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Thats cute you thinking you can take me down. Oh..you really think that sucks for you.

a character in “Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged”, as played by Lux_Disraeli

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* Name: Gabrielle "Gabby" Uriki
* Race:Werewolf/Vampire
* Age: 21
*Eyes: Blue
*Rank: Defender
* Jewelry:
She wears a choker that looks almost like a leather dog collar with a golden charm in the center with her last name engraved on it.
* Skills/Powers: She is a strong and a fearless fighter. She can change part of her body. (as in she change change her nails into claws at will)
* Phobias / Fears: She has a fear of drowning and a stronger fear of fire. She is scared of losing a pack mate.
* Quirks:She is clingy to pack mates she likes to be close with them, she is very touchy. She talks fast when nervous or while getting herself ready for a fight. She hates to say good bye to pack members opting more for a see you and bolting from the room before the other has a chance to say good bye.
* Best Qualities:She is fiery and quick to defend anyone unable to or in the cause of the Alpha's needed to be protected. She is loyal and will never question an order from those she trusts.
* Worst Qualities: She is over protective and comes across as controlling,demanding and clingy.
*Other Important Details: She has been a wolf since she can remember, she tends to be a little more feral then some of her pack-mates. She forgets when around humans it isn't normal for a girl to be able to throw a man more then double her size across the room for making an unwanted pass at her. Well maybe Lux can understand her really well. After being bit and being unable to control her temper leading to a fight with her packmates she left with her brother. After Lux's visit she just couldnt stay away from her family.

So begins...

Gabrielle "Gabby" Uriki's Story

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Gabby walked to the door her eyes going a little wide eyeing Saffir. "Hi um can I help you?" Gabby took in her look, she had heard the stories of the women fitting her look before but thought it was just stories. She felt her throat go dry, trying to compose herself she held the door open for the wolf. "Welcome Sister." She said in a measured even tone "Do come in I will go find Jenson for you I am sure she is whom you want." She all but tripped walking back towards the stairs.:Jenson?"
Lux's ear flicked to the left her groggy brain fuzzed awake with the sense of danger. Just has her head snapped up she sucked in a breath as Ian's arms wrapped around her body. She bit back a yelp as her ribs cracked under his arms. She mental beat herself "bloody brilliant Luxie." she thought to herself bitterly. She thrashed against his arms his grip only getting tighter on her. The pain of the rib snapping was enough to push her to sleep.


Victor kissed her hand as she went to get a drink. He laced his fingers together behind his head looking at the ceiling, when she walked back in his room he watched her take a few shots. "I wasn't intending to upset you. As for being titled your Alpha I dont care for that role, i would be that if you asked but that isnt my end goal, I just love you Cherie thats all." He heard Gabby calling for her. "but it seems your favorite is looking for you now and I should get that door thats two knocks in the last hour odd for us." He got out of bed and pulled a shirt on walking past Gabby tilting his head towards his room. He eyed the blue haired new comer in the living room. He made his way to the door opening it to find the redheaded vamp. He stepped on to the porch. "Did you get lost little red?" He said as he narrowed his eyes at her.

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Jenson shook her head, ignoring the comments about upsetting her. She took another drink but made a sour face at the bottle. What the hell was she doing? She wasn't a drinker. She was drowning her sorrow with something that would last for the moment and she didn't want to follow in her family's footsteps. She scowled at the container and set it on the ground, sighing deeply.
"No, no. It was not your fault, love. It was my own. You can have that, by the way." She added, picking herself off of the bed and going to the top of the stairs to look out towards Gabby and the newcomer. She had been expected and she smirked before going down the stairs two at a time.
She greeted their new guest with a warm smile.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Saffir." She nodded her head and welcomed her deeper into the house.
"Could you get the door, hon?" She asked Victor, but already saw him starting for the large entry way.
"Please, do sit down. Are you planning to stay a while? Do forgive me, of course you are. There are plenty of empty bedrooms for you to choose from if you would like. Can I offer you a beverage?" She asked, standing and heading towards the kitchen, keeping an ear open for her drink of choice while filling herself up a glass of iced sweet tea.

. . . . .

Ian snorted as he emerged into the house, annoyed slightly that he was forced to be carrying the rank pest on his shoulders, but it was the only way he could be assured that things went as planned. He chained her up to the stone wall, -along with the few humans, some awake, others completely unconcious- and knocked on the door to the lab to indicate to the others of his arrival.
"You have a new guinea pig, Oreo." He chuckled and found himself on the werewolf territory much faster then the trip home.
He could already hear the slight commotion on the other side of the wall of trees that seperated him and the werewolf mansion, but he stayed in the back. Keeping himself hidden for a little extra surprise. What with the other vampires at their doorstep, it would be hard to decipher which scent was which, unless Jenson got anywhere near the door. He hoped she was holed up doing whatever responsible sisters did, but now all he could do was wait.

. . . . .

Hayley shook her head and attempted to peer over Victor's shoulder, inhaling slightly and she could smell Jenson. The odor fresh, so she must have been downstairs. She was curious as to why she wasn't the one opening the door and inspecting their every visitor, but she wasn't complaining.
"No. But I need to talk with....Rick? Immediately. Tell him Ari wants a word..." She wasn't sure if that was enough to gain the new wolf's trust, but it was really all she had and she hoped it wasn't going to get the door slammed in her face, because otherwise they would be forced to come inside without consent which would only confirm her image of the future.
She swallowed back the ball of bile that had collected, trying to calm her tensed nerves and she tried to look a bit impatient.
"This really is a matter of life and death...So I would........appreciate it if you didn't take your time." She wasn't usually nice to wolves, but the time seemed right to try and make the best of this so they wouldn't be forced to do the worst.