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A battle between two species that have been at each others necks for centuries. But will these two unlikely heroes be able to stop the war?

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Owner: kelsiikhaos
Game Masters: kelsiikhaos
Tags: , battles, fantasty, fighting, love, power, small town, vampires, war, werewolves (Add Tags »)
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The sun sets on the quiet town of Springside. The lights go out one by one, and finally everyone in town hits the hay to get ready for a new day. But past all of the backyards, past all of the local parks, and past all of the buisnesses lies a vast wooded forest.

One side, the werewolves, is covered in green. Trees, flowers, and all sorts if plant life overpopulate the area. The wolves live in peace only feeding on animals. The other side though, the vampires, not such a walk in the park. Ashes and dirt cover the ground. The only trees, which isn't many, are dead and barren, and the only animals that did live there were killed quickly.
Both sides have their own seperate livinf quarters, each Leader may choose what this is.

The two sides are seperated by a quaint river. Now as the sun sets, the vampires find themselves growing more impatient with their hunger, and the wolves will stop at nothing to protect the humans. And the vampires aren't too happy with that.

Sub-plot 1-

Both Leaders are looking for love. They both are growing lonely. They want someone who they can share their power and their clan/pack with. Who will they choose?
Sub-plot 2-

They both feel the same way. They don't find the other kind completely disgusting or repulsive. They want the same thing, but they would never speak it, peace.Until they find the other. They don't react like everyone else of their species does, growling and nashing, they just walk up like the other is the exact same way they are, and it's intriguing.

So they get to talking and find they their views are exactly alike and soon after they begin to fall in love. So when the battle comes will they be able to stop it to save the ones that they love and be able to reach out the words that they can live in harmony, or will it just kill them in the end?

Erin's tree and the river.

Alpha- chosen during roleplay by alphess
Alphess- Kelsiikhaos
Leadess- chosen DURING roleplay by leader
Both species are alloud to have more then these ranks And the two unlikely heroes can be in the rankings if they wish to be.

* Manditory Picture:

* Name:

* Rank:

* Race:

* Ethinicity:

* Age:

* Height&Weight:

* Eyes:

* Hair:

* Wearing:

* Jewelry:

* Makeup:

* Tattoos:

* Skills/Powers:

* Phobias / Fears:

* Quirks:

* Best Qualities:

* Worst Qualities:

* Crush: (Announce it later)

* Sexual Background: (Orientation, etc)

*Other Important Details:


I. I do allow intense romance, but keep it to an intelligent limit.
II. Do not cuss every other line. I do allow it to an amount, however.
III. Do not join if you cannot post at least every two days and at least one paragraph.
IV. I require all fields when submitting a character form.
V. No more then two powers per character.
VI. No 'god-modding' or controlling other players.
VII. Do not give yourself an extremely unfair advantage.
VIII. All RolePlay Gateway rules apply, as they always should.
IX. If you are leaving, for an extended or permanent ammount of time, please let me know.
X. No same sex. Sorry!

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