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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Midnight looked up from her book, her attention caught by the howl of a wolf. Her intense eyes watched the wolf emerge and approach her. Midnight rolled onto her back playfully a charming smile dancing across her face. "Oh no, are you the big bad wolf come to gobble me up?" She struck a sultry tone obviously playing with him. She giggled softly looking him up and down. "Well aren't you the handsome one. My name is Midnight, it's nice to finally meet you." She knew there was another lurking around, a female. No matter. Her being oozed charm and to most she was irresistible. That's why she was sent and not another Midnight couldn't be ignored. She ran her fingers through her long hair, tossing it around. She would give only the information that they asked of her, that's what someone in her profession did.
The glow of the fire danced across her body as she sat up slowly drawing her knees to her chest. She extended her delicate hand towards him. Her crystal eyes met his, her charming ability setting in. "I am not here to fight, or hurt anyone in your clan." She reached out slowly towards him, her fingers stroking his fur gently. A gentle warmth spread through her body, down her fingertips and into Luca. She wanted him to feel at ease with her. She was telling the truth, she meant no harm to them. Slowly she took her hand away from him, a genuine happy smile gracing her lips. She stood and walked by the fire to where her dress was finally dry enough to wear. She removed her nightgown and tossed it onto the blanket. Standing there naked she casually slipped back into her dress, even though the dress didn't leave much to the imagination. Midnight always felt that as wolves they were things of nature, and nature felt no shame or made motion to cover it's natural beauty. She was never shy, but understood why everyone couldn't just walk around naked. She looked back at Luca, turning to face him. "More presentable, no?" She knew he couldn't really talk back to her in his wolf form but she enjoyed conversing with him none the less. She leaned against a nearby tree waiting for the inquisition that she knew would be coming from the other wolf soon to appear.