anyone other than the one that she could freely be herself with. To the one that she would cherish.

To the one she loved.

Whether it was a vampire or human, her blood, as most other vampires, was a sacred delicacy that should only belong to that one love. But now, she couldn't. He had tasted of her blood, he had branded her as he forced her to do the same to him. In that moment, Haruka felt her heart break ever so more than it already had that morning. She would never know the feeling of that love her father had spoken of. That love that her father had described to her when he had met her mother. He had told her numerous times that she was the spitting image of her, however; she never knew.

"I will never be yours" she found her voice, although still just a whisper as it was. "Never. You cannot destroy what is precious to's already gone" she continued, although she almost mouthed the last phrase as she was already whispering. She felt the last of her tears fall while closing her eyes and willing them shut. There was only one thing precious to her, and he was gone. He had broken a promise he made: The promise he would return.

She would not subject to this man. She wouldn't be held like a hostage. With her free hand, as he had released it moments prior to marking himself with her blood, she tried to pry the man's other hand loose. She tried with all the strength she could muster, but he was a pure-blood. What chance did she have against him? She would gladly welcome death if it meant a release from this hell she was in.

"You're just like they were! You're no different from them! Just selfish desires, a hunger for something you want and know it will never be," she found herself screaming as she continued to pry at his hand. She knew it was worthless to claw at his hand, to try and remove it, to try and free herself. She wanted to try anything. She didn't want that to happen all over again. She didn't want to return to that life. She couldn't, otherwise she might end up doing the one thing she told herself she would never do.

Haruka! the sound of her name caused her eyes to snap open and peered beyond the black irises of Azriel. The sound of his voice echoed. Although the barrier Azriel had erected to prevent disturbances, she still heard his voice. Makoto had been screaming her name through the door, but he could sense the barrier around the object would deflect any source of intrusion. He stood there, trying to figure out a way to to get through it, however; the Nouralail was a particularly strong bloodline, one that even his father couldn't surpass. Even though the blood that ran through his veins contained the legacy of his father, he couldn't do anything about this barrier. He had caught glimpses of the event through the blood that had spilled from Hikari. He had taken a glance when he noticed little droplets of blood on his forearm after he had handed her to Hayden.

He had seen what the Nouralail had did to his sister, what he was doing to her, what he would do to her. She had released that energy, the one he was supposed to protect. It was a secret to the world of the half-ling that had inherited an ability thought specifically unique to one vampire. It was his duty. As her brother, as her friend, as hers. He was told that she would be his when her fear would be washed away. Although he loved his sister as a friend, and sister, it was in their family's heritage that they would also be one. If Azriel had truly made such a claim, would he be too late to stop the pure-blood?

"It is done, Makoto. There is nothing you can do now," Jiro spoke as he pierced into the mind of his master. He could see the pain, the misery she was in and the final act that would now, not only force him to serve his master, but the one she was now bonded to. He could feel the hairs on his back rise ever so lightly before his figure morphed back into a black cat. He turned from Makoto, missing the vampire's tear filled gaze as his own eyes began to leak. He failed her, his sister.

His father.

You promised you wouldn't cry for me Jiro. Remember? You said you would be strong and protect me. Like you did with... the voice echoed in the back of Jiro's mind as he could see the disappointment in her eyes. She had spoken these words to him when she had her first breakdown. She made him promise. Not as her servant, not as her friend, but as her protector.

"I failed you...Ru-ru.
" they both said in unison before Makoto felt his legs give from beneath him.


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"The little boy named Bel grew up in a house that was very different from the other's near it. It was full of monsters."

As soon as Hikari was up, Bel knew he was in some sort of trouble. He knees instinctively began trembling, even though he was sitting, and his teeth began to chatter. His pupil's dilated and a stupid smile slowly creeped across his face. He chuckled nervously for a moment before trying to speak. However, he was so terrified of this girl, even though there's was nothing she could do to him short of shooting him point blank in the head that would actually kill him. "U-umm.. easy n-now Hikari, n-no reason t-to lose our heads over this." Bel said, fighting with every word past his uncontrollable fear. 'This is just ridiculous...' Bel thought to himself with a sigh, he hung his head for a moment, "I brought you here because you were really torn up. The nurse patched you up and I decided to stay with you until you woke up so I could get some information about the current situation as well as to offer my assistance." Funnily enough, talking to Hikari was easy as long as he didn't look at her. "Kuro, please take this back for me." Bel said, laying his cello down in its case. "If you do it nicely, I'll give you another saucer of cream for breakfast tomorrow morning." Bel said in a very monotone voice, his eyes boring holes in the ground. As Hikari took aim and fired, Bel moved his head slightly to the right, causing the bullet to miss by a wider margin than Hikari had originally intended, which wasn't much. "W-whoa!" Bel shouted, suddenly, and expectantly, jittery. "That could have really messed me up! Be careful, those hunter bullets of yours are scary stuff." Bel complained, but he should have known better, Hikari was already off to where Haruka was. Bel stood, brushing himself off and handing his cello back to the now huge Kuro. "Thanks buddy, if Luna's in our room tell her what's up and have her give you the first saucer of cream I owe ya." Bel ordered, sounding more tired than anything else. "After that just stay in our room. I'll call you if I need you." Bel said, patting the whistle in his pocket. Kuro yawned before obliging his master. "Thanks Bel." Kuro said simply, as he phased into the floor. Once more, Bel sighed. "Let's go catch up with Hikari, shall we." Bel said to no one in particular.

Bel jogged down the hallway, catching up with a rampaging Hikari in a decent amount of time. He wasn't trying to show off, if anything, he was more trying to hide his true speed, as taking off like he'd done so many other times today with all these students around would be a really bad idea. As he jogged next to Hikari, Bel decided it might have been a decent idea to get some info from her. "Hey," Bel started. "I'm sorry I took you to the infirmary, I figured it'd be best to get you all patched up before heading into the fray. You were all kinds of tore up. Glass is some nasty stuff for humans to get stuck in them, even prefects like you. You can thank the nurse later. Anyhow, what exactly is happening with Haruka and Sir Azriel? Why'd they start getting into it? Usually Haruka's such a loner, and it makes no sense for Sir Azriel to even look at her, so what's the deal?" Bel asked, keeping step with Hikari as they made their way to Haruka's room. "This is bad," Bel said, as the pair began closing in on Haruka's room. "I smell a lot of blood, and something is definitely up because I hear screaming and shouting." Bel worried nervously. He hoped everyone was ok.


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|Light? It only reveals all that are ugly and naught. So, I'll erase light and bury it in the vast expanse of darkness.|

"Uncle Hikaru, do you like my mother?" It was an honest and innocent query from an adorable looking boy who looked like at the moment a miniature version of his father. The boy had the same hairstyle and even wore matching clothes to fit the bill. "... I do... Azriel." It was the simple reply of the man he was looking up to. Yet, there was something odd in that answer of his. Azriel could not help but ask further. "Like my father does?" Hikaru had a slight expression of hesitation and a small smile decorated his lips. Those eyes of purple held a certain haze of sad realization. He looked at the curious little boy and patted that small tyke on the head. It ended at that. There was never a definite answer.

Perhaps, it would have been better if he had noticed the true meaning of that smile Hikaru had given that day. Perhaps, they may have avoided it. Could it?

"Nii-sama! Nii-sama!" Soft and warm eyes of black gazed at the younger boy calling out to him with such fervor. "I'm back Mamoru." The excited boy embraced the older and much taller boy who swooped him up into the air. He was now being carried by his most favorite person in the world. "Welcome back Nii-sama!" His older brother smiled so gently. "Oh, Ryuu you're back? How was the tour?" A girl with blonde locks and glittering emerald eyes had an amused look on her face. "It was fine, Izumi-neesan." A smile formed on Izumi's face as she immediately messed with Ryuu's hair who glowered at this. "Stop it, Nee-san!" Izumi laughed at this. "No way!" Then, there was a small cough disrupting the trio of siblings. Before them, there father stood with a warm smile. "Now don't hug Ryuu all for yourself two, Mamoru, Izumi." He paused for a moment and opened his arms wide open. "Ryuu must be hugged by me first! Come my prodigal son!" Ryuu literally sweat-dropped at this. When did he become a prodigal son? It was then a hard slap was heard. "Stop with your ridiculous notion, Kenta!" There with a frying pan in hand was their mother. "But Megumi-love"

Those days, he wanted to have those days again. However, it was now tainted by the color of blood. Crashed under the empty sparkle of ice and the unyielding coldness of that fateful night. There was nothing left. His dreams were shattered every time he wanted to reached for it. He took vengeance, but did he really accomplish that?

"The dreams that had faded and the ones that will never be true, you must never forget them."

"Dad..." Those were the words that escape her lips. So, that person was her father. The one who took everything away from him. How delightful. He now has that person's daughter in his hands. If that person was still alive despite what he had witnessed firsthand, he would just start taking everything he holds dear. If not, he would still take pleasure in destroying and breaking the most important things. This will be his form of retribution. That man took everything he hold precious. It was only right for him to do the same. No matter how cruel and violent he would have to be. He would return what has been given to him ten-times fold.

"You're just like they were! You're no different from them! Just selfish desires, a hunger for something you want and know it will never be," Her statement was truly naive to every word. This made the pureblood had a rather amused smile which was actually the first time to see such an expression from him. Since, he would only have a frown or a disinterested look on him always. "Selfish? You don't know how much. You're no saint." He gripped both of her hands once more. "You have selfish desires, don't you. That fear of yours. Shutting everyone away. What a selfish little girl." He then lowered his head awfully closed to her neck. His breath trickled on her skin like the teasing touch of the sun. "You can say you want about me. But, I will fulfill my goal unlike you who crawls to a corner hoping for a hand to hold on to."

Then, there was a gunshot outside the room. Azriel narrowed his eyes in annoyance as he raised his head. It was probably the myna bird. There was also someone calling a name, Haruka. It was probably the girl he is now hitched to. He looked at the door and then stood from the bed. His had finally released the girl from his grasp. "Let me make myself clear. You are a tool to me." While speaking, he was dusting his clothes and straightening them. "You could treat me the same. Since, we are now eternally bounded to each other." He noticed some dried blood on the corner of his lips. "You are under my protection and I highly doubt you could protect me from my enemies." Licking the corner of his lips, there was a rather sensual way in the way he did it without meaning to.

He then looked at the door with a rather disapproving expression. "This one point I want to clear. This will be the last time we drink each other's blood. Besides you won't satisfy me." Azriel then proceeded to the door and realized there were a lot of intruders outside the room. Do they not have anything better to do than to annoy him. "Since you are my other half now, I will tell you this. I will never lie to you." This time he looked at her eyes. His silver-black eyes held no gentleness, no warmth. no affection, however, it did hold an unyielding strength and truth of his words. Well, it is not like he found it worthy to lie to the girl anyway. Touching the doorknob, he then returned his attention to door. "Fix yourself. I'm the only one who can see your most intimate parts." He then threw a blanket to her. Afterwards, he then opened the door and leaned on the jamb.

Azriel looked at the spectacle of intruders before him with clear annoyance and opened disinterest. He crossed his arms over his chest. "I have no use for any of you. Begone." At the same time, he was unfazed of what Hikari looked due to the injury he caused directly, even towards the rater teary-eyed expressions of a man, and a boy who had no right to smile. They were all nuisances to him and that would not change even with a gun pointed at him. The stupid prefect could fire it at him anytime she wanted. He would not stop her. Although, she would be in for a surprise.


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“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life.”

Hikari didn't care what was going on around her, she was to focused on her rage and the need to shoot the Pureblood in the head as many times as possible before she ran out of ammo, but of course she wouldn't be able to, her job as a prefect was to protect everyone at the school, even the jackasses who had to much power for their own good, she couldn't go around shooting them when ever they threw her into a wall and kidnapped another student...well she could, but the Headmaster wouldn't approve very much, and neither would the rest of the Night Class, in fact he would most likely en up dead if she even tried to shoot him, but that was all logical thinking, and Hikari wasn't thinking logically, her mind was clouded by a thick dark red cloud that told her to destroy and not to stop until the rage was satisfied and she no longer had to need to kill.

The door swung open, and out stepped the bastard himself. Hikari kept her gun pointed at him, through she was much shorter, and really had no power over the Pureblood, but she honestly believed she could shoot him without being to bothered by it, let alone his death. He stared at her unblinking and her temper rose to a boiling point. "I have no use for any of you. Begone." His words set her off, making her teeth clench and clench the gun so tightly that her knuckles looked as if they would split open at any second. The way he stared down at her was almost like an unspoken challenge, and it was almost as if there was something not quite...right about him, that she had never noticed before. There was something deep of her gut that told her, even if she did shoot him it wouldn't do much good, it was a strange feeling of awareness that lingered in her mind for a second to long.

Kari felt like there was a big secret she had to find out, something that she was missing out on to an extreme, and she wouldn't get anywhere until she figured out how Azriel fit into it all, or what he had done to Haruka, or why he had done it. So many questions ran through her mind at the same time, and it was a horrible mix with the unyielding rage she felt towards the Vampire. She wanted the throw him into a wall and cut him up with glass and see if he would still be so rude after she was done with him, but she couldn't, and wouldn't. Her finger twitched as she stared at him, her face slowly relaxing to an emotionless mask, and then, in one quick movement, she stepped forward and pressed the gun into his shoulder harshly, and fired. The loud bang echoed down the now empty hall as she stared at him. Her hunch had been correct, the Anti-vampire weapon had little affect upon the Pureblood in front of her. Slowly, a knowing smirk made it's way onto her face as she stared up at him smugly, as if she had just discovered something very important, and she was happy the shot didn't work. It meant that her instincts had been correct, twice now in one day. "I'll figure you out." Hikari said in a calm, low voice before pushing past the Vampire and into the room, where she carefully lifted the shaken Haruka and stared towards the clinic.

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." She mumbled to the dark haired girl she was carrying easily as a broken look entered her eyes. She had failed again.


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"All I see is this darkness. Darkness is my world now. I can feel it reach out to me. The light that once shone so brightly is being extinguished. Is this what death feels like? I thought it would be more pleasant."

The sound of the door opening captured Jiro's ears as he turned to glance. There, the Nouralail stood, leaning, almost what could be compared to casually, against the door. Jiro walked up to his new master, stared up at him and walked into the room, making his small form fit between the empty space the Nouralail had left. His eyes faltered when he saw her on the bed. She had wrapped herself so tightly in the blanket that it looked like her knuckles were turning white. He sighed as he jumped up on the bed, sitting in front of her and stared with such empty eyes. She heard the gunshot but paid no heed to it until Hikari came and tried to pick the girl up. Immediately, Haruka began to thrash about, not wanting to be touched by anyone or anything. She slipped out of the girls grasp and slowly, she walked to the confines of her closet to grab another shirt. She picked up the one he had torn off and took it with her. Jiro followed after her and watched as the scene unfolded.

She hesitantly grasped a new shirt, on that was a size or so larger than it should have been and slipped it on. She felt her knee's give from underneath her and she fell against the frame of the door. She curled her legs up to her chest and dug her head into her knees. Her shoulders shook, indicating that she was crying, however; there were no tears. His words echoed through her mind as she stayed in the position. She wanted to leave, to escape and return to her sanctuary. She couldn't though, and his words were haunting her. Jiro walked up to her, rubbing his body against her legs as she picked him up and cradled him to her.

"Why?" she whispered into his fur as he felt it become wet. He couldn't answer that question, but as he searched through her memories, it was evident it had something to do with her father. This man and her father had some sort of connection if he was interested in her father. Although it wasn't apparent what the connection was, it didn't seem like it was a good one. He had called Haruka his tool to be used. That only meant a bad connection, unless the man had wanted something from Haruka's father. Whatever it was, Jiro wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Azriel was wrong though. Although she wasn't a saint, in fact far from one, she didn't cling for a hand to hold on to. She didn't want to. That was her selfish desire. To be independent, to find a cure of her fear on her own. She didn't need help from anyone, but it was different with Makoto. He had this aura about him that had kept her vampiric side from surfacing for so long. He made her feel human...he made her feel normal. All she felt with Azriel was a dreaded fear that could only be described as despair. This wasn't the same with other vampires. Sure, she feared them, but she could tolerate that fear to a certain extent that she wouldn't attempt to try anything she'd regret later on. This man, this thing was something entirely different. Perhaps it was his scent, or the dark presence that radiated off of him.

But what was her goal?

Did she even have a goal? Was the eradication of this fear considered a goal in her life? No, it couldn't be. It was just wishful thinking. Perhaps her goal could be considered her search for her father. She knew, somewhere deep down that he was alive, but after so many years, the doubt that he was still alive dwindled. And what was this nonsense of drinking from each other? She never wanted to taste his blood again. It burned the back of her throat when she bit his lip and the feeling it caused was something she never wanted to experience again, let alone have him bite her. A shudder ran down her spine as she clutched onto Jiro. This feeling was disgusting, and it was running wild through her body.

"Ru-Ru, I am..." Jiro spoke, but the faint breathing against his fur signaled that she had cried herself to sleep again, for the second time. The morning had just began and would become engulfed in a darkness that would slowly suffocate everything around it. He curled in her lap and laid his head on her arm, allowing it to dangle loosely at her side. He would fix this, somehow he would find a way, but for now, all he could do was serve his master and her new other half. Maybe, maybe the art festival will bring back her light. He had taken off in such a hurry when he left the Lancaster vampiress, but before he had left, he had managed to slip Haruka's name onto the papers so that when it was time to register her name would be on it already. He had did it with the utmost discretion. Whatever had happened with the intruders and Makoto fell on deaf ears as Jiro stayed in his masters' lap.

Makoto had ignored everything around him. His eyes were glued to the pure-blood and a particular mark that could barely be seen peaking from his neck. So it was true, he had intended to do what he had saw from Hikari's memories. There was no way around that. But why had he chosen Haruka? What was it about his sister that had the pure-blood lay such a claim without even a blink of an eye? It didn't make sense. She was nothing to that pure-blood, not even an existence in years of going to the same school. Of course, that was before the change...had he stumbled upon her secret? Was that the reason why? Makoto's eyes widened slightly at the realization of the possibility of it being true. He stood from his place on the floor, hair shielding his eyes as he turned his back to the group.

He couldn't stay.

Being in that mans' presence infuriated Makoto so much that he had to keep his hands over his eyes to keep from exposing his own secret. He didn't hear what happened next, nor did he momentarily care. His eyes flashed a dangerous vermilion as a new resolve lingered about. He would rescue her from her cage, even if it killed him he would. He made that promise, and as a man of his word, he would keep it.

"For Light to exist, it must walk in hand with Darkness. Only then will it shine brighter to cover it."

"What do you want to be when you grow up my Light?" Haru asked as he peered down at Haruka who was sitting next to her father. She glanced up at him, blinking her gray eyes up in solid confusion. She pouted her lip a bit as she thought about it. She was only six, and it wasn't something she had thought about on a constant basis. Not only that, she had only lived with this man for six months. How could she know what she wanted to be? Haru smiled as he patted her head in a gesture that was meant to be dotting, however; it came out extremely affectionate.

"I don't know, but I want to be here always," was her childish answer. The pout staining her lips twisted to become a bright smile, causing Haru's own smile to widen substantially. He stood from the bench and offered his hand out to Haruka. She grabbed hold of it as they walked through the snow towards their home. This child,
his child, would live on to be a beacon for him. She would be his light in the darkness as he would do the same for her. He didn't want to lose her, not like he did her. Haruka squeezed his hand as she ran towards the front door, watching as her father slowly disappeared.

It had been a few days after the incident and Haruka had taken on the appearance of a zombie. She wasn't taking care of herself, skipping meals a few times, forgetting to comb her hair, minuscule. things like that. She missed the first two days of classes, opting to stay in her sanctuary and away from him. Although she was sure he would find her if he needed to. She was just grateful that he hadn't. She had been playing the piano, practicing up on her ability to keep her mind off of the events, however; they just played over in her mind. Jiro had opted to have a vampire try and see if they could erase those memories, but none of the vampires had wanted to go against their pure-blood leader. They were afraid of him and they had all right to be. He would have asked the Lancaster vampire he had grown attached to for the favor of giving a simple hand, but had decided against it.

He sighed as the sound of the piano keys being plucked resounded in his ears. He turned to see Haruka playing and a small smile littered his face. The keys continued as a soft melody filled the air, Jiro sitting by the chair. When the song ended, he jumped upon the keys, allowing a rather harsh note to pierce the air as he stared at Haruka.

It's for today's festival, she told him, showing him the flyer in her hand. Although she didn't sound enthusiastic about it, Jiro saw the broken smile appear on her lips, which seemed to have healed from the bite she received from the pure-blood. There are two of them I am trying to decide upon at the moment, she continued as she placed the flyer down on top of the piano. She lifted her had over her chest and allowed it to linger in one spot. The mark on her chest still burned a bit. Although physically it did not, she could still feel it mentally. Every time she dressed, she made care as to glance away from it, the constant reminder that she was marked.

That thought alone had caused her to break down into tears for two days straight, however; she had accepted the mark, but not it's meaning. She wouldn't allow herself to do so. She pushed a piece of stray hair from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. She hadn't seen Makoto in the last few days, something that slightly worried her because he was always around. They ate lunch together, did their homework together, did everything together. It was like she was missing something without him there. You need to make friends she had heard Jiro state once. This was a long time ago, and most of the humans were either intimidated by her personality, or were just not friend material for her. She hadn't minded over the years when she had Makoto, but she wished there was something she could confide in, someone to talk to.

And Makoto wasn't around.

Gliding her fingers over the piano one more time, she stood from her chair and closed the cover to the keys. A faint smile glossed her lips, a sincere smile. It was the first time in the last few days that a smile graced her lips. Perhaps it as just a nightmare, and the events that happened were just dreams. The mark on her chest was something she had received a long time someone else. It didn't belong to him. Maybe, just maybe today would be the beginning of a day that she could enjoy.

How wrong could that be? To enjoy the day for once? She could do that...right?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a pair of hands wrapping around her torso and a head leaning into the crook of her neck. She froze for a second, but the familiar scent of Makoto flooded her senses. She felt her body relax substantially as she grabbed a hold of his hand that was draped around her neck. She closed her eyes as they stood like that for a moment. He released her as she turned around. He held a light smile, almost sad at the point, however; Haruka merely stared up at him, a frown etched into the lines of her face. She reached out to him, and placed her hand on the right side of his face. He closed his eyes, leaned into her hand, and for a moment, everything seemed at peace.


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|Whatever I have done is all for one thing, consequences are nothing more than buzzing flies that can be squished.|

It was official this sad excuse for a Myna bird wants to die. Perhaps, he should have instead made it a point for this annoyance of a prefect to be pierced thoroughly on some sharp object earlier. As for the cat, he did not do anything to it, for he knew that it was his tool's pet or rather familiar. The trembling girl needed a sense of comfort after what he had done. It would not be good for him to get widow instantly now does it. He had yet to squeeze his tool for what he truly needed. Although, his attention shifted with the idiotic prefect did shot him through the shoulder. Unfortunately, the bullet did not even penetrate as the seal forbidding anti-vampire guns to be used against non-vampires was triggered.

This was rather a surprise because even in the past, the Nouralail who had been known as allies of the Hunters and the ones made it possible for such armaments to exist were not immune to the anti-vampire weapons. The bullet simply floated a mere inch from his clothes and dropped to the ground clattering. "I'll figure you out." Speaking as if she was glad to discover such a secret, she wanted to understand him or rather to open him like a puzzle piece. He does not mind but it is at her own expense and there was no way he would help her in anyway. "I suggest a blade. It would at least inflict a wound and even useful against humans." He noted as he watched the useless prefect approach his tool. Trying to ease and comfort but it was all for naught.

The next scene could be considered entertaining as his new half opted to cover herself with a shirt or something. However, she went to his own set of clothes. She even took a shirt of his which was truly large for her. The girl then slumped herself at the door beside him. He could careless about her welfare in all of this. Although, he would have to now. It was one of the negative effects of their new bond. In the end, he simply satisfied himself with one comment. "I expect that shirt back and clean." When that was said, he closed the door behind him as he was now alone in his room. He did not like to be bothered with nonsensical drama.

Furthermore, he had to recollect himself. His action were reckless in his own opinion although, he would never admit that to anyone. He had allowed his emotions to take over him. Still, there were no regrets on his part. This will only serve to complete his goal. Adding to that, the taste of retribution was also very welcomed. The man who had taken his dream into the coldness of the ice would regret doing so. Whether the man was alive or dead, the pure-blood would take pleasure in destroying what the man cherishes the most just like what had happened with him. And that girl, the daughter, would be his perfect tool for that.

Time passed by. It always moved on without much regard to anyone. That is why everyone wants to take grasp a concept without physicality. People always like to desire which is not meant for them to begin with. Is it folly? or Is it selfishness? Who knows and who cares in the end. All that is needed are results. That is what he will do to get his ends. Now, he has done his duties as the Student Council President for this Art Festival. Taking the helm of the preparations for the aforementioned event, everything went perfectly well. To say the very least, no one wanted to disappoint him.

Remembering the reason for him to partake personally, it was to take some load off from the vice president to properly represent the Student Council for the festival. He did not doubt the capability of Lancaster but if she does fail in this. There is no way he would be silent about it especially when he did such menial tasks. In the end, he did not appear on the festival proper. His duties ended when the preparations were completed. There was no need for him to attend such meaningless event.

Well, it did provide a good reason for him not to be around the maggot of his wife. Distance was good for them. Because, their relationship is of a bloody bond forged by fear and hatred. Although, he needed to discuss some things with the girl. Being his mate, she would be expected to do certain duties especially when he is of the Nouralail. Finding her was easy, they have the mark that binds them even in death. His mark on her body is the symbol of his family and uniquely his. Following the connection, he found the girl within the music room in the company of the cat and some man who he remembered wanted to cry. Although, they seemed to be in a rather intimate position.

"Take your hands off her." His tone left no rooms for complaints or debate. It was cold and dripping with threat. Those eyes of abyss black held no warmth but filled with never-ending darkness. He simply wanted those mangy hands of that man off the girl now. Him and the girl may not be bonded through love or those childish fantasies. However, it still remains. The girl is his other half, mate, and the other terms that could be used. Over all, that girl is his and his alone. So, he is the only one allowed to touch her or even more so to hold her like that. "Or, I will take it off."


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#2013-05-23 06:25:26, as written by Azazel


"You cannot control your dreams. As such, you cannot control your nightmares from becoming a reality."

"Take your hands off her. Or, I will take it off."

It seemed like hours as Makoto and Haruka stood, holding each other in a rather intimate embrace even though it had only been ten minutes. His scent allowed Haruka to relax and close her eyes, a smile forming on her lips as she thought of today. It would be a good day for her to start anew, however; that dream would be lost amongst it's first whisper. She should have known that the day would not have been one that she could have enjoyed. She could feel the shiver run down her spine when a voice pierced the air, cutting through the silence like a deafening blast. Her eyes slowly peered over Makoto's shoulder and lost the light from them. Azriel, the bane of her existence, her husband, stood in the doorway. His voice was not one of a casual threat, but of a promise that would be dealt soon enough.

Makoto released Haruka from his grasp, however; his hand remained in hers. He stared at the pure-blood, an unreadable expression crossing his face. Before he could say anything, Haruka squeezed his hand and shook her head. As much as she didn't want to be alone with the vampire in front of her, she wouldn't be able to handle the stress or pain of losing Makoto because of her. He glanced down at Haruka before releasing her hand and walking passed Azriel, stopping so that his back was facing Azriel. He muttered some words to the pure-blood, low enough to be considered a whisper of the wind, but loud enough so that Azriel could hear him.

"Darkness will never consume light," were the simple words he had spoken before he disappeared down the hall. If he had the strength, he would have engaged in a bloody battle to the death to set his sister free, however; he was only a vampire whereas Azriel was a pure-blood. The difference in their strength was too great and it wasn't something he was willing to risk his life on. He couldn't do that to Haruka. He was all she had in this god-forsaken school and if he left her now, just like their father, what would become of her? For now, he would bite his tongue and listen to the pure-blood, no matter how much it will hurt her. He would see her when he could, but for now, he had things to take care of. He hadn't disappeared for nothing and was doing a bit of research as one had called it.

Haruka merely stared at Azriel. Her fear of him was uncontrollable, but for now, she stood her ground. Her body sent uncontrollable shivers down her spine as she tried to stare the pure-blood in the eyes. The only thing she accomplished was the quivering of her lip and the weakened feeling in her knees. Any woman, or rather girl, would have died from delight just to have the pure-blood as their own, however; Haruka couldn't bring herself to even be in the presence of a vampire, let alone this one before her. She had been grateful for the passed few days he hadn't tried to locate her.

It had given her time to adjust to the regime of having to look away from the mark that covered her chest or when vampires gave her weird stares when it was time for classes to switch. This did nothing with her fear of the blood-suckers as she continued to stare at the black abyss in front of her. She tried to find her voice, but nothing came out as she opted to remain silent. There were a few things he could have wanted from her: to inflict more misery upon her, torture her, or just to amuse himself with some other form of pain for her. Her breathing seemed to hitch up in her throat, almost as if she were being suffocated, but she did not let it show.

"What do you want from me," were the lightly echoed words that escaped her mouth. Jiro had remained where he was when the Nouralail entered the music room. He had sat, his tail twisting back and forth as he watched Makoto leave. He knew that the boy had to bite his tongue in order for him not to lose his temper in front of the pure-blood, more or less expose his secret to Haruka. How would that affect her knowing that the one person she trusted was truly a vampire, and her brother no less? It would devastate her, and it was something Jiro kept hidden from his master.

Make this quick Haruka. You have to ready yourself for the festival, he tried to distract her from her own thoughts. Haruka did not reply as her eyes remained glued to the one in front of her. Even if she was afraid, she wouldn't look away until he was gone. It was at times like these how she wished either of the prefects were around to disperse this scene, however; that thought was lost to the deep confines of her mind. Wishful thinking on her part. She might not have liked Kieran or Hikari, but at the moment, she couldn't help herself to feel a little...envious of their freedom.


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“Welcome to the Cross Academy Arts Exhibition."

“Enjoy your stay with us."

The rumors of the Nouraliel heir’s strange marriage had spread like wildfire throughout the school, disappointing many and perplexing more. Kieran had looked faintly dumbstruck when he heard about it, though admittedly he was more concerned about the health problems Hikari seemed to have incurred because of it, by Bel’s report of events, and blamed himself for not being there to at least help diffuse the situation or provide support to his roommate and friend. Luna, on the other hand, had shown no discernible reaction to the news, simply glancing up at the gossipers and asking them to lower their voices before she returned to her work.

Her cousin had pressed her on it, then, because surely she had some opinion about it. Everyone did, after all. She’d merely blinked at him and shook her head. “Kaichou-kun does not act without reasons. It isn’t our business if he chooses not to share those.” She’d looked faintly perturbed upon learning the details, specifically his new wife’s reluctance, but it would not be the first time such an arrangement had come to pass. It was likely in her future as well, when it came to that, being married to someone she wanted nothing to do with. This was something that women of her station learned to accept fairly early in their lives, even if they did not like it.

Time passed without much notice from either of them, and life for the majority of the students at the school settled back into something like routine. The Arts Festival was upcoming, and Luna threw herself into her work, her part of the preparations flawless as always. Hikari helped coordinate the Day Class, and though Luna noticed the new name on her registry forms, she did not scratch it out.

Which is how she came to today. Her art installation was to be one of the later exhibitions, so that she could spend the majority of her day running the events administratively. She’d been quite pleased to discover that due to Kaichou-kun’s help with the organization, she’d had enough time to create several new pieces, which was nice. For the moment, however, she was busy directing the students, a clipboard with the order of events and the allocations of gallery space held firmly under one elbow, a pen tucked behind her ear. Most of the students were dressed casually today, as there were no classes, though of course “casual” for such as they often necessitated suits. Many families were also on-campus for the event, and some of the more civic-minded of her acquaintances staffed food and wine tables for the plethora of guests. The atmosphere was lively, but respectful, and everything was running with crystalline precision, a quality that looked to the outsider like effortless grace instead.

Kieran, actually done up in a proper tuxedo for the event, was serving as stage-master for the day, directing people to the various musical and acting performances when the time was right and providing thoughtful commentary on everything. Surprising, for those who would have thought less of him, but he was gracious and knowledgeable in these areas, a good, enthusiastic host who garnered himself some polite chuckles for the sake of wit as well.

Let it never be said that the Lancasters didn’t know how to bring up their children, even the half-blooded ones.

Presently, Luna found herself outside the musical practice room, brushing down her uniform in just enough time to be passed by an orange-haired youth looking most displeased. Clearing her throat politely to announce her presence to those inside, she was surprised to both scent and see Kaichou-kun. Perhaps she should not have been—after all, the one she was here to seek was his new wife. “Your pardon, but Haruka-san is due on stage in five minutes,” she said simply, then inclined her head slightly and turned to leave. She had no desire to interrupt whatever discussion they were having, after all, but she would see this event run without a single hitch.


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Hayden -Bel- Morgan


"As baby Bel grew, he came to realize, that he was the worst monster of them all."

Bel walked around the festival in a bit of a daze. Last week's events had unfolded with, what seemed like, lightning speed, and left Bel without any time to properly adjust to the situation. The fact that the school was full of wild, uncontrollable rumors, some of which were very unpleasant, only made it worse on Bel. "I don't know what to do..." Bel whispered to himself. "Just keep moving on Bel. It's not our concern." Surprisingly, such sage advice had come from Kuro, who was in his usual spot on Bel's shoulders. "Master Azriel isn't to be trifled with Bel, you know that. If he wants to be married to Haruka, he's going to do it. There's not much we could do about it, even if you were pure-blooded." Kuro lamented, showing surprising acuity and tact for one so stupid. "You're right Kuro, though I can't believe I'm saying it." Bel remarked. The situation was indeed quite odd. "I just don't know how to feel. It happened so fast, and right in front of us. We were there." Bel said. His mind flashed back to the encounter against his will. The feeling of complete powerlessness enveloping him.


Bel and Hikari had rushed to Haruka's room. The scent of blood was becoming far to powerful to ignore. A lot had been spilt, and it filled Bel's nose with it's irony bite. When they'd arrived, it was already too late. There was nothing Bel, or Hikari could do, though Hikari made quite a show of it. Bel stood there, wishing, praying that there was something he could do to make it better, but nothing came to mind. Instead, Bel did nothing. He ground his teeth and clenched his fists, but there was no action he might take in this situation. Had Sir Azriel been of any lesser rank or station, Bel would have thrashed him, and most likely killed him on the spot. Such a binding ritual as the one that had been performed on poor Haruka wasn't something to be done lightly. It was a lifelong pledge to your partner. A pledge that Bel did not have the power to override. Sir Azriel was not only a pureblood, but the only son and heir of the Nouralail. He was untouchable. In the scuffle to get Hikari out of there, as even Bel could smell the desire to kill roiling off of Sir Azriel in waves, he caught Haruka's eye. It was only a brief moment, but in that moment, Bel felt more ashamed than he'd felt for a long time. The only time he'd felt like a bigger failure was the day his sister died. He broke eye contact first, disgusted with himself, mouthing only, "I'm sorry." A feeble attempt at trying to make Haruka feel better. After that, he escorted Hikari away, but it mostly turned into him shadowing her and being surprised when she left, quite calmly, of her own accord. Once she was home safe, Bel returned to his room and fell asleep almost instantly.


As he walked around the festival, mentally preparing himself to play Khalia's song in front of everyone who was attending, Bel caught a whiff of a familiar scent, instantly sending shivers down his spine. "Kuro," Bel started, the hairs on the back of his neck standing at attention. "Do you smell that?" Bel asked, but Kuro couldn't speak, he was too scared. "Only one person in the whole world has that scent." Bel said. "Mom." Though Bel tried to run, it was no use, she was too fast, and nothing could stop a mother from embarrassing her son. She nearly tacked Bel, despite wearing a yukata, and pulled him into a super cheesy hug while singing his name for all to hear. Bel wanted to die. Once she was finally done embarrassing Bel, and the festival could resume as scheduled, Bel rubbed the back of his neck and hastily removed himself from his mother's iron grip. "Jeez, can't you make a normal entrance? And why are you here? Shouldn't you be at home doing... something else?" Bel asked, his mother's arm looped through his as the two, and Kuro, walked over to the courtyard, away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. "Well why would I?" Bel's mother asked. "Did you think I wouldn't find out you were planning on playing Khalia's song? Did you think I would be able to stay home while such a performance was happening? And did you honestly think I wasn't going to embarrass you like a good mother should?" Bel's mother fired off her questions with an increasing rapidity and, almost, anger. "Oh well, what's done is done, I won't make you stick around and talk to your old mom anymore. I'm just here for your performance, but I must admit, something's up with you, Bel. Normally you would have tried to run away much harder, not caring much for others who were in your way. That's the son I remember, not some wishy-washy little punk who didn't give his all in everything he did. You were such a terror, always too strong for your own good. A fantastic fighter, and as loyal and fierce in the protection of your sister as a trained mastiff. You would have made a fine husband for Kh..." Bel put his hand on his mother's mouth, his eyes boring into the ground. "That's enough mother." Bel warned, his tone darkening. "I'm not in the mood for your games today. Especially not any talk about her. Thank you for coming, but once I'm done, just go home. I'll see you this weekend for the party as planned." Bel said. "Edward," Bel commanded the elderly family butler, who materialized behind him. "Yes, young Master Belphegor?" Edward asked. "Escort mother around the festival. Make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble and spend all her money on snacks. Once I've finished my recital, please escort mother home as well. I realize I'm being a tad harsh, but I'm not in the mood for her games." Bel commanded. "Yes, Master Belphegor." Edward complied, taking his mother's arm away from Bel and escorting her to various food stands and other such booths.

After his mother's visit, Bel felt drained. He felt monumentally more tired than when he'd woken up this evening, but he felt better. At least mother always knew how to cheer him up. While Bel had missed a few of the other performances, due to his mother's shenanigans, Bel was in time to watch the few who were up before Miss Haruka was set to perform. Bel remembered to address her politely, even in his thoughts. She was bonded to Sir Azriel now. She required more respect and thoughtfulness than ever before. Though Bel was always as kind to her as he could possibly be, now he had to treat her like a porcelain doll. Something that he should hardly even look at, lest his gaze smash it to pieces. Bel made his way over to the audience's chairs and took one next to some Day Class girl, who nearly fainted as he took his seat. Bel looked rather dashing in his suit, and his sharp teeth, pointed ears, and shaggy hair were not visible to non-Vampires. He looked good, though he certainly didn't feel it. Bel smiled as Kieran emcee'd on stage. He too was dressed in full black tie attire and was behaving quite differently from normal. He was acting like a gentleman, how silly. Bel chuckled. Finally, after a few other acts, it was Miss Haruka's turn, and Kieran had left the stage for her performance. "I wonder what she'll do." Bel pondered softly to Kuro.


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Hayden -Bel- Morgan


"Bel did not go to sleep like the other children did. When Night came, he awoke. Bel came to learn that he was one with the night. It welcomed him."

"Thank him."

Bel sunk to his knees. He had seen it. He hadn't been able to do anything about it, but he had seen it nonetheless. His reflexes were dull, he'd been so used to slowing himself down for the humans at this school that he hadn't been able to react in time. Bel hadn't been fast enough to save Makoto's life. When Bel pulled Makoto off of Sir Azriel, Bel had watched with horror as Sir Azriel's hand snapped forward like a whip and dislodged Makoto's heart from his chest. It had been like watching someone take something out of a pocket. His hand pierced Makoto easily, as if it had no resistance. It had exited just as swiftly, carrying a dark something. That something was inundated with the stench of blood. It was... it had to be... Sir Azriel had taken Makoto's heart as if it were nothing. As if a child could do it.

Still kneeling, Bel was dead to the world around him. He heard nothing but the roar of the wind in his ears. He saw nothing but blackness. He felt nothing but numbness. Once more, Bel had been unable to save someone he'd cared about. It was his fault. If he hadn't intervened, Makoto might have lived, even if it was just for a bit longer. Without a word, Bel looked up just in time to see Azriel smirk at him, then vanish. Something broke within Bel. The world closed off to him. He couldn't hear anyone, he couldn't smell anything, but he could see red.

Slowly, without noticing the arrival of Kieran and Allessa or the arrival and disappearance of Haruka, Bel stood. He was full of anger, hatred, and sadness. There were no limiters on his body anymore, they had snapped with the rest of him. Bel jumped. His takeoff generated a crater, as the earth couldn't withstand the massive force exerted on it. He shot into the air like a rocket, landing about a mile away, deep within the forest. Bel, unable to contain his sadness and rage any longer, roared. His cry was full of anguish as he yelled his sorrow into the night. Without thinking, without hesitation, as soon as he had finished, Bel set himself on a rampage. He uprooted and threw fully grown trees as if they were nothing but twigs. He spun them in circles over his head and around his body before he left them fly. Sending massive trees high into the sky before they plummeted to the earth, crushing other growth and decimating a small part of the forest. It was still no good. Bel wanted to smash something that wouldn't give when he gripped it in his hands. Though the wood was old, and strong, his gasp utterly destroyed it. The only thing that could take his rage head on was another vampire. A pure-blood. Nothing else, short of hunter metal, would satisfy his anger.

Bel continued on, thoroughly destroying roughly an acre of very old forest before he even began to break a sweat. Starting to burn himself out, Bel decided he needed to hit something. The only thing that could take it wasn't around. The ground would have to do. Bel raised both his hands into the air, making tight fists, and slammed them both into the ground. The impact was massive, it shook the forest itself, and sent any debris that was even remotely close to him into the air. Bel appeared to have caused an explosion. Dust, trees, branches, and boulders kicked up into the air as if a sudden massive hand had picked them up and then dropped them. The earth groaned underneath the massive force Bel generated. Another crater formed, this one massively larger than the one generated by his liftoff. Though it hadn't been very long, though it had felt like hours, Bel was finally starting to calm down. Once he could no longer hear the wind roaring in his ears, and the feeling once again returned to his body, Bel stood. While he wasn't done being angry, by any means, Bel didn't feel like doing anything anymore. Luckily, Bel had been deep enough into the forest that his activities wouldn't have disturbed the fair too much. Sure someone might hear him, but the festival was loud enough that the ambient noise would cover up his roaring and smashing.


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It was good that the girl did not have the audacity to retort. He was not in the mood to tolerate such things at the moment. If she had, she would find herself drowning in the lake. The idea was rather tempting to begin with yet, it would not be in his best interests. At the same time, he does not want to defile the lake which his parents were particularly fond of with her dirt. Soon, the destination was reached. They were now at the grand foyer of the mansion. The pure-blood continued to the stairs. There on the wall, the large family portrait of the Nouralail family could easily be seen. He simply walked passed it and proceeded to the hallways. As for Sodom flew, he towards it happily. "Lady Haruka! See! This is Papa Nouralail and then Mama Nora!" As the black familiar spoke the affectionate labels, he pointed to the specific individuals on the picture.

Haruka found herself in the large foyer behind Azriel when Sodom flew to a rather large portrait. He mentioned who they were, and Haruka couldn't help but stare. "They look like wonderful people," she whispered to the familiar. They were beautiful in a way that only a vampire could possess. She almost felt envious at their appearances, or rather their expressions. She wanted to reach out to the portrait and trace her fingers along it, but kept her hands to her side. She didn't want to be reprimanded for dirtying it. As such, she continued to follow Azriel, keeping her distance in doing so.

Sodom beamed happily as far as it would be possible for him. "They are truly! Mama Nora attended Cross Academy too!" The little familiar noted as if it was common knowledge. He flew besides Haruka while Azriel did not react or much looked at their direction. Perhaps, he did not mind the talk regarding his parents in such a pleasant manner. "I believe..." Having a thoughtful expression, Sodom hummed for a brief moment before finally remembering it. "Mama Nora was Student Council President and helped beautify the gardens at the academy."

It was then the pure-blood stopped on his tracks. Beside him was a door, his eyes glanced to the talkative familiar. "Sodom. Enough." The familiar looked at his Master in wonder. What was wrong with talking about Mama Nora? "But Master..." Those ash ebony eyes of his held a simmer of cold flame. He clearly did not like repeating himself. As a result, Sodom pouted with clear disappointment. Seeing this reaction which was to his liking, he opened the door near him. "This will be your room for the remainder of your stay here." He did not enter the premises but instead looked at the girl prompting her to enter first. He had an idea of locking her there forever it was plausible but his goals intervened.

She softly smiled at the familiars response. Cross Academy seemed to draw in many different people. That much could be said seeing as it did currently house a very notorious pure-blood with a personality resembling that of a rock. Ah, so that would explain why some of the landscaping around the school looked rather...beautiful. But then again, how long had it been since this Mama Nora had been at the Academy? The gardens didn't seem like they were well kept now a days, but that was because the gardening club hadn't been as large as it once was. Whatever the reason, her thoughts were rendered to the snap of the pure-blood as he quieted his familiar.

"Stay with me Sodom," she whispered to the familiar as she winced slightly at the tone and reached out to the familiar, grasping him softly as she cuddled him close to her in a comforting manner. He then opened the door to a room and declared this as hers for the remainder of her stay. Hopefully that wouldn't be much longer. She took a hesitant step towards the room, never glancing at the pure-blood. She didn't want to see those eyes that held such a deep abyss. Everytime she did, it only felt like the shackles of the darkness would clench tighter around her, trying to suffocate her in the process. If she could avoid looking at him, then she could perhaps survive the rest of this ordeal until they returned to the Academy where she could hide from him for a bit.

The room in question was fairly large in many aspects. It was fitting to the grandeur of the mansion. Everything was in order and neatly placed to a perfect symmetry. It displayed an array of warm hues which was rather odd depicting a pure-blood family who had been feared by their very own kind as well. The pure-blood did not pay heed to the rather disappointed look of his familiar. Sodom was too much for him at times which was rather peculiar. Why did he have such a creature to be his in the first place? Truly odd in more ways than one. In any case, the girl handled his familiar. It seemed she was not a dull tool as he thought her to be.

"Your luggage should had been stored in those closets beforehand." His eyes lingered at the exquisite wood-crafted dresser with such intricate and detailed carvings of the moon and sun in a harmonious synchronicity. The silent contemplation was interrupted with Sodom's curious query. "Master, are you going to cook?" Yes, there were no servants to begin with. In short, all the needed household chores would be done by them. Sodom who remained closed to Haruka asked with those big amber eyes of his. There was a great deal of silence in the pure-blood's side before looking at the girl. "You should know how to cook." It was not a question rather it was a statement that should only be viable for the answer yes.

So, he hadn't been lying when he said that her stuff was already retrieved from the school and settled into this place. She let a small sigh escape her lips. She was too engrossed with her own thoughts to even notice the grandieur of the room. She might have been left breathless otherwise if she had. The mentioning of food caused Haruka to stare down at the black familiar. Why would he cook? Shouldn't vampires be only able to consume blood? He had tablets for that, or so she pressumed. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he glanced at her. She knew how to cook, that was a given. She used to do it for Akihiro when her parents were not around. She only frowned.

"Yes, I do, but," she paused. She wasn't the best cook in the world, but a majority of the dishes she could make were edible. With a deep breath, she glanced at the familiar, "What do you wish to eat?" she asked the familiar as she forced a smile on her lips. She would cook for the both of them, but not the pure-blood. Unless she had too, which she was hoping the answer to that would be no. She still couldn't comprehend a vampire needing to consume solid foods. Although, she herself could survive on either foods or blood tablets, however; blood tablets were needed ever so often.

There was no denying it. Haruka's answer delighted Sodom who did a pirouette in the air to express this. "Yehey! Master's cooking is dreadful!" Upon hearing this statement, the pure-blood narrowed his eyes towards Sodom who immediately froze and hid behind Haruka. This creature was truly troublesome than useful. "But... But..." He then turned his back from them as he proceeded to leave the room. There was no need for him to eat such meals. Actually, it was for Sodom who liked such cooked meals He would never understand why the creature liked such things.

At the same time, his familiar had the nerve to criticize his cooking when in the end he only did it due to the annoying cries of Sodom. "I will show you the kitchen." This was the only statement that the pure-blood said as he finally exited the room. As for the hyperactive familiar, he peered behind Haruka and released a sigh of relief. "Lady Haruka, you should never let Master do any kitchen work.... It's... horrible..." Remembering the times the pure-blood did cook, it was a scene out of a macabre film. The familiar visibly trembled before returning to his usual energetic self. "Come! Come! Come! I want curry!!!" With that said, Sodom gestured for her to follow his Master.

It seemed the familiar was truly something. He momentarily caused her to forget about Azriel's appearance and let a light laugh escape her lips. Jiro only cocked his head in confusion as he found the familiar's antics a bit childish. He seemed too easy to please really in his mind. The laugh was cut short though when Sodom hid behind Haruka. But if Sodom was hungry, and she needed to cook, there was only one question on her mind. Where was the kitchen? This was soon answered by the pure-blood, stating he would show her the kitchen in which she could only obey and follow. She glanced at the familiar when he mentioned to never allow Azriel to do kitchen work. She laughed lightly again, rubbing the familiar's ear in the process.

"If I live that long Sodom, I will cook for you. But I do not promise anything," she replied to the familiar. Honestly, she wouldn't mind cooking for Sodom or Jiro. She could do that much for the familiar who was the complete opposite of his master. He then shouted something about wanting Curry. A faint smile tugged at her lips. It was Akihiro's favorite dish, and something she had learned to perfect for her younger brother. She remembered the first time she cooked for him, it was spicy the first time. Too salty the second time, and too bland the third time. Needless to say it took her almost two years to perfect the meal. "My little brother likes Curry, you are in luck Sodom," she spoke to him in a whispered tone. Why? She didn't know. She didn't want the pure-blood to hear her she supposed, but given his heightened abilities, he would regardless.

Soon enough, they reached the kitchen. It had the similar beautiful architecture trend. The kitchen screamed luxury and catered all the needed kitchen appliances and utensils. Everything was in order. Azriel glanced to the girl and the familiars who trailed behind. "Do as you please and cook that rodent something to eat." Sodom clearly did not like his Master calling him rodent. Although, this was only done by the pure-blood when he is rather offended by his familiar in terms of someone being better than him. "Sodom is not a rodent! It is because Master cooked curry before and turned into soup!"

His eyes narrowed to irritation due to Sodom's statement. However, there was truth to that. It was then he looked at the girl. There was lingering doubt and hesitation. However, it soon returned to its usual steel and icy gaze. "Show me how to cook that curry." Sodom's eyes widened in horror as he attached himself quickly onto Haruka. "No! No! No! Don't allow Master to cook it! Lady Haruka, don't let him!" The familiar begged like spoiled child. It was evident that the pure-blood was getting annoyed by his familiar. His eyebrow was already twitching which was a rare sight. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons why Sodom was not called out too much.

As she pleased? What funny words. If that were the case she would leave and never come back, however; she knew the underlying meaning to those words. Do as she pleased within the kitchen, not what she wanted to do. The next set of words caused her brows to furrow. Sodom may have been many things, but a rodent he was not. Before she could state such, Sodom beat her to the punch, mentioning his master's cooking. Curry into soup, how does one manage that? Well, apparently she had once when she first began to cook curry. Well, it was a good thing Curry could come natural to her now. Without a moments glance, ignoring the eyes on her being until those words came out of his mouth. Had she heard correctly? He wanted to learn to cook Curry? Had this been another life, she would have laughed. Oh yes, laughed so much that she would have cried. Sodom clung to her being, pleading for her to not let him cook.

"Sodom, he wants to watch. He will not be cooking, I will," she stated, trying to reassure the familiar that she was still going to be the one cooking. Although in reality, she didn't want an audience. It made her nervous. She could already feel her palms sweating slightly, however; she took a deep breath and made her way to retrieve the utensils she would be needing along with the proper pots, pans, and other tid bits. She was going to make an easy, simple curry, or rather, Karē. It was a simple dish, only requiring minimal effort really and the one type of curry dish she mainly made. The rice would be the easiest thing to cook, so she'd save it for last as to not let it cool too quickly.

Grabbing the necessary ingredients, she proceeded to make the curry with much effort. A tedious task really, but regardless, she put much effort into making it. She didn't want to disappoint the familiar and would honestly like the ability to say that she could do something better than the pure-blood. Who knows, maybe she'd even try and steal the familiar away from the pure-blood in the process. He didn't deserve the insults he threw at the creature any more than she did. When everything was finished, she put together a small plate and gave it to the familiar first, awaiting to see his reaction to her dish. She hadn't put much effort before into creating a dish, but like she had previously wanted, she didn't want to disappoint the familiar. "I hope you enjoy it Sodom," she stated towards the familiar.

Her reassurance served well as Sodom was once more happy. Knowing his Master would not soil the food, it was truly a wonderful thing. As for the pure-blood, it was rather unprecedented that this little incapability of his be revealed to someone. More over to a girl he cares nothing for, it is true she is his wife. But then again, it was nothing more but a means to an end."Yipee! Lady Haruka's curry! Lady Haruka's curry!" Sodom hummed enthusiastically while flying around Haruka who was now busy preparing his curry meal. On the side, Azriel cannot help but get more infuriated by his familiar. It was probably better not to have called upon the black ball of chaos. From the very beginning, Sodom was useless. Yet, if that was the case why did he not just throw the creature away? Sometimes, he does not even understand himself as he watched the girl cooked. He could easily tell the girl was giving effort in preparing a measly meal for his familiar. What was the point in doing that?

When it was done, Sodom looked at the presented curry before him. His eyes sparkled like the rising sun. It seemed he was even shedding tears in complete joy. "Finally a curry that looks curry! You're a blessing Lady Haruka!" The familiar stated with truth as he soon quickly plunged himself to the curry and tasted it. A few moments were filled with silence as Sodom registered the taste. His face then twisted into pure pleasure. "....Delicious! It's really good! Much Much Much Trillion times better than Master's!" Yes, it was the last straw. Azriel who had stayed on the side approached Sodom and pulled the dish out of his familiar's way. "My curry!!! Give it back!" Those eyes of silvery black held a distinctive amount of annoyance and his lips were in a frown. "What is delicous about a meal cooked by her." Yes, there it was again the arrogance and haughty show of displeasure. "Lady Haruka made that for me! Master is just jealous! Jealous!"

Jealous? Him? Why would he ever feel such a thing towards any object or a person in that matter? He is never jealous. "Enough Sodom. This is not delicious at all." As if to prove that point, he took a bit of the curry and tasted it. Sodom who was already crying and wailing knew what would follow. It would be his Master's cruel criticism. The pure-blood never run out of anything bad to say which Sodom was beginning to take notice. However, there was just a great deal of silence before placing the plate down before Sodom. The familiar immediately stopped crying and looked at the plate then to his Master noticing a change in demeanor. "Master?" The said pure-blood looked at the girl with such a pointed look. He would never admit it to her. It would be better to die than anything else. But... "Curry now."

Sodom's reaction caused the small smile to return to Haruka's face. It seemed that this creature truly was a ball of light, unlike his master and despite his coloring. It was a shame really. She was growing attached to the black creature that belonged to something she wanted to break free from. This feeling, it was contradicting her nature so much that the irregular beating of her heart began again. But this time, it was something completely different. It wasn't the irregular beating of fear, but of anxiety, worry. What was she so worried about? She'd have to think about it later, Sodom was creating a mess. With a sigh, she grabbed the nearest towel she could and made her way towards the familiar, however; she was stopped at the next set of actions. Azriel took the plate away from Sodom, and questioned her ability. She wanted to comfort Sodom, but found herself unable to.

The next course of actions, followed by words spilling from the familiars mouth, had elicited a reaction from the pure-blood she wasn't quite sure how to react to. He declared her dish as something not delicious, and to prove it, he tasted it. She winced a bit, waiting for the harsh words to fly from that mouth of his, however; only silence greeted them. It was an odd sensation and something that she found rather unnerving. It didn't serve better when he fixed her with that look of his. Then, words left his mouth. Was he demanding curry from her? After what he just stated, he was demanding her curry. The irony was just too much for Haruka as she finally allowed the laugh she had been holding in to escape. She truly did have a death wish for laughing at the pure-blood, but regardless, she now has something she could hold over the pure-blood. Why did that make her happy?

"As you wish," she couldn't help but state, although it came out a bit more endearing than she had intended. Maybe she finally snapped? Or perhaps she finally just lost all sense of reality and was now in a world in between? Really, she hated the pure-blood, but this...this was something she was going to record in her memory and have for a while. She felt a swelter of pride fill her being as she obliged the pure-blood, grabbing a larger plate than Sodom's (since Sodom was a small creature) and filled it with her cooking. She placed the plate in front of the pure-blood and went to clean the mess she had created before making her own plate. Although she truly wasn't hungry, so she opted to play with her food for a bit.

Finally. Sodom cannot help but beamed very brightly at the words that escaped his Master's mouth. His Master demanded curry. "Master really is the shy type, aren't you?" Without another word, Azriel delivered a painful flick to the familiar's nose in which Sodom wailed once more. "Master is being a meanie! Meanie! Meanie!" In any case, the pure-blood decided to ignore the incessant cries of his familiar as the girl indulged with a laughter. When did the world turned upside-down and he was someone to be laughed at? Truly is she laughing at him? How he wanted to tear her throat and to say that she has no right. Yet, it would impossible for him to do such a thing. Then again, there was also this sense he did not mind her voice that much. So, he let her laugh like that.

Then, a plate of curry was served before him. He directed his eyes to Sodom who was still crying about the flick he did. "Don't waste your food or I will eat it." This effectively silenced Sodom who immediately ate his portion. There was no way he would allow his Master to hog all of the curry. Seeing this, Azriel was finally able to focus on the meal before him. He then ate the curry with a rather pronounced elegance that was inherent in him. It was then his eyes traveled to the girl who seemed busy with playing with her meal. "Don't play with your food." He stated as he took another bite from his plate. Whether he was enjoying the curry or not, it cannot be observed as his face remained indifferent. Yet, he was the kind who would not eat anything he does not favor to begin with.

"There will be a party." Azriel noted once he was done with his meal. His eyes glanced at the girl. "You will attend with me." His voice once more did not leave any room for arguments. Although, there was a certain glint in his eyes of concern. However, it was so easily ignored as it turned into an illusion. "Once there, don't stray from my side. I cannot protect you when you're not near me." For once, the cold tone he used held a degree of truth. Actually, he did not see any reason to lie to the girl. So, he never did. After all, there was no use having the effort to do so. Standing from his seat, he picked his plate and Sodom's which were both empty. He looked at the girl's plate as well. "Done." In his monotone voice, one would wonder if he was aking a question or not. But actually, he was.

Haruka kept her attention on her plate, pushing pieces of the rice into the curry sauce and watched as the two mixed. The white coloring was becoming stained with the browns of the sauce. She knew it would be cooling down soon if she didn't eat it soon, but she couldn't force herself to eat something when she herself wasn't hungry. She heard Azriel state to Sodom to eat his curry otherwise the pure-blood was going to and then for her to not play with her own food. She frowned slightly, resisting the urge to roll her eyes when the soft purring of Jiro captured her attention. He gave her a look that said how could you forget about me, as she smiled at the cat. Quickly standing from her spot, she grabbed a bowl and placed a small portion of her meal into it and gave it to Jiro. She wouldn't be wasting her food then. She could give the rest to Sodom, but before she could even ask, he spoke.

"A party," she couldn't help but repeat. She didn't know he had such things. Weren't they usually labeled as formal Ball's or something similar? She ignored the feeling as she finally met his obsidian gaze. A frown marred her face when he spoke of her to not stray from his side. If this was such an event, then why bother going in the first place? That did not make sense to her at all. Even so, why should she go if all she would be is a hinderance to the pure-blood? Regardless, she had already learned that to avoid pain and torture, she wouldn't go against his word. At least not for now she wouldn't. She hadn't even realized she absentmindedly ate her food as he stood from his seat, stating (or questioning, she couldn't tell) she was done. She lanced down at the empty plate now and sighed. So maybe she was a little hungry.

"I'll take care of them," she stated with a sigh, standing from her chair as well, grabbing her empty plate and Jiro's from the floor. She went to collect the plates from the pure-blood, and for a moment, she felt a skip of something. She didn't know what it was, and she stopped momentarily in her place. She was going to take care of the dishes, after all she was the one who cooked. It was only what she had been taught. The one who cooks cleans up their mess as well. With that in mind, she took the plates and piled them in with the dishes, allowing the warm water to sooth her hands. She hadn't realized she had been clutching the dishes tightly either. Well, this was surely an interesting night, and now she gets to attend a party with the one thing she'd rather not. One thing was for certain in her mind, she had truly lost it if she was even considering the thought.

The plates were removed from his hands as the girl decided to take care of it. If she wanted to do that, he had nothing to say against it. Thinking about this so-called party just came out of nowhere. He was not certain who was the organizer however, the majority of all the vampires were invited. The Celestias, the Morgans and other affluent and influential families of the vampire world. He saw the invitation that was placed on the desk at the study. It was insinuating and outright challenging him with such poetic words. As such, he knew for a fact that the girl would not be completely safe if he chooses to leave her here all alone. He hardly cares for her welfare. Even if she runs away, there was no severing the twisted bond they now shared. But, the fact this place might be targeted because his one weakness was home alone. He cannot afford that. This Mansion had enough attacks for a lifetime. There would be no second time on his watch.

"Haruka." This was the second time he called her name. However, this was the first time he had done so without the need of a lie. He only does this when he acknowledges someone for a specific ability. Well, he could have called her Kurosawa but the face of Yoshiro bothered him. In addition, he never called a person the same name. So, this was the only thing he called her except for tool, you, woman, or wench. "This is a formal event." Noticing her hold on the dishes, he approached and took them away from her hands.

"The Nouralail is respected but has a lot of enemies from both vampires and humans." He stated, as he proceeded to wash the dishes in her place. There was a prevalent grace in the way he does it. "To get to me, they will get to you." Ordinarily, he would have not inform her anything and just dragged her to anywhere he liked. As for danger, he would handle it since the girl was easily frightened and was incompetent in front of the vampires. But, she cooked well. Then, there was the inviation dripping with many connotations and most of them were not entirely pleasing to him. So... "Do you understand." There it was again the monotone voice that was natural for him. Yet, it was a question.

She seemed to have drowned everything out as the water ran. The only thing that snapped her out of her dream-like state was the sound of her name. It hadn't come from Jiro or Sodom. It came from him. This was the first time (she didn't count the first one truly at her home) he addressed her as such. She turned to see him approach and took the dishes from her hands. He proceeded to wash the dishes and spoke of the enemies his family possessed. It was natural that a vampire would have enemies. Humans as well, it was just a vicious circle of life. This she knew a little about. Although she hadn't known enemies truly, she never gave anyone reason to hate nor like her. She settled for neutrality regardless of her closed off ways.

She only sighed deeply when he mentioned her. Not only was she a tool to this man, but to his enemies as well. She would have scoffed at the bitter-sweetness of it all had she been in the right state of mind. So, in order to prevent being used any further, all she had to do was remain at his side. Easy enough. If she could pretend for the sake of her parents, then for the sake of her own life (or was it for him?) she would do as she was told awhile longer. She glanced at him when he finished speaking. She understood. That much she truly did. Wiping her hands on a nearby cloth, freeing them from any access water, she gave her full attention to the pure-blood, her stone eyes reflecting something she wasn't quite sure how to describe.

"I do," she replied. He mentioned it would be a formal event. That meant she had to have something pleasant to wear. She could find something and put it together that would be pleasing enough, and also cover the mark on her chest. Her hand rested on it slightly as her thoughts blanked. She finally came to realization that not only would she be attending a formal event, but she'd be attending an event that would no doubt house vampires. So far, her fear had seemed to be suppressed at the current moment. Maybe it was because Sodom and Jiro were around, she didn't know. But would she be able to contain it there? She'd deal with it when the time came.

There was silence at Azriel's end. He contemplated if she could handle such an event. Back then, their sharing of a room at the academy was a breeze for him. It was because she had this great fear of vampires. Thus, it was easy for him to make the girl stay away as far as possible. This time, it would be different. He cannot afford to have her far from his reach. "Sodom and Jiro will be there with you." He reached for a towel and wiped his hands dry as well. "I will be waiting for you at the foyer." The pure-blood noted for her as she would need to prepare and all. It will be the same for him but he had deduced women needed more time than men could ever do. But before he stepped away from her, he noticed a speck of curry traces at the corner of her mouth. Normally, he would have ignored it. But, somehow, there was this inkling. May be, it was because he was back at his home, may be it was due to the song, due to the curry... due to...

His hand reached out unconsciously and removed the trace with a gentle swipe of his finger. He then placed the said finger to his lips and licked it clean from the leftover curry. His eyes held a brief flash of disappointment as there were no more curry. Such a glint should be considered childish and unfitting for him, but it was soon gone allowing it be a mere hallucination. "If you ever feel fear that paralyzes you. Remember, I am the only one allowed to do that." He let his hand near his lips to fall to his side.

"So rise. I would not have it any other way." After stating that, he turned his back at her. Soon, he was out of sight as Sodom hovered near Haruka and smiled warmly. "Don't worry Lady Haruka! We won't let anything happen to you ever!" Then, the familiar had a thoughtful look. "Does Sodom need to wear a tuxedo since it's a formal event?" He then looked at Jiro then to Haruka. Because, he specifically wondered if he had any at all. "I bet Lady Haruka will look very beautiful! Go knock Master a peg down again!" Whether that was out of the most innocent notion, this night was yet to come to an end. After all, a meeting that spanned generations was about to be unveiled.

Jiro and Sodom? Wouldn't that create more hindrances? If she had to keep an eye on her own familiar, it would only cause her worry. Jiro stared up at his master, eyes sharing the concern she had. As much as he'd like to be there with her, he didn't think it was wise either. He'll be there in another way for her. As for Sodom, he was Azriel's familiar so that was his decision to make. If Sodom would be there, then that would be enough for Haruka. At least so in her mind, so she shook her head. She glanced at the pure-blood as he dried off his hands, however; he didn't step away. He did something rather odd and unbefitting of himself, or at least that was the impression she had. His hands reached out to swipe some left over curry on the corner of her lips. He then licked it from his hand, and for a moment, Haruka thought she saw a disappointed look in his eyes. The inkling was ignored previously as she was listening to his speech. And then there he was again, stating he was the only one who could cause her such fear. The notion had left a feeling of heat flooding her face. Such a notion, an action, was something that shouldn't be shared so easily.

"Easier said than done," she whispered when the pure-blood left. Sodom brought her back to reality with his question. "I am sure you do not, but regardless, you will look handsome if you do wear one," she stated, leaning so that she pecked the black familiar in the middle of his forehead with her lips. With a deep breath, she left the kitchen and made her way towards her room. She was to get ready. It wouldn't take her long really, but since it was a formal event, she would need to at least take care in her appearance. She didn't have very many nice articles of clothing. Things like that didn't matter to her, especially when she had grown up in a hunter's home. Appearances meant very little in the Kurosawa house-hold. With that in mind, she rummaged through what clothing she did have. Then, she found it. The one thing that would be fitting to wear and still manage to hide the mark across her chest. It was a simple black dress. Nothing too revealing, and covered everything that didn't need to be seen.

Now it was time for her hair after slipping into the article of clothing. She found the clip her mother had given her for her birthday last year. It was a turqoise color, a contrast to her orange hair and would without a doubt be noticeable. Pulling her hair up into a loose bun, she clipped the clip in place, allowing some of the strands to fall behind her in elegant waves. Next, it was time for the one thing she hated most. Make-up. She didn't see a need for it as it only irritated her. Once, she had forgotten she was wearing it and had rubbed her face with something, smearing it in the process and gave her a rather, unforgettable appearance. So, this time, she'd just do it rather lightly. Once she was finished, she did a once over and seemed satisfied. She didn't want to have to put too much effort into her appearance if she wasn't really going to be noticed that much. As such, she glanced at her familiar and Sodom, her eyes giving the questioning glint before walking out. She'd make her way to the foyer to wait for Azriel if he wasn't already there.

Eyes held great contempt towards the invitation in his hand. If it was possible that such emotions could be delivered to the sender this way, he would already slaughtered the proponent of this party. He disliked such public events and rarely attended any of it. If he does, he has a purpose, specifically towards someone that earned a spot in his grand design. Keeping the offending paper, he proceeded to the foyer where he had deigned to wait for the girl. Truly, he did not like to have her accompany him to this charade. It is true that the news of him taking a wife had spread like wild fire to the vampire society. Many had already asked for a chance to meet her.

This only meant one thing as well. She will be viewed as a threat or an asset by those people who wanted to destroy or to use him. It would be problematic but, leaving her behind was not also an option for him. So, he would just have to keep a close eye on her. As he arrived there, the girl was not yet present. He simply stood there donning a tailored black suit with a white inner shirt. It fitted his form quite majestically. He wore a coat around his shoulders and somehow, he seemed to be a character that literary stepped out of a painting about a duke or prince.

Few minutes passed by, his patience was soon rewarded when the girl made her appearance. His eyes of ash onyx affixed on her form. It seemed he would rather have a hard time from keeping the eyes of annoying maggots away from her. Although, he would rather bite his own tongue than to tell what she looked like right now. "Finally." He noted as he removed the coat around his frame and placed it over hers. After wards, he walked away knowing the girl will follow. The car was already waiting outside. Once, they were inside. The driver drove to their destination.

There was just silence as Azriel did not speak throughout the duration of the trip. But once they arrived, he could see that there were already a lot of people judging by the sheer noise and senseless chatter. The car door opened as he stepped out first. From the simple notion, he already captured the attentions of the vampires. He was well-known and recognized as the Nouralail pure-blood. He then turned to look at the girl before presenting his hand to her. "Come here."

She wasn't in a rush to leave this place. As odd as it might have sounded in her mind, she didn't want to leave the place because it meant traveling to another unknown location. So, she opted to take her time to the foyer. She had allowed her hands to trace the contours of the mansion as she finally approached her destination. There stood her husband adorned in a tailored outfit. In reality, he looked like one of those characters who were sophisticated and regal in their appearances and only came out in those drama's her mother liked to watch. Although she wouldn't admit it outloud, he had this inkling to him that she couldn't help but smile once more. He placed his coat around her as they made their way to the car. She was so confused really. Everything seemed to have stopped. Maybe fate was playing her wicked game again on Haruka, luring her in with sweet whispers.

In a matter of minutes, or was it hours, they arrived at their destination. There were people present already and were chatting amicably amongst each other. She felt her breath tighten against her throat as a wave of nervousness filled her. It wasn't fear, just her nerves. Her attention was garnered by Azriel who offered her his hand and told her to "Come here". She hesitantly obliged, slipping her hand in his as she stepped out of the car. Instinctively, her hand clutched tighter against his as the scents of various vampires assaulted her nose. They were all different, but at the same time, all the same. They were pungent and disgusting, however; she found it odd that his wasn't. She glanced to the vampire at her side. His eyes were fixed on the people around them as well.

"Just a few hours," she repeated like a mantra to herself. All she had to do was think of this as her parent's home. Only with more vampires. She couldn't stop the goosebumps that pelted her skin and the shiver from falling down her back. How odd it was to feel this fear again when she hadn't felt it so much when they were at the Nouralail Mansion? But then, his words rang through her ears. She sighed, and took a deep breath, allowing him to lead the way to where ever it was they were going.


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“Life is never easy, and I shouldn't expect it to be.”

Twenty-Four hours earlier

A breeze swept across the field where two people stood, each holding a sword. Hikari stood across from her adoptive father, the man who had taught her how to be a hunter so she could protect herself against the vampire that had killed her family...if only she knew the truth. They both looked out of breath, but Kari was more beat up than the older man before her. She had slices on her stomach and sides, each of them from when she lost a match. "Again!" His gruff voice shouted from across the field, making Hikari flinch, but she didn't hesitate as she ran towards him, sword raised and at the ready.

"I suggest a blade. It would at least inflict a wound and even useful against humans."

The Pure-Bloods voice rang in her head as she swung on her father, aiming for his neck, through he easily blocked and swiftly kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying a few feet into the air and then into the ground. Hikari forced herself to sit up as she gasped for breath. "Stand up!" He called out once more, unrelenting when it came to her training. She forced herself to stand as she raised her sword once more, ready to attack when the order was called. The two watched each other carefully before he screamed out once more."Again!" He snapped, and as soon as the words left his mouth, she jumped towards him, using an air attack this time. He raised his weapon just in time, making the two swords clang together before the real battle took place. their swords made contact over and over again as their boys moved in blurs across the field. Another loud clang sliced through the air once more as Kari was pushed backwards into the air.

She raised her sword in defense, blocking the attack that would have sliced through her skin like a knife slicing through butter. Her father expected this through, and so he used his other hand to punch her in the stomach and send her flying backwards once more. Hikari grunted as she landed on her feet in a crouching position and slide backwards, stirring the dirt and sending it into the air around her. "Again! You need to cut my left shoulder before we can stop." he said while holding up his blade. Hikari grimaced and ran forward once more. They both moved at the same time, her aiming for his should and him moving to block, however Kari was going for his right shoulder instead of his left. At the last minute she spun around, dogging his move to block her sword, and slashing towards his left shoulder until she felt his skin slice open.

His moved his own sword, aiming for her side and making her blood stain the ground before she could jump away. "Why would you do that?! I got the point, it was over!" She screamed holding her side. he merely shrugged, the shoulder wound seemingly nothing. "By using that move to get my shoulder, you left your left side open to attack. If you are fighting a vampire, they will not stop to end your life, if you leave any blind spots, you're as good as dead." He sheathed his sword as he spoke. Hikari held up the hand that was now covered in her blood as her world blurred. "Grandfather would have never purposely done that.." She spat at him as her world tilted to the side. "That is why you were never taught in sword fighting." He said as her world went black.

. . .

Hikari woke up after five hours of sleep, her mother had banged up her wounds and cleaned up the blood, luckily her father as only attack aiming for her stomach, and not her legs or arms or face, so she didn't look like she had been beaten up unless someone somehow got a glimpse of her bruised and cut up stomach. She winced before shaking her head in annoyance. "I go on vacation from school and end up in worst condition than when I left. Go figure." She rolled her eyes before pulling on a t-shirt over her bandaged chest and stomach before padding out of her room and down the hall to where her parents sat at the dinning room table. She silently sat down with them while drinking the cup of tea that had been waiting for her. Hikari, you have mail." Her mother, well her adoptive mother, said, handing a fancy plain while envelope to the younger girl, who rose her eyebrow.

After carefully opening the letter and reading the contense, she nearly screamed. "What the fuck?" she said plainly, making both her parents look up sharply at her. "Watch your mouth young lady!" SHe mouth scolded while her father just shook his head. "Who ever sent this letter must be mixed up in the head, because they are referring to me as a Vampire and their asking me to attend an All Vampire Party...the hell man." She said shaking her head and throwing the paper down in the middle of the table. She watched as her 'parents' shared a look before turning towards her. "I think you should go." Her father stated before going back to drinking his tea. Hikari looked at him as if he had just grown a second head. "I never knew you had just a broad sense of humor." She said dryly, making her mother snort. "Vampire's do not make mistakes, if you were invited to a Party being hosted by a Vampire, surly you will be safe, seeing as to the fact that you are invited. They will know you are human and they will stay away, you have enough training to protect yourself if need be." He never once looked at her, and a strange feeling settled into her stomach.

"Don't you think it's just..stupid? Sending a human into a party for JUST VAMPIRES?! I know what your getting at, you think something is going down, and if I go we'll have eyes and ears on the inside, well you know what, I'm not gonna stick my neck out for those damn vampires or be you friggin spy!" Her voice raised as she spoke before she stood up and slammed her hands down on the table. "Your grandfather would have wanted you to go." He said cutting her off before she could say anything else. She stood there for a moment, with wide eyes, before shove backwards and making her chair scrape across the ground loudly. "If I'm not back by midnight, don't both looking for me." She hissed the words with so much hate it made her mothers heart sink, and then she was gone, down the hall into her room.

Not even five minuets later Hikari left the house with a bag over her shoulder and the invention in her hand. She would go to that damn party,but not because her grandfather would have wanted her to or her parents wanted her to, none of them were her real family anyway, when it came to family she was completely alone. She would go to the party because she wanted to find out what was going on.

Present day

Hikari neared the location of where the part would be held dressed in a nice white dress with a red pattern on it, and her bag slung over her shoulder. Most of her wounds had healed over night, and she had cleaned and dressed her worst cut before changing and heading towards the Party so none of the vampire got a better smell on her wound than they already would. To be honest, she wasn't sure why she was here, or why she was even going to this stupid party, but if someone thought she was vampire, they were very wrong, and they had to be corrected now, or never.

Let the party begin...hopefully it wont end with blood.