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Two species that have been at each others throats before time began, can two unlikely heroes stop the oncoming war between them?

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Setting: Springside2011-03-16 04:25:32, as written by Ralinis
He grins as he takes the chair, taking note of her accent, he calls to the bar keep, who brings him a shot glass and a bottle of vodka. He pours himself a shot, throwing it back before looking to the female, " So you were one in the forest, I remember your eyes, I don't believe i caught your name? " She introduced herself as Gabby, he could tell her drinks were already starting to catch up with her, he grins. " Lovely name. " his train of thought suddenly changes, " I never took you for someone who would enjoy a place such as this, i would have expected you to take to a more energetic environment, " then looking to the male. " You as well, you'll have to excuse me for finding you a tad out of place. " He extends his hand to the male, intending on a hand shake " As you most likely read in that file Midnight wrote, my name is Ryan, oh and feel free to order anything you wish, its all on my tab tonight."

Another person had stepped up to the piano and another slow and sweet melody filled the room, Ryan smiled. " Such a relaxing tone. " He looked to Gabby, " What would you say to a dance? " his smile turns to a smirk. " And i assure you, you've nothing to fear, Your bite would be much worse then mine. " He stands offering his arm to her intending to lead her out to the dance floor.