Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

The Vampires have become more chaotic and the Wolves must be more alert then ever before.

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The sun sets on the quiet town of Springside. The lights go out one by one, and finally everyone in town hits the hay to get ready for a new day. But past all of the backyards, past all of the local parks, and past all of the buisnesses lies a vast wooded forest.

One side, the Werewolves, is covered in green. Trees, flowers, and all sorts if plant life overpopulate the area. The wolves live in peace only feeding on animals. The other side though, the Vampires, not such a walk in the park. Ashes and dirt cover the ground. The only trees, which isn't many, are dead and barren, and the only animals that did live there were killed quickly.

The two sides are seperated by a quaint river. Now as the sun sets, the Vampires find themselves growing more impatient with their hunger, and the Wolves will stop at nothing to protect the humans. And the Vampires aren't too happy with that.


In Vampires and Werewoles The Vampires and Werewolves had begun to become allies and things were shaping up between the bonds. But after a while, the Vampires did not like being kept under control. Instead of only feeding when the Wolves deem available, they fled back to the old ways and have become even more bitter and violent towards the protectors.

The wall that lies between the Wolves territory and the humans town is heavily guarded and the Wolves are on constant patrol, but somehow the vampires are still slipping past. There are rumors that they are getting help from some human slaves as well, but nothing is certain.

Sub-plot 1-

Both Leaders are looking for love. They both are growing lonely. They want someone who they can share their power and their clan/pack with. Who will they choose?

Sub-plot 2-

They both feel the same way. They don't find the other kind completely disgusting or repulsive. They want the same thing, but they never speak it, peace.Until they find the other. They don't react like everyone else of their species does, growling and nashing, they just walk up like the other is the exact same way they are, and it's intriguing.

So they get to talking and find they their views are exactly alike and soon after they begin to fall in love. So when the battle comes will they be able to stop it to save the ones that they love and be able to reach out the words that they can live in harmony, or will it just kill them in the end?

The Werewolves residence-
The Werewolves have a nice pool in their backyard-
The Werewolves territory-

The Vampires residence-
The Vampires have a cave and in it are natural hot springs-
The Vampires territory-

Vampires begin to break out into hives and eventually desenegrate in sunlight.
A bite from a Vampire turns into vampirism.
Draining a Vampire will lead them to death.
Vampires have heightened senses.
Vampires fangs are always showing, they do not retract.
Vampires have super strength and speed. They can leap widely.
Vampires must drain humans at least once a week to stay stable.
If a Vampire does not consume a human within two to four weeks they become unstable, unable to produce speach and has no emotional or attachments to anything they felt before. They become completely animalistic. The only way to reverse the process is by consuming many humans.
They look like this;

Werewolves can only stay in their wolf form for a few hours.
Shifting is very painful.
Werewolves have strengthened speed and strength.
Werewolves have heightened senses.
Vampire blood is toxic to them.
A Werewolf bite leads to the victim changing.
Changing is voluntary and they resemble larger wolves.

Chosen during, but inform if you want to be here.
Alphess-Jenson Alexandria Daniels-kelsiikhaos
Lieutenant-url=]Evalina Moore[/url]-Constellations
Scout-Peregrine Neverwinter-VitaminHeart
Hunter-Alexander Davis-Zombicide93
Defenders-Stacy Kandy Mackenzie-DarknessToDeath23 &
Gabrielle "Gabby" Uriki-Lux_Disraeli
Fighters-Kora Neverwinter-VitaminHeart,
Mikeal Cordess-Kugorie, &
Lux Starleaf-Lux_Disraeli
Messenger-Victor Lucain-Lux_Disraeli
Not in the pack-Rick Lockhert-Alexander_Right
Family Xanna Belle Daniels

Ian David McKinely-kelsiikhaos
Leadess- Chosen during, but inform if you want to be here.
Lieutenant-Oren Kovalenko-VitaminHeart
Scouts-Rowan Rizzoli-Zombicide93 &
Jackson Sharp-Constellations
Hunter-Hayley James White-kelsiikhaos
Defender-Lyric Spark-Lux_Disraeli
Fighter-James "Jamie" O'brian-Zombicide93
Maid-Magdalene Mary Dobbins-DarknessToDeath23
Messenger- OPEN
Other-Arileana Lynn GrantAlexander_Right &
Not in clan-Amelia Carloin-Kugorie
Family-Ace Parker Banks-kelsiikhaos
Delegates-Arthur "Art" Hunter-VitaminHeart
Both species are alloud to have more then these ranks or multiple people on one ranking.

These things are required but you can spiffy up the character sheets however you wish.
I like alot of detail and for them to be pretty and organized.

[Must have an avatar.]
* Manditory Picture:

* Name:

* Rank: ((If you are trying to be the other Partner in the highest rank, please state so.))

* Race:

* Ethinicity:

* Age:

* Height&Weight:

* Eyes:

* Hair:

* Wearing:

* Jewelry:

* Makeup:

* Tattoos:

* Skills/Powers:

* Phobias / Fears:

* Quirks:

* Best Qualities:

* Worst Qualities:

* Crush: (Announce it later)

* Sexual Background: (Orientation, etc)

*Other Important Details:

~All posts in third person.
~No Godmoding.
~No powerplaying.
~Try to be active, and if not tell us before you go.
~Don't just make a character sheet then leave your poor being to rot. If your willing to make the effort to make a sheet, take the effort to play with your character. I WILL HATE YOU AND YOUR BABIES!
~All posts should be at least two paragraphs, consisting of no less then eight sentances per post. [I can understand writer's block, I too get it on certain occasions.]
~Don't get too out of hand with the romance and the cussing. Were big boys and girls and we should known our limits. [Mostly just fade to black or don't put in too much horrible detail with the love making.]
~I understand you may not know how to spell some words, but please, let's keep it at least literate and nt tlk lk ths.
~Limit to two powers per character, we don't want an all powerful being taking over the world, now do we?
~If you have anything to say, post it in OOC unless it's a short and quick message.
~Overall, just have fun and play nicely. ^^ As well, do not kill without certain permission and agreeance.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen
We understand that you,
Have come tonight,
To bare witness to the sound,
of Drum. And. Bass.

We regret to announce that this is not the case,
As instead, we come tonight to bring you,
The sonic recreation of the end of the world,
Ladies and Gentlemen prepare to Hold. Your. Colour-"

"Alright Sweetheart, end of line line, this is Springside."

With a gloves hand the figure sat in the back of the cab tilted one side of her headphones back to better hear the voice of the driver. It was an apparently young woman, probably in her twenties by estimation, dressed in a selection of brightly coloured clothes. Her vivid blue hair was held in place by the thick set of pink and white headphones slung over her head, and a large, metal-frames case sat on the seat next to her, covered with worn-out stickers demarking all sorts of destinations.

As the car pulled up she nimbly hopped out, pulling the case out with her.

"Looks expensive." the driver remarked.
"What is that? Musical instrument or something?"

The woman shook her head, sending her cyan locks bouncing around her head.
"Not exactly." she replied.
"Sound equipment. It's sort of my career."

"Oh, a sound tech...or a DJ sort of thing?"

The blue-haired girl smiled knowingly to herself.
"Something like that. Well Steve you've been a wonderful driver and I'm so grateful that you got me all the way out here."

She reached into her pocket and withdrew a handful of notes, shoving them through the open window of the car.
The driver seemed only too pleased to accept this without question, before returning his attention to the woman. He caught sight of something a little odd on her wrist, a bracelet of sorts, wrapped around several times, with what appeared to be sharp, white teeth strung on.
"Some bracelet you have there. That some sort of religious thing?"

"It's a souvenir. A charm bracelet."

"All the charms look pretty similar."

"I just have a thing for fangs I suppose."

"Uh, ma'am, take care out there, you get some real weirdos hanging around this neck of the woods. Wouldn't go wandering round on your own at night." he warned.

The woman gave another cryptic smile in response.
"Oh I'm sure I can handle myself. Goodbye Steve, have a safe drive back and all the best."

With that she set off into town. She'd seen got a measure of the place. She'd also soon discovered a dead body, drained of the all the red stuff, lying in an alleyway near the outskirts. The scent of vampire and wolf led away into the woods to where the conflict had obviously come to a head, with small splashes of vampire blood scattered around, and a big puddle of wolfblood still lying on the forest floor. Looked like a severe scrap. She had best not wait around then.

Saffir made her way in the direction of the wolf house, keen on stating her intentions. She was planning to take the Springside clan apart..and she was not planning to be nice about it.


Oren meanwhile, her arm and shoulder taped up, went looking for Ace. She wasn't really in the best of moods, but she didn't really want to leave him with the impression that she was massively pissed off with him. Any injury she received made Oren more bitchy than usual, and this was no she didn't want him left with the impression that she blamed him. Besides, she felt fine at the time and failed to see what the fuss was about.


E made her way downstairs, pausing to grab a few sharp objects from her room. She pulled on a hooded top and went after Ian. Soon she arrived, in time to catch some of the noise from the cave. She rolled her eyes.
"Are they too stupid to realize that caves promote echoes? Hm...if Oren hated my for throwing her in the springs before...I'd love to think of what she'd do if I did it now and told her what had been going on. She'd probably be standing in the shower until next week." she giggled.

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"Mmmmm," Jackson moaned, rolling on top of Hayley. He grabbed a hold of her legs and put them on top of her shoulders so that he was now positioned between the two. Grabbing a hold of her cans so he could squeeze them and use them to get leverage while he entered her. Usually he kept up a steady pace but right now he was too damn horny so he began pounding her at a pace so fast he was practically vibrating. "Oh fuck yes, oh shit, fuck, fuck, titties, titties, titties," he went on loudly, curses pouring out of his mouth like a running faucet. He couldn't help it, he often couldn't control his volume or what came out of his mouth. He probably should have been more aware of his volume and vocabulary, given the audience just outside the cave but he honeslty couldn't make himself care. "Fuck I love you, fuck, fuck, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker."

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Ari couldn't help but giggle listening to Jackson and Hayley. She also couldn't help but get turned on, it was kinda hot listening to two other people have sex. She sighed, there was a time and place for everything. Ari smiled at Ian and grinned when he picked her up.
"No nothing really, just kinda thinking how hot it is listening to them have sex."
Her mind was very unclear recently from all the trauma. She was most likely getting all kinds of mixed signals.
"My abilities have been on the fritz since the... incident... The mental chatter seems so muddied. It is slowly getting better now that my body is healing."
She kissed his neck biting at it until she saw E approach.

Ari smiled and waved to E.
"Coming with us I see. It is nice to see you again. Guess we will just wait for them to uh... finish up then."


Rick waited for Gabby to finish her cleaning. He started pointing out the various tools, and their functions. Which situations they would be best used for and when not to use them. Simple things, proper way to stitch closed a wound, seal an artery, properly remove a bullet, check vitals. He held up some vials.
"Now these are labeled. Some are types of antibiotics, and these are for poisons, vampire bites, if someone accidentally drinks vampire blood. Stuff like that. I am rather meticulous about my labeling so if it is here it will be clearly marked with it's function."
He neatly folded things away into the bag.
"So this is a complete kit and should be good for caring for just about any wound. Obviously if someone needs surgery it would be best to find me if I'm still around but minor stuff you guys should be able to fix. I am leaving this stuff here for you guys just in case something happens. Your current medical kit is pretty bad. I have not seen Jenson show any interest in learning so is there anyone else? Maybe her second in command?"

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Gabby took a ton of notes as Rick went over everything she ever drew diagrams of some of the things. "Yeah it seems to never be what we need this will be a huge help." She smiled at him as her mouth twitched into a bit of worry. "I am well, that spot seems to have been up for a grabs i know Lux was her second but i think Evie is now but I havent seen her since the fighting went down. But seeing as both Lux and Evie are both fighters more then I am maybe your best bet is to teach me doc." She hugged her notebook to her chest I am a fast learner and I am a bit ocd in my note taking." She handed him her note book on the page she drew out of the sealing of an artery "This is what you ment right?"


Victor laughed a little "Cherie as many times as you have zonked out on me I am sure my shoulder is perimantly drool stained." He grinned at her and kissed her forehead. "Besides you are so run ragged." He bit his lip "I erm you look great though." He grabbed his arms tightly around her wanting to make her feel more relaxed. He let his mind just soak in that she came to him to seek comfort he thought he lost his spot as her blanket, it had been so long since they'd met and had a whirl wind romance that left him chasing her from his home and his familes pack to be with her. She had been so distant and so cold towards him he almost left a thousand times, but she'd give him the dont go look everytime it crossed his mind. He kissed her forhead again.


Lux sat on the bank staring across into the vampires land, that lay in stillness. She rested her head on her paws waiting for something after the last fight she was hoping someone would just come for revenge that they almost took out two vamps and more so since the black hair-should be the leader- women was really wounded. She rolled onto her back looking up at the stars, letting herself start to doze off.

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Ace glanced up as someone else entered into the lab. Just by the scent he knew who it was but he made no effort to move towards her. He expected to get yelled at or preached again about what he had done was wrong and in the moment all he really wanted was to take her upstairs and lay with her alone and sleep on things but he felt like it was the last thing he should even bring up in the first place.
Still sitting there, however, he felt like a pouting child so he stood, brushing off himself of the dirt and stepped out into the open to lean against one of the shelves of chemicals lightly, as to not push it over. Deciding against it, he stood straight up, just crossing his arms and trying not to look completely obvious that he was avoiding her eye contact.

. . . . .

Hayley would have laughed if it was manageable, but the fact that only moaning was pouring from her own mouth kept exploding out moans. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she let him ram into her. She was almost screaming, but she buried her face in his flesh, biting his chest as they went on.
"I....Love..You!" She tried, her voice cutting off as she quickly reached orgasm, she knew he would follow her right after and soon they were done, both of their breath in quick unision of tired and pleasured content.
She really felt like a ho when she stood, pulling on her clothes just as quickly as she had taken them off and began putting them back on. Once dressed, she rumaged her hands through her red mess and shrugged, planting another kiss on his lips then his forehead before pulling away.
"Don't miss me too much...while I am gone." A single tear managing to drop onto his lap before she ran to the Vampires that were waiting for her.
"Sorry, we can........go." She would have felt so much more awkward if she had not been used to people doing it all over the house anyway.

. . . . .

Ian snickerd and nodded. It really was pretty hot.
"It is turning on, I can't wait to get back home." He winked at her and leaned his head back when she kissed him on the neck, his hands going to brush her hair with his fingers.
E arrived and he lifted his head to glance at her, then laying it back down again.
"We are about to head out." He could see that Hayley was heading towards them and he tried to stiffle the laughter that was coming out of him. It was honeslty more hilarious then it would be sexy. Only Ari moaning was truly sexy to him, with Hayley he felt like she was slightly pathetic because he knew she was nowhere near as experienced as him.
"Your sad." He said, smirking, then pulling off of the wall, pulling Ari's hand towards the way they headed. Hayley looked physically upset at this point. With Ian's comment and the knowing of what was to come it was almost too much to handle at this point.

. . . . .

Jenson could not take her eyes off of him. Her hand moving up to his cheek and she grasped his jaw, just enjoying this moment. At the time, she was not even aware of what should even be said. She shrugged, deciding that was the best decision before she pulled herself up ontop of him. She actually enjoyed laying on top of him, but that was not the case this time.
She brushed a piece of hair away that had been bothering her, her midnight blue irises searching his before she lowered her head to his lips in a much needed kiss. Her hands wrapped around the back of his head, getting into it and clenching his hair in her fists.

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Sarina sat at a window, watching people wait to leave. She was doing her best to tune out Hayley, not that it was working very well. She then saw Hayley join the group, so Sarina stood and walked out of the room she was in. She kind of wanted to go back to the "Library", that wasn't really a library she guessed. It had books all the same.

With most everyone outside, inside seemed a bit too quiet. Not like a still quiet, but the scary quiet. A white noise everywhere that makes you doubt your own sense to tell whats real. Sarina started muttering to herself, telling herself to calm the hell down. That she was a vampire, and that's as much of a monster that will be in the house. Still, she kept jumping at every noise.

Sarina ran her fingers through her hair, glancing around the hallway. Where was she going?

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Ari smiled and walked with Ian her hand in his. She was a little nervous about this trip, she had mixed messages about it. But why not, it didn't have to end badly. Rick would cooperate she already knew, he was more then happy to help people and especially her. But still there was a lot of mental chatter going on, a lot that wasn't exactly clear. It was a haze and her mind did feel really cloudy.
"So I hear a lot of mental chatter but it's all kinds of fuzzy. What are we going over here for besides Rick and the cure for bites?"


Rick looked over the notes Gabby was taking on what he said. They were good notes, and the diagram was very well done.
"Yes, Just like that. Your very good at sketching."
He continued to explain various things to her.
"So there is no second in command, how odd... But then this pack does have some strange habits."
He started packing things up as his lesson came to a close.
"How long have you been with the pack?"

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Gabby smiled at Rick "Thank you." She went back to jotting pausing "Well Evie was the second but she bolted while I was away myself, so I dont know what caused her to run. Lux took up her spot until Evie came back and demanded her rank back and they fought over it and Jenson stepped in and chose Evie over Lux." She chewed her lip a little "And thats the run down." She hopped down and walked over to him helping him put a few things away. "Well since I can remember, I came from a pack in alaska. Thats where I went to learn how to handle." She tapped her lips. "To deal with my new features and such." Gabby's nose twitched slightly "I think there might be a new wolf around." She cocked her head trying to see if she could pick the scent again frowning when she couldnt "Or my sniffer is broken, or I just dont know yours and you are throwing me off muttly." She grinned at him bumping his shoulder with hers. "You think?"


Victor gave into her kiss sinking back taking in her scent and her taste. He bit her lip playfully before he grabbed her hips flipping her underneath him so he could pin her arms over her head. He caught a look of almost desperation in her eyes and let her go rubbing the back of his neck.

His mind rushed back to the last time she came to him like this drunk and high as a kite. He took her home and it was that look of being scared and lonely that caused him to throw his arms around her and hold her and sing to her before faking he fell asleep refusing to do anything with her if she wasnt in 100% control of herself, he knew with that look he loved her and would be whatever she needed to be.

"Whats really ticking in that mind of yours Jenny?" He brushed her hair tenderly behind her ear as he started to rub the bridge of her nose with his finger. "As much as I so don't want to be talking right now." He leaned his face to hears and gave her a passionate kiss. "I know that look and well it worries me, you know I am not going to be ok with just being the one you come to for something like this then dont speak to me for a year and I have to chase you all the way over her to get you to speak to me." His voice cracked a bit at the end his brain kicking him as hard as it could for bringing it back up again. "I just you know I care about you more then any pup that is going to waltz into your world, but like I told you that summer I dont want just."He ran his fingers down her body..."I want all of you to be mine. " He smiled down at her before laying down next to her pulling her on top of him. He gave a light laugh before kissing her face all over. When she arched a brow at him he grinned a trouble maker smile and ran his tongue over her face before laying his head back and laughing.

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"And you can stop moping." she remarked, glancing over at Ace.
"Yes, it was pretty stupid to do that. No I'm not going to yell at you, because frankly I've been yelling at every bloodsucker in this place for years about being more careful with their drinking habits for years and it makes no difference, and besides I'd prefer it was me getting this than anyone else, because I can tolerate this sort of thing. Believe me I have had so much worse....and had people I was in relationships with doing far more stupid things for that matter..." she stated, making her way over to her chair and dropping into it.

"So Ian had gone crazy about the whole thing. Why am I not surprised? To be honest I think I did more damage to one of the wolves than she did to me...but I suppose that's how Ian shows he cares about arranging the brutal murder of people who've injured me in the past. It's something I guess..." she mused.


"I've been waiting for something like this for months." E replied as she skipped along, looking extremely pleased with herself. Going after some wolves was considerably more exciting than killing birds or rodents.
She didn't have any special grudge against the wolves of fact she quite respected some Weres that she's met...but she was happy to take advantage of Ian's hatred for them in order to amuse herself with some sort of bloodbath.


Saffir meanwhile approached the wolf house and knocked on the door, setting her case down. This seemed to be the right place. It appeared isolated enough. Lycos tended to end up a little away from civilization...for somewhat obvious reasons. She'd come across some that lived right in among the human population...there were a few urban packs out there...but it made things harder.

"Hello?" she called.
"Anyone home?"

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Ian mused and mulled over the question in his head. 
"Well. The idea of taking out a bit seems like the best choice in this scenario. Just to make sure we get exactly what we need. Plus, I owe it to Oren. We've been through some hard times and it's my way of showing her that I actually give a damn about something. Hayley," He snapped in her direction, drawing her out of her mind. "put up the forcefield on these two." He continued talking before she could respond. They were nearing the border and he was beginning to grow anxious just at the sight of it. 
Smirking broadly he leaped easily over the running water and beckoned for E to catch up with him. 
"Just make sure Jenson is still in the house if it's possible for you to pull her from the rest of the crowd." He called to Ari.
He already had caught the scent of a nearby wolf and sped off down the greenery a bit, finding her without a problem. And she looked as though she were about to pass how. Too perfect. 
He quickly scooped up the large wolf in his arms, awakening her immediately, but with his grip already surrounding her, it was pointless to struggle. He had Lux right where he needed her. 
He squeezed for a moment, hearing the crack of ribs breaking and he laughed alloud, almost manically at the sound. 
"Good evening!" He joked, before throwing the wolf over his shoulder. She was hardly moving and it would be simple to get her to the dungeon and back in a couple of minutes. 
"E, Ari. Go up to the door and demand to speak with Rick. You only let them visible when he is outside and in the open and you're sure that they are out of harms way. I won't be long." He adjusted the dog's weight and flew off, wings erupting from his back. 

. . . . .

Hayley desperately wanted to protest about taking the field away from herself, but even she knew that Arileana was more important than her own life and she agreed, using her force to surround them and the two vanished immediately. Completely concealed from all sense. Even Jenson mind reading bull. She sighed and stepped towards the wolf home and knocked on the door quickly, disregarding the other mutt vacating the front porch with her. She glared at her out if the corner of her eye and shook her head, praying that someone came quickly to the door. 

. . . . .

Jenson let him take charge and let her arms be thrown upward the be pinned back. She couldn't help but to smile as he kissed her and gave her all of his attention as he always had.
She heard him think back. Back before she had arranged the pack or even give herself morals.
She hated thinking about those times. It made her disgusted in herself and compare herself to her brother.
"My head?" She asked warily never truly sure if what she said was good for in the moment. She always felt out of place. 
"You wouldn't understand my head. I hear everyone's truthful side, I see how they believe that they are and truly think that they are humble, cotrolled individuals." She shook her head. "No one is a saint and I see the real darkness in everyone's hearts. You don't even want to begin to hear my opinion on things." She groaned, complaining in her head that she had just said everything. 
She sighed and shook her head, turning on her side and looking away from him. 
"I want to be yours as well but I honestly don't even know if I am stable enough to support a relationship. Much less give the title to another of being Alpha..." At this point she was upsetting herself. 
"Can we get some drink or something." She growled and pranced to the door, holding up a finger to say she would be back quickly and went to her room. 
Her mind was solely on what she had just been talking about, disregarding the knock at the door, knowing someone else would get it.
She snatched the bottle of rum she had hidden away in the back of her closet and came back to the room with the cork already off and a few gulps down her system. 
"Want some?" She asked, coughing lightly. 

. . . . .

Ace crinkled his brows and came up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders and lightly beginning to rub away knots and kinks in her muscles. 
"You don't deserve any pain. You have been through a lot. And as for my cousin. Well, he's just psycho. But I know it is because he cares. He probably wouldn't even go to this extent for me. He'd mumble something about just getting up and brushing myself off and get back out there." He stopped touching her and pulled away, shrugging. 
"I just hope they all come back okay...."          

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Gabby walked to the door her eyes going a little wide eyeing Saffir. "Hi um can I help you?" Gabby took in her look, she had heard the stories of the women fitting her look before but thought it was just stories. She felt her throat go dry, trying to compose herself she held the door open for the wolf. "Welcome Sister." She said in a measured even tone "Do come in I will go find Jenson for you I am sure she is whom you want." She all but tripped walking back towards the stairs.:Jenson?"
Lux's ear flicked to the left her groggy brain fuzzed awake with the sense of danger. Just has her head snapped up she sucked in a breath as Ian's arms wrapped around her body. She bit back a yelp as her ribs cracked under his arms. She mental beat herself "bloody brilliant Luxie." she thought to herself bitterly. She thrashed against his arms his grip only getting tighter on her. The pain of the rib snapping was enough to push her to sleep.


Victor kissed her hand as she went to get a drink. He laced his fingers together behind his head looking at the ceiling, when she walked back in his room he watched her take a few shots. "I wasn't intending to upset you. As for being titled your Alpha I dont care for that role, i would be that if you asked but that isnt my end goal, I just love you Cherie thats all." He heard Gabby calling for her. "but it seems your favorite is looking for you now and I should get that door thats two knocks in the last hour odd for us." He got out of bed and pulled a shirt on walking past Gabby tilting his head towards his room. He eyed the blue haired new comer in the living room. He made his way to the door opening it to find the redheaded vamp. He stepped on to the porch. "Did you get lost little red?" He said as he narrowed his eyes at her.

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Jenson shook her head, ignoring the comments about upsetting her. She took another drink but made a sour face at the bottle. What the hell was she doing? She wasn't a drinker. She was drowning her sorrow with something that would last for the moment and she didn't want to follow in her family's footsteps. She scowled at the container and set it on the ground, sighing deeply.
"No, no. It was not your fault, love. It was my own. You can have that, by the way." She added, picking herself off of the bed and going to the top of the stairs to look out towards Gabby and the newcomer. She had been expected and she smirked before going down the stairs two at a time.
She greeted their new guest with a warm smile.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Saffir." She nodded her head and welcomed her deeper into the house.
"Could you get the door, hon?" She asked Victor, but already saw him starting for the large entry way.
"Please, do sit down. Are you planning to stay a while? Do forgive me, of course you are. There are plenty of empty bedrooms for you to choose from if you would like. Can I offer you a beverage?" She asked, standing and heading towards the kitchen, keeping an ear open for her drink of choice while filling herself up a glass of iced sweet tea.

. . . . .

Ian snorted as he emerged into the house, annoyed slightly that he was forced to be carrying the rank pest on his shoulders, but it was the only way he could be assured that things went as planned. He chained her up to the stone wall, -along with the few humans, some awake, others completely unconcious- and knocked on the door to the lab to indicate to the others of his arrival.
"You have a new guinea pig, Oreo." He chuckled and found himself on the werewolf territory much faster then the trip home.
He could already hear the slight commotion on the other side of the wall of trees that seperated him and the werewolf mansion, but he stayed in the back. Keeping himself hidden for a little extra surprise. What with the other vampires at their doorstep, it would be hard to decipher which scent was which, unless Jenson got anywhere near the door. He hoped she was holed up doing whatever responsible sisters did, but now all he could do was wait.

. . . . .

Hayley shook her head and attempted to peer over Victor's shoulder, inhaling slightly and she could smell Jenson. The odor fresh, so she must have been downstairs. She was curious as to why she wasn't the one opening the door and inspecting their every visitor, but she wasn't complaining.
"No. But I need to talk with....Rick? Immediately. Tell him Ari wants a word..." She wasn't sure if that was enough to gain the new wolf's trust, but it was really all she had and she hoped it wasn't going to get the door slammed in her face, because otherwise they would be forced to come inside without consent which would only confirm her image of the future.
She swallowed back the ball of bile that had collected, trying to calm her tensed nerves and she tried to look a bit impatient.
"This really is a matter of life and death...So I would........appreciate it if you didn't take your time." She wasn't usually nice to wolves, but the time seemed right to try and make the best of this so they wouldn't be forced to do the worst.

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"If you say so." E responded, pleased that something was finally happening. She made her way over to the front, though she decided that it was better to let Ari do the talking. If she had been listening correctly, she was supposed to know this wolf, and interpersonal skills were hardly E's forte. She was quite intelligent, granted, but she tended to put people off rather quickly, and she didn't want this guy scattering off back into the house.


Saffir made her way inside, carrying her case along with her. She wasn't planning to let it out of her sight, not when the place was crawling with leeches. She'd pretty sure there'd been at least one of them right outside, though perhaps her nose was playing tricks on her.
"Nice to meet you...Jenson, right?" she asked, setting the case down at her feet.
"If you've got some soda or something that'd be great. I've been travelling most of the day. Pretty out of the way up here, isn't it? Anyway, I'm getting off track. Understand you got a big leech infestation round here....if you get my drift. Think I might be able to help you out there. It's a skill of mine." she explained, smiling in a cryptic fashion and tugging on her tooth bracelet.


"I can handle it. Believe me there's been so much worse." Oren replied, tilting her head back to get a look at Ace.
"It just seems odd...Ian doing all this...seeing as I can still remember when we wanted to kill each other..."

She paused as she heard Ian returning, and yelling that he'd brought something back...or rather someone.

The vampire rose to her feet and made her way through to one of the dungeon rooms, in time to catch sight of Lux there.
"Oh goody. A wolf....just what I always wanted." she remarked, having a cursory look to make sure the fleabag wasn't about to die on her. She wasn't about to let it go skipping back off to the woods...she didn't want to seem ungrateful....but she didn't want the get set upon by a pissed-off Jenson. After Jenson had pretty much saved her and Ace's asses by calling the rest of the pack off.

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Ari's mind was jumbled with all of the mental chatter going on but she knew that Rick was inside somewhere. She didn't fear the wolves really, she didn't do anything to them after all and when she left she was on good terms with Jenson and her pack. She shook the disorienting feeling away and walked up to the door with E.
"Rick. I know you are in there and I need to talk to you."
She waited arms crossed as she tapped her foot impatiently for the man to produce himself.

Rick heard a familiar voice and walked outside to see what was going on.
"Leana? What do you need? Did something happen? That Ian fellow hurt you?"
He walked to her to inspect her looking her up from head to toe. She seemed to be alright, better than alright actually she was healing nicely.

Ari smiled and gave Rick a hug.
"Aren't you just the concerned papa bear. I am fine and Ian has never hurt me. Something did happen however, Oren got bit by a wolf and she is showing signs of that nasty infection that comes with it. We really need you to treat her if it wouldn't be too much trouble."

Rick sighed with relief when she said she was fine and wrapped his arms around her hugging her carefully. He listened to her and nodded along, not many if any people had a cure for the poison in a wolf bite. It acted like an infection spreading from point of origin all the way to the core organs and then well, then it was too late.
"Alright. I'll take a look at her and see if there is anything I can do. But, there is one thing, the wolf that bit her I don't want harmed. I worked very hard to save her life and she barely made it after the wounds this Oren person inflicted. Since I saved her and then will turn around and save Oren I think that makes the both of them even. You get me Ian's word on that and I would be happy to help out and teach Oren the formula so you all never run into this issue again. Sounds like a nice agreement if you ask me."

Ari smiled pulling the information out of Rick's head anyway. She didn't know what the chemical equations meant but Oren would for sure. If Ian disagreed she would have to turn the formula over anyway. But she really did want Ian to be reasonable. This fight between him and Jenson couldn't go on forever without casualties starting to mount up. Speaking of casualties she was getting an insanely high reading from someone there and it screamed vampire killer. Something that made her mildly nervous.
"Rick, let's talk about this back at the house hmm?"
There is a vampire hunter here... Ari whispered into his mind.
Some strange girl showed up, I don't really think you all should be around here. She gives me the creeps. He responded mentally. You should tell the others to leave to I'll go with you.
Ari sighed and took Rick's arm. She decided to send a mental message to the clan of vampires just to give them a heads up over the new arrival.
Guys we have a full fledged vampire hunter on our hands and she is sitting inside. Rick wants to cooperate and will also teach Oren the formula if we leave that wolf that bit her alone. Don't know what we should do about that but I have the feeling sitting around here isn't such a good idea. This crazy bitch wears fangs like it is high priced jewelry. She mentally sent to the clan. She was lucky that with those patch things she could reach the whole clan even back at the house.

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Re: Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

SOrry...I've been all over the place lately and forgetting to do stuff left and right, anyone still about?

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

I'm waiting for Vi to post, but she seems to be busy as of late. :/

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

I won't be on until Thursday, for a heads up!

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

I guess I will start to give the new guys something to go off since no one has participated yet..

Oren- She honestly is my favorite character now. With Midnight before it was her because she seemed the most realistic but Oren has always been in the top! I love her witty combacks, the fact that it is so hard for her to have a relationship with Ace, but the fact that she is willing to still try because she cares about him so much. I always look forward to your responses everytime and her sarcasm always cracks me up. Like in the first one I really enjoyed the line, "I'm shaking in my trenchcoat." XD You are an amazing writer and I love how into your characters you get and never waver from how they are, but now I am rambling, so onto the next!

Sarina- Although she is hardly around the clan, her posts intrigue me because she is slightly psychotic in her own mind. She feels like she wants Ian but doesn't even know that it would never happen. And I love her pink hair. ^^

Jackson- Another favorite. I love how in love he is with Hayley and that he was so willing to do anything for her. I love the back story on how he was changed and I love right now how he is so focused on what is going on that he isn't even asking questions about her obvious depression. I am sorry if some of these are short, I don't have much time.

Caddie/E- She is a crazy one, indeed and I am interested in E always and I cannot wait for this fight to break out, I am very interested to see what she will do.

Lux and Lyric- I added these in the same one because they are both your characters and like I said, I am strapped for time. I feel for Lux because she feels slightly shunned because of the position change when Evalina arrived again. Lyric doesn't come around much, but I like her. ^^

Evalina- Don't know why it took me so long to get to her, but I love her too for reasons that aren't needed to be explained but I will lightly touch on them. She always has good ideas and her military background is an awesome difference from the others.

Bunny- She has also disappeared, but her rants are something I look forward to. Kate needs to return! I will continue later, sorry loves.

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Worried in the sense that Saff will probably think she's an abomination and would probably have her killed if she was able to, but she probably wouldn't risk pissing the entire pack off for it, as she can't fight a pack and a vampire clan at once. On the other hand it's possible that her sound trick might effect Gabby as well...and if it does she probably should be concerned.

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Don't forget everyone to start who you like and dislike soon! (:

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

So Vi how scared should little Gabby be over Saffir coming into the wolf house?

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Just so everyone is reminded because I have been going over the old roleplay, Hayley's power causes her to be complete naked to all senses and powers and she can project it from herself, but when she does she cannot protect herself.

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Sounds great! We need more drama, mamma. (:

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Glad to hear you like Saff, I thought the vamps were having things too easy up til now considering they've got Ian's powers, Hayley's power trick, several able fighters and E being E. I figured I should throw a nasty surprise their way.

roleplay/vampires-and-werewolves-2-unhinged/characters/saffir-fisher (Link for anyone who needs it.)

I've got Nero, who took over the Exsanguis after the Delegates took care of Cray, and he's pretty evil, he'd be up for hiring a second in command.

In the meantime, I've got to write up an opening for Saff.

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

I love Staffir, and I was thinking of making a character against both species, but I don't really know where to start because there aren't any other bad, bad bad. Haha.
:O Oh! Dude, we should totally bring Cray back but just him with new minions since he lost some and my character could be the next in command or something, next to him?

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Yeah. I love that you are still in this with us, even when most of the time you are talking to nobody. I really appreciate you supporting the roleplay, because Sarina is definitely one of my favorites just for being her. (:
And okay, Vi! That sounds very interesting.
So guess what guys??? I am FINALLY going to go through with making Vampires & Werewolves a book. But I may have to chop the first roleplay in half because it is so freaking long! Anyway, if it does make it in the world, I will be sure to message everyone individually who helped make my dream/dreams (hopefully) come true. The only thing is, I don't really know a good stopping point in the first one. Any ideas?

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

I'll get round to filling one of those out when it's not 3am in my timezone. :D

Talking of characters, I've got one in the works to introduce, what with the fight brewing. A were, a vampire killer who goes a bit overboard in their work.

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Ha-ha, nice. Well, okay then..
And about Sarina liking Ian, I feel bad for her but at the same time I don't, because she doesn't get it. She doesn't KNOW she should be upset. She doesn't know how to react, she only knows how to do what she's told. (Probably why she's usually mood-swingy when alone...)

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Also, since the roleplay is running along smoothly, I think it is finally time foooooooooor:

get ready for it......

Character likes and dislikes! Yeaaaah! Whooooo!
And EVERYONE is forced to partake in this. (:

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

Awh!!! Poor Sarina, liking Ian. I would have Ian cheat on Ari, but the thing is she is a mind reader, and even Ian isn't that stupid, although I am sure a few of you wouldn't be surprised. BAHAHAHAHA!

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

If anyone is interested there is one spot left in this roleplay that is needed before we can start.
I would appreciate it someone would partake in this with me and take the human male needed.

Re: [OOC] Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged

I know! We need more action!! It is a war-ish roleplay after all. At least it is supposed to be. Lolol.