Springside, WashingtonArthur "Art" Hunter

a character in “Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged”, as played by VitaminHeart

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* Name: Arthur Hunter (Dislikes being referred to as Arthur, prefers Art)

* Rank: N/A

* Race: Vampire

* Ethinicity: English by birth, coming from Essex.

* Age: 157

* Height&Weight: 5'9, 155lbs

* Eyes: Blue

* Hair: Black

* Wearing: Art doesn't really put too much concern towards looking neat and can generally be found wearing whatever is comfortable. He has a heavy black coat that he tends to don outside, but doesn't tend to worry too much about his outfit.

* Jewelry: None

* Makeup: None

* Tattoos: None.

* Skills/Powers:

Lie Detector: Art can instinctively tell if a person is lying.

Venomous bite: Art's bite is extremely poisonous to most, a very potent neurotoxin, and would kill most who are bitten without the introduction of an antidote.

* Phobias / Fears: Art is not a fan of birds, they tend to creep him out.

* Quirks: While he is very smart, Art is also very easily bored, and can quite quickly stray away from projects that don't keep his interest, or immediately halt conversations with people, declaring that they're boring him. He can often be found amusing himself with other things. He's a keen gamer when by himself, and also practices the epee style of fencing when he gets the chance to.

* Best Qualities: For those he has deemed worthy of his respect, he can be quite a valuable asset, happy to put an enormous amount of effort in for their benefit. He is very much a head over heart sort of guy, and rarely lets emotions get in the way of work. At heart he is a decent guy who tries to do the right thing, though he wouldn;t necessarily want people thinking that.

* Worst Qualities:Art can be distinguished by two things. His astonishingly high intelligence, and his impatience with others. Art is a very clever guy, and has considerable trouble tolerating those who can't keep up with his intellect. As a result he tends to alienate people rather quickly. He's something of a misanthrope, tending to think the worst of most people upon initially meeting them.

* Crush: (Announce it later)

* Sexual Background: Straight

*Other Important Details:

Art is a researcher working under the Northern Delegates, a large and generally powerful organization committed to preserving a reasonable amount of order in the supernatural world. Several Delegate operatives were dispatched to Springside at the time of the last large dispute, though Art was not among them.

Rather than working as a field agent, Art is in town for investigative work. He set out in order to investigate the old Exsanguis laboratories in the town to try and reverse engineer some of the technology of them.

So begins...

Arthur "Art" Hunter's Story