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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Luca didn't take his eyes off of the vamp until he felt Gabby's hand in his. Looking at her he smiled and squeezed her hand. Soon after her hi boss came to his other side bringing a level of comfort to him. " Today must just be my lucky day because I am surrounded by beautiful women like all the time" he said with a smile on his face. Taking his attention off of the vamp since there were enough eyes on the vamp that he didn't have to be so alert. Intertwining his fingers with Gabby he started to whisper something in her ear when Evie came outside. For some reason she didn't look to pleased with Gabby who dropped his hand and went a way without a word to him. He was concerned about her and had to see what was wrong but would only go see if his leaders didn't mind him leaving. " If you ladies don't mind I will see you guys later" he said going over to Jenson and kissing her on the forehead. Next he went over to Evie and hugged her tight kissing her on the cheek. " I will see you later alright?" he said with a wink before running back to the house. Just then he heard Midnight say something to him about going into town with her. " Um sure I will go with you".

Once he got to the house he realized that Gabby was gone. Checking her room he found a flyer for a Jazz club and figured that is where she probably was. Going with Midnight gave him the perfect excuse to go into town. Not wanting to go in there looking out of place he changed his clothes. Luca put on a white plain shirt, his favorite levi 520 taper jeans, his horizon boots, his silver bullet chain an a black skully cap. Scanning the room he found his all black ray bans and put them on since it was sunny outside. Checking himself out in the mirror he gave himself the final nod of approval before spraying on his axe and heading out of the door." Come my lady the town awaits" he said offering her his arm.

Getting into to town he located the Jazz place. " Hey actually I gotta stop by here for a second um just do your little research thing and I will meet you back her just hollar if you need me o matter where you are I will find you". Once Midnight left his side her turned back to the door of the Jazz club. Gabby's scent was strong inside of the club which meant that she had to be inside of there. The lights in the club where dimmer than the sun outside which made Luca take off his glasses and put the on the collar of his shirt. After looking over the room about to times he finally found her gettting lost in the music. Silently he went over to the table she was sitting at. " Excuse me miss can I buy you a drink" he said to her. Gabby didn't realize it was him until she turned around. " See you were about to curse me out for nothing" he said with a smile as he pulled up a chair next to her's. " So why did you leave in such a hurry some big hot date you didn't want me to know about" he joked.