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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Luca agreed that Evie should stay in her human form just in case it made sense that way. After getting the okay from the boss he vanished into the woods with Evie by his side. He wasn't running yet just trying to get a follow on the scent. From what he could tell Jenson was right on the distance of the outsider. They were about 1.5 miles due west from there current location. He loved that he could use his sense of smell like that it helped him out when he wanted to know exactly what stand had the good smelling food when he went into town. Looking up at Evie he nodded in the direction he thought the smell was coming from. Once they were in agreement he started off in that direction.

He hoped that she could keep up with him in his wolf form. She was fast but in his wolf form he was easily faster than her. So he made sure that he keep it at a pace she could match which wasn't that much slower. Being a lieutenant she was hands down more powerful than most without trying. After about 7 minutes of running they finally spotted an area that looked like a campsite. The area was quite but full of life at the same time. He saw the outline of the girls face in the flames of the fire. She had a horse with her which meant she couldn't have been from around there. No one had use for horse so they didn't have one. Giving one more look to Evie he slowly let loose a howl. The howl was low and not a threat more like a warning that he was there than anything else. Slowly he cautiously walked up to the girl. Sitting in front of her he examined the girl. She didn't look like she was threatening but he learned that looks can be deceiving. He showed a relaxed side as he sat down but made sure not to let his guard down under any circumstance.