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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Midnight smirked a bit and disappeared into the shadows leaving Evie and Jenson alone. This pack had some strange relationship issues. She decided to go into town anyway, with or without an escort. She knew Luca went to go be with Gabby and she was happy at the thought that someone went after her. She set her eyes on her research and returned to her room. Her cute outfit would have to be traded out because she was not going to play with anything cute, she was going for more down and dirty and hopefully she would find something to play with in the process. She hated to be bored and with all the drama flying around she was mildly put off by the situation.

Midnight quickly threw her dress off and looked at the outfit she had laid out on her bed. It screamed pure sex and that was what she wanted. She slid the pleated red and black school girl skirt up her body and secured it. She snapped garters onto the thigh highs and fastened them to her panties. She slid one arm after the other into the small black vest that only had two buttons on it for a very good reason. She looked herself over in the mirror, everything was just the right amount of exposed. She decided to wear her hair down, teasing it to give it some volume. She applied thick black eyeliner that made her eyes stand out even more blue then they were. She faded into a shadow and appeared in town walking down the street. She was walking down the sidewalk looking in her compact mirror, and applying her red lipstick. She walked by the Jazz club and smiled looking in the window, Luca was there with Gabby and Ryan? Go Figure She walked up to the big window in front pressing her body against it. Her lips pressed against making a kissing motion to the window leaving a red kiss on it. She removed herself from the window laughing a bit and walked away knowing they would eventually see it even if they didn't notice her in the window. She headed to a more interesting part of town. Bright lights and loud music, this was more the place she was looking for. She walked inside without hassle and went to the bar leaning over it. "Tequila straight." She got her drink and went to assume a good position at the bar. She sat on the bar stool and crossed one leg over the other easily tossing back her shot. She loved the taste of tequila. It was like liquid heaven. She tapped her finger on the bar for the drinks to keep coming. She was planning on getting sauced tonight. She sat there and waited notebook free for once, this little trip was 50% work and 50% play.