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a character in “Vampires and Werewolves”, as played by KidFurturistic

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* Name: Dominick Martello

* Rank: Not in the pack

* Race: Werewolf

* Ethinicity: Italian Descent

* Age: 19

* Height&Weight: 6'1 & 175lbs

* Eyes:

* Hair: A dark brownish color

* Wearing: His style is a little bit of everything. He doesn't really dress up to often he likes to keep it simple most of the time.Example of style

* Jewelry: All he wears around his neck is a rosary that was given to him at birth by his mother

* Tattoos: Addicted to ink but less than his brother; Big "M" on his arm to represent Martello

* Skills/Powers: Good Fighter, Fast runner, Great strength, Wonderful fighter.... He has the power to change others emotions make them feel what he wants them to feel.

* Phobias / Fears: Not being good enough, being alone for the rest of his life, and God

* Quirks: Loves to joke around and have a lot of fun, loves to bother the hell out of his brother

* Best Qualities: Sense of humor, Charm, Loving attitude, winning smile

* Worst Qualities: Quick temper

* Crush: (Announce it later)

* Sexual Background: Straight

*Other Important Details: Loves animals, girls, and motorcycles

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Dominick Martello's Story